A Conversation With Gerry Chipeur


Conversation With Gerry Chipeur
A Conversation With Gerry Chipeur

Mark Kolke had this conversation with Gerry Chipeur on April 19, 2016. Mark talks about when he first met Gerry. It was in 2001 when Gerry was in the mark for office space for his firm. At this time Gerry had moved to a position where he was running his own law firm.

You will find a detailed description of Gerry, which include both political, work and personal views of life. It is interesting to know that Gerry has worked for the Reform, Alliance and Conservative parties throughout his work history.

Gerry describes himself as libertarian.  In Gerry’s description this is “an exponent of small government which does not intrude on the lives of its citizens”. This concept seems to be a large part of Gerry’s way of life.

This article clearly marks out that Gerry Chipeur has been interested in politics from a very early age. This interest moved on into later life. He moved into this in school where he received his law degree from the University of Alberta. Because Gerry has dual citizenship he has even campaigned at an early age for Nixon when his parents lived in California.  

This article outlines Gerry’s own family as well as his present family with his Wife, Barb, and two grown children. As a Child Gerry moved around a lot living in three different states in the United States. Gerry also has lived in two different provinces in Canada.

Gerry talks about the successful concept he has learned from his daughter. He has no regrets and does not consider being help back in life. Gerry refers to what he will do over the next five years. Government legislation and governments in general are growing thus Gerry is sure that will make for more law based work.

Gerry like to read, travel to different countries and run marathons for fun. Even on vacations Gerry finds time to be incorporate work into the vacation.

Conversation Conclusion

In conclusion, Mark appeared to have a conversation with Gerry Chipeur showing both his personal and business life. Gerry was willing to reveal both personal and business details. This was well rounded conversation. Mark Kolke provides a great commentary with Gerry Chipeur for the Facility Calgary.

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