Making a Difference by Decreasing Cyber Bullying

Cyber Security Throughout School Year

Cyber Security Throughout School Year

Now that we are back into the school year, cyber security takes on a new meaning. The social media activity will and most like has increased. There are documents to keep safe while transferring them around your school groups and peer groups. Also passwords and links to many things on the internet to be made aware and responsible about. Therefore, Cyber Security throughout school year is important.

There is facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, dropbox, and now box to have cyber awareness of. Yes there is a lot more ways to share information but this is just a small list.

What about cyber security for yourself and your friends? The days are long gone when things like bullying were in the physical realm. Gone are the days when you could get home and then feel you were in a safe environment with your family around you.

Now we seem to live more in the cyber reality than in a physical reality. Cyber space reaches to more personal areas than ever imaged. Today we have laptops, tablets, ipads, ipods, cell phones. Where has our privacy and personal space gone to? No longer are you by yourself it seems unless you turn off everything and leave the city or town you live in. Then when you return it is all there again right around you. Nothing in cyber space ever goes away. You are always able to find some link or reference to anything on the internet forever.

How About Cyber Bullying

This is how it with cyber bullying. You might be able to turn off the cell phone, the computer, the laptop and the tablet. When you turn anyone of these units back on the cyber bullying can start up again just as if it never left. And you know what it most like did not level. You were just not connected for a while.

Cyber bullying has become an academic which will be hard to control. We want to be able to use the internet through cyber space freely. This has become a given in North America. Social media has created a whole new playing field where cyber bullying has grown with time.

The enjoyment of the many things that one can do on the internet for some has been decreased greatly. Make it a conscious effort to not be part of cyber bullying. If you see this happening through your social media connections, please report it to trusted people who are knowledgeable on what to do to change such an outcome.

Doing Your Part to Stop Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying might not be able to be stopped totally. Proper education and awareness will greatly reduce cyber bullying.

Be apart of the solution by doing the following

  • Tell a trusted adult who has knowledgeable understand to help prevent it from continuing.
  • Block the person who are bullying through your social media connections.
  • Limit the amount of personal information that you reveal through your social media connections.
  • Use the best level of privacy settings to prevent your information being shared through your social media peers.

Bullying of any kind is not pleasant at all. I remember as a young person bullying was not acceptable then. Any type of bullying whether physical or cyber is not acceptable today.

Final Thoughts

Let us do our part to make the internet through cyber space a better place for tomorrow’s generation. Like anything else when it comes to cyber security. Where it begins is with you. You can make the difference. Please make is a priority in your cyber experience to make the internet a better place. Thank you for doing your part. If you want any more tips on cyber security check out this link.

Breatrice Media Interviews Stephanie Chipeur

Gerald Chipeur Relays Stephanie Chipeur Interview

Gerald Chipeur Relays Stephanie Chipeur Interview

Gerald Chipeur Relays Stephanie Chipeur Interview. I want to thank Gerald Chipeur for pass on the interview Beatrice Media had with Stephanie Chipeur. Stephanie has become a quadriplegic because of a car accident over a year ago. This has brought many changes to her life including changing the subject of her law doctoral thesis.

In this interview Beatrice asks several questions on how Stephanie is doing now after the car accident. They also ask her several questions on how being a quadriplegic affects her life today.

Stephanie come across as a person who has come a long way. She not only sees how this injure has impacted her life. She also sees how people with disabilities must cope with the unbending and sometimes great obstacles that people without disabilities do not see. Disable people across Canada need to take note of Stephanie’s drive for awareness. I am sure that the awareness created will help all disabled people.

Disability Awareness

Stephanie has become aware of not just physical obstacles but also health related obstacles for those with disabilities. People with disabilities have to be more aware of issues that would be there in a accident or disaster. People without disabilities many times do not even think of the potential outcome in the event of an accident or disaster.

The single one thing of being trapped becomes so different for a person with a disability. They are not able to get around the same as a person without a disability. They must rely on others which might not always be there for them.

The identity that one has because of a disability was looked at. Stephanie beings out the differences between a disabled male and a disabled female. How they view their disability and how they get around. It was brought out that males have more upper body strength and have a greater need for independence. Females struggle to maintain upper body strength and have a lesser need for independence. This is just the general view of Stephanie. This is not true for all males and females today. There is a lot of need for independence from both males and females in today’s society. This is good because the fact that people like Stephanie are speaking out for the good of disabled people.

