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  • A Northern Lights Consultant Welcome

We want to welcome you to Northern Lights Consulting. We are happy that you found us. Please take some time to look at our site here. We hope that you will enjoy your time here. On this website you will find information about a number things from computers & Accessories, computers Security Software, and our personal hobbies. Also to news happenings around us.

There are a lot of new things happening in the world of computers. Computer and data security is a very hot topic now.  It is our hope that this web site will help keep those that frequent this site up to date.  We will do our best to cover the many different subjects of computers, networks, and peripherals that people deal with everyday.  We hope to provide helpful hints and tricks and information so that you the reader will be able to make a better decision with regards to your question(s) at hand about computers and their security.

One of the hobbies we enjoy is Model Trains. The world of Model Trains has not changed but is just as exciting to work with. There are HO, N and Z scales models. All are fun to work with. There are so many different categories and types of model trains. There should be something for all to be able to take away.

We will also look at other new interest items that show up in the world around us. We will give our insight into how they pertain to the world we live in.

At any time if you have questions about anything please email us and we will do our best to get the answer that you are needing for the question asked.  Here is our email, rdbfps@gmail.com , feel free to drop us a line at anytime with your questions, and comments.