Stephanie’s Awareness

Stephanie mentions two things that she would like people to be aware of. They are one, people with disabilities do not like others to come up to them and have a pity party. Disabled people are living breathing humans just like everyone else. They just have different challenges to deal with. The second thing that Stephanie would like people to be aware of is the following. It would be so great for people to be aware of and have a clue about the limitation that disabled people have. See that there are differences and be knowledgeable about the differences.


People with disabilities want to live their lives just as people without disabilities live their lives. As a result, for many that will be different. That is not what people with disabilities are wanting society to emphasis. People with disabilities want to be part of society just like the next people does.


It was great to read Stephanie’s comments on the life and challenges of a disabled person through her eyes. Again we want to thank Gerald Chipeur for relaying this interview to us. This is one of the areas that Gerald Chipeur uses his law experience in helping create a voice for those who need a voice.

Can Women Be Single Moms All By Themselves

Single women Single Parenting and Relationships

Single women Single Parenting and Relationships

Single women Single Parenting and Relationships. It is interesting that as far back as 2007 women wanted to be mothers without being emotionally attached. The question was raised back then “do single moms need our pity”. Raised by a single mom I would like to answer that as ‘no’. For me though the single mom concept was after the fact. Thus the question is, Can Single women be a single parent and in a relationship at the same time?

In the article on the University of Toronto website Gerald Chipeur, Stephanie Chipeur and Lauren Lackie address the other side of the coin. They are looking at if from the perspective of a single woman wanting to become a mother without any support from a man. A woman who wants to be a mother with any romantic ties that would bind the man to the child in any capacity.

In the year 2007 this issue was address through Grey’s Anatomy on TV. Such a situation appeared to be acceptable. The article noted that back the day when there were shows like Murphy Brown that the above mentioned situation was not acceptable. What a different two decades have made on the rights of women.

Women were more financially stable in 2007. Thus, single parenting by a woman became socially accepted in the 2007. They could provide for themselves thus they could provide from another person too. The article stated that women of 2007 could have emotional ties to a child and have different emotional ties to another human. In this situation, it could be a man who did not have any ties to the present child.

All single women should be aware of the current thoughts on this subject.

How the courts viewed it

Single women Single Parenting and Relationships. Courts of the day looked at the whole situation differently. They still viewed the family unit as a man, woman and child(ren). Courts through the family court law felt then that it was ok for a woman to have a child but when a man entered that automatically there were responsibilities put on that man if he wanted them or not. Some men would want this responsible and some men would not. The court that the former rather than the latter was more important to keep by law.

The courts then would be looking at the dilemma of a woman being a single mom while engaged as it were in a romantic relationship. I think back then the court was having difficulty having a unified description of single and relationship. It is one or the other but can not be both. That was what was before the courts of the day.

That was almost 10 years ago. The definition of family unit is totally diversified today. The question still is there about the definition of single and relationship. Has it changed? Will it change?

What Now

Today can a woman and in the case of this article be single and in a relationship? Can this happen at the same time? Has 10 years made any difference on such definitions.

The understanding is there that these women want sole responsibility for their children. They want to be mothers without the extra pressures of partner influence. Will it be better for the child?

Even though technology has allowed for single parenthood through artificial insemination, has it allowed for a single relationship with that child. This includes lack of outside influence after the child is born. This question needs to be answered. The answer must be agreeable to the whole of the social structure.

Let us know what you think after you have read the article. Here is the link again.

Cyber Security Starts With You

Responsible for Cyber Security

Who is Responsible for Cyber Security

Who is Responsible for Cyber Security. Cyber Security Starts With You. We are still talking about Cyber Security as it is still Cyber Security Month. Are you aware of the passwords and authentication that your WiFi unit have on them? When was the last time you updated them?

People seem to think that once a password it put on it is safe for the rest of the units’ life. This is an unrealistic concept. There are people through the internet that are continuously using software to quack any password or pass code that can be quacked. If there were people going around your neighbourhood all the time seeing which front door locks they could open would you not change your locks regularly? This is a hyper theory situation. We hope you get the understanding though.

Just like there is more than one door in our homes, so we have more than one device that connects to the internet. Oh, then we have more than one password to stay up-to-date with too. Security then becomes a lot more intense, maybe?

What the NCSAM recommend and we also agree are the following:
• Enable a strong authentication on your sensitive accounts.
• Change the factory-set password on your at home wireless network.
• Keep any device that connects to the Internet free from viruses and malware by updating the software regularly.
• Be diligent in what links or emails you open.
• Set strong passwords and change them regularly.
• Know what information an app will collect and determine if you really want to share such information before downloading the app.
These are very important points to be aware of and always follow up on. The internet providers and security applications can only do so much. We should not fall behind in this.

When you purchase or your internet provider provides a new router or modem router you need to secure it. They all come with a default username and password. You need to change the default username and password to more secure and stronger ones. This way you will be improving the security of your home and office.

Stopping Cyber Crime

If you have had security issues in the past, then make it a habit to regularly change the password so that your security will stay strong. In today’s age of technology and WiFi connectivity locking down your network is very important. By doing so you will be able stop cyber criminals from accessing important, personal and secure information. This way you will also be providing safety and security to the many WiFi devices that can connect to the internet through any network around them. High level of authentication and secure passwords provide security to your network and from your network.

Remember cyber security is everyone’s business. Cyber security is only as strong as you make it. Also cyber security starts with you.

Gerald Chipeur, Stephanie Chipeur, Who are they

Gerald Chipeur and Stephanie Chipeur

Gerald Chipeur and Stephanie Chipeur, Who are they

I would like to introduce you to Gerald Chipeur. I have known him for several years now. He has been a lawyer all the years that I have know him. Law has always been a great part of his life. So much so that it has inspired his oldest daughter Stephanie to follow the same path of life.

Gerald Chipeur has practiced in corporate law for his practice time so far. He enjoys helping the less fortunate as well. Gerald has assisted others in many aspects of religious liberty and health. His inner belief is the freedom and equality for all people. He continues to pursue these beliefs with all his inner being.

I feel that this is a great. To help others along their path of life is a very meaningful goal. It is also great to see his daughter also pursuing this as well. The human factor has been passed on to the next generation.

Stephanie Chipeur because of an unfortunate car accident has become a quadriplegic. With her knowledge of the law and her pursuit of the law she is now speaking up for those who are disabled.  It is her goal to make the world a better, safer and more accessible place for people with disabilities.

Gerald has changed how he looks at life after the car accident to his daughter. With this knowledge and understanding life is even that more important to him I feel.

Life will go on no matter what happens to each of us. We can fall under the gripes of despair. Non-the less, we can also do what Gerald and Stephanie have done. We can rise above it and use the situations of life to aid others on their walk of life.

Make Your Own Waves

You do not have to be a lawyer or a doctor to make a difference. It has been said that is common people who are the one that will make the difference. What is it that you can do today to make the difference. Go ahead and be that someone who redefines the world around you. Many times, it is the changes that you make which change the world.

I have spoken about two people here that have changed the world. How many do you know who have made differences in the world? Go ahead and find at least one person who has changed the world today. Better yet, be that person who changes the world today.

Who Will Speak Up For The Disabled

Disabled People Need VoiceDisabled People Need Voice

People with disabilities who have trouble getting around is not a good scene. Disabled people are just like anyone else. They have lives to live with both personal and work responsibilities. I know several people who have disabilities. Not one of these people what to sit at home and do nothing. These people look forward to getting out and doing their activities just like the rest of the population. Therefore, Disabled People Need Voice.

These people’s disabilities range from physical to visual to special needs. It does not matter what the disability is society needs to always accommodate the people with what ever disability they have.

The lack of consideration for a person with a disability is shown in this article “Blocked from medical appointment, McGill Student with disabilities speaks out against construction”. It is not just the physical trouble that Stephanie Chipeur faced. The visual impaired and anyone else would find it difficult to get around construction. This is true for the Montreal area and any other city.

Public Awareness

With todays technology and abilities there is no reason for this to happen. Stephanie Chipeur and others should be assisted more. People with disabilities are out and about all the time tending to their every day activities. It is not even like it was fifty or thirty years ago. As a result government and the public need to be more aware of the needs of today’s Disabled. The human factor needs to be front and center to the public.

With family members who themselves have disabilities the awareness level of these needs is there. It is not right that these people miss appointments and even find it difficult to get to their appointments. It is never easy to reschedule any appointment. Disabled people should not have to wait for a rescheduled appointment.

Conclusion of The Matter

This is just one situation in many that happen every day. Stephanie Chipeur has chosen to speak out for herself and for others that are unable to speak out. As a result we applaud Stephanie for speaking out. More people need to speak out about disability needs. Speaking out will create change.

I want to thank Gerald Chipeur for passing this article on to us. This is one area that Gerald Chipeur devotes his time. He enjoys and finds it rewarding to be on the front lines helping those who are not able to speak up for themselves. Therefore, people can be heard.

Vitro Technology and Human Reproduction

Human Reproduction Through Ritro Technology

Human Reproduction Through Ritro Technology

Human Reproduction Through Ritro Technology. Thanks to technology people today have more than one option to use to conceive. One of those ways is the vitro fertilization process. Vitro fertilization process combinations the egg and sperm are manually. The egg and sperm are combined in a laboratory dish. The uterus then has the embryo implanted in it.

The whole process includes a contract between to two donors. The contract provides a way to make sure that both parties have full consent in the use of the embryos. This contract process is most common in clients.

I just read a commentary on the vitro fertilization process by Gerald Chipeur. The commentary is about two cases that went to court in Alberta over issues that came because of contracts about reproductive technology.
It is apparent as of 2007 the court at that time remained wary to enforce such contract in the light of the family law setting of the time.

Life Today is it Artificial

Technology is making life seem more artificial today. The ability to keep eggs and sperm for extended periods of time is very real today. This technology can provided time. It could be a medical issue. The ability of technology is also there for several other reasons.

Have we changed the rights of humanity without making allowances for the changes? Have we not allowed the law of the land to be updated for such situations? This commentary by Gerald Chipeur appears to be so.

But what about today? Is there a human factor to play in all of this? A post on Maclean FamilyLaw indicates that vitro fertilization is not any easier today. There are lots of legal criteria with reproductive technology and vitro fertilization still today. It would be well for anyone considering this process of reproduction or even adoption to be sure what the law says about it. If you are interest in this documentation you can go, there at this link. It is from late 2012 so finding up to date criteria is a better root.

Challenges will always arise from having children. Today more than ever the challenges have increased. Which ever way you decide, natural or technological, be sure of your legal rights.


As in the commentary by Gerald Chipeur both cases had their party’s rights refused. As with the blog on Maclean Family Law there are a lot of legal criteria to be aware of.
Therefore, know your rights before you enter any contract or agreement. Definitely creating of a family has changed. It is still a family today, just like it was yesterday.

Security Goes Deeper Than We Think

The Snowden Files“The Snowden Files”, Security of Our Land and People

I have just finished reading “The Snowden Files”. Wow, if it is true what the book reveals then we really have no personal or business security. What about the security of our land and people.

We really need to watch and be aware of any data that we give out. This could a number of things. We could be banking online. We could be saving documents to anyone of the cloud servers out there. Some agency is watching everything that we do online.

I understand the importance of security. I understand that Canada and United Stated are nervous about terrorism. Especially after 9/11. As a result the governments of the land are doing domestic surveillance on their own people. The people of the land believe they are protected from people, organizations and countries. But in reality are they?

This book brings a whole new meaning to security. What I can not understand is for what reason do governments think this is right.

Government have always wanted to know what everyone has been doing. Governments no matter how right or truthful they appear might be the most paranoid entities on earth. They seem to understand that they are always vulnerable to change and attack. As a result everyone becomes suspicious of by the powers of the land.

Questions From Reading the Book

The question then is it right or is it wrong to expose such tactics? Should a person like Snowden take it on themselves to do just that? With everyone spying on everyone else who is right and who is wrong? This creates a lot of moral questions. Then there is the fact that each country can have different moral standards that drive them. As a result there are a lot of questions that have a lot of different possible answers.

One thing that comes to my mind is we are now a very passive nation of people. We watch too much TV and play to many computer games. Oh, that brings to minds the fact that we are getting so we can not distinguish between non-reality and reality. There is a generation that is coming up that believe if something go wrong then you just hit the rest button. Help!

There are some very hard times coming on this world. A lot of it has to do with the fact that the people of the land do not want to be active about everyday happenings.

Governments feel they need to control the people. People do not want to be controlled. The citizens of the land want protect.  The governments of the world want protection from the people. Where does these concepts come together to make the whole context as it should be?

Terrorism and Security

Has terrorism become such a world wide thing that no one is safe? If this is true then what can the people of any country do to reverse this whole situation? The answer to this situation is not available now.

So, what does this have to do with security and especially cyber security? As a result of reading “The Snowden File” this blogger has come to the realization that there is a lot more at stake with cyber security. Everyone at some points seems to have access to all your electronic data. Therefore, one needs to be aware of what they are posting electronically. One should also be aware of what one is accessing electronically. Links and data apparently go much deeper that one realizes. Terrorism has its links in everything. It is these links that make some governments very concerned.

The point that is brought out in the book “The Snowden Files” is that freedom of speak and freedom in general is way different at a government level. The interpretation is not the same for the people of the land and the government of the land. All that is being said here is that it is very interesting what goes on behind the scenes. Maybe the way the spy game works is needed to keep all situations and all countries in checks and balances.

Understanding From This Book

The following concepts have been gleaned  from the reading “The Snowden Files”. We are the people of our country. The people of the country need to be more active. People need to speak up for what is good for others. A legal and effective process needs to be in place for the freedom and security of the people.

Changes in The Economy, Changes in the Alberta Health Care

Alberta Health Care

Alberta Health Care Revisited

Health and health care is important to everyone. In Canada health care is provided by the governing body of the country and the provinces. Here in Alberta we have seen some changes to the economy which not only affects our way of life but also the health care provided for all Albertans. Thus the Government of Alberta revisited the Alberta Health Care situation.

Alberta has seen a downturn in the economy and thus this has affected the revenues available to provide heath care. In fact, the whole country of Canada has seen a downturn in the economy. Things change which effect the economy and the working lives of the people.

Also, Canada continues to be involved with the environment awareness. Today’s generation strive to make the world to be a good place to live for generations of tomorrow. This might be difficult to uphold. With this concern come changes that affect us in a number of different ways.

For us here in Alberta right now it is affecting our health system. The downturn in the oil economy has caused a decrease in revenues of the province of Alberta. Because of the decrease of revenues, the Government of Alberta has needed to re-look and ratify the Master Agreement between itself and the Alberta Medical Association (AMA). Thus the human needs for health care services in Alberta will change.

Amendment to Alberta Health Care

This is the best way to make it sustainable for the future of Albertans. According to Gerald D. Chipeur the four amendments addressed four areas of concern. I will go ahead and mention the main ideas of each aspect here. “First, the rate of increase in funding for the AMA will be reduced.” “Second, Alberta and the AMA have agreed to Address the need for a new provincial framework for Primary Care Networks (PCnS)”. “Third, new physician peer review and accountability mechanisms have been accepted by the AMA and Alberta”. “Forth, some physicians will see significant changes in income”. Gerald D. Chipeur does go into a more comprehensive information for these for areas of amendment. You are able to read the Health Communique on it through this Link.

The Health Communique noted that the amendment did not extend the Master Agreement. Therefore, negotiations for a new agreement that will take affect in 2018 is expected.

I am glad that the Government of Alberta and the AMA are continuing to work for a better tomorrow. The hope of Sustained health care of Alberta continues to be the goal. As a result of enough economic resources the health care of Alberta should be around for years to come.

Health Care in The Future

Maybe future generations will learn the importance of taking care of themselves. If they do, then the health care needs that the Province of Alberta provides can be reduces.

When we are so concerned for the environment then we need to be concerned for things that affect the environment. Reduced health care means reduced need of medications etc. As a result with reduced medical need then there is reduced plant production to create the medical medicines and equipment. Reduced pollution to the environment will be the result.

This seems to be an add value in saving the environment. What do you think, leave your comments below? Also remember the link is here if you would like to read more about the amendments.

Importance of Cyber Space Safety

 Physical Security Cyber Security

Physical Security Cyber Security be Aware

Physical Security Cyber Security be Aware. It is interesting that our view of physical crime is very different than cyber crime. Safety was taught to us growing up. This safety included us and our personal belongings. We were to be aware of everything people around us.

Now that the internet and cyber space are easy to access we seem to have forgotten to be safe. We think or can think that cyber space is safe on its own. How wrong is that concept. It could not be further from the true.

We believe that we can rely on computer security. Somehow, we believe it is built into our systems. The firewall and anti-virus programs are all set up to work right out of the box. At least this is what we think. As a result that thought makes us feel secure.

Security Awareness

How wrong this concept can be? Just about every program and application is on a trail basis when we buy the computer. Then many times we forget and after a month we find out there is no protection. Most people at this time do not know what to do. The purchase of full version applications will give you the protect needed.

However even with a full version of protective software you still have to make safe decision on your computer. A lot of crime will come into your computer through emails. Never take for grated that your internet provider will protect you from malicious emails.

If you get an email you do not recognize, then delete the email. It is through the links on such emails that cybercriminals access your computer. It is through the same type of links on emails that you could receive malware, spyware or a virus.

Emails that ask you to act on some type of communication, be wary. An email that asks you to give out personal or business information, just stop and delete the email. Never give out this information at anytime is the best policy to follow.

Also you need to protect your login information. Always use double login when asked. This is when you have a password and then are required to enter a pin as well. Remember to have a strong password that combines letters, numbers and symbols. The more unique your password the safer your data will be.

Security Conclusion

In conclusion, we were talk to be safe growing up in our physical world. As a result, we need to transfer this of safety into our cyber world. I know that this sometime is difficult to comprehend. We need to just learn it just as we learned to be safe in our physical world. It really is another world that we are living in. For more information check out this Link .