Gerald Chipeur Lobbies for the Alberta Grain & Oil Seed Crisis Advocacy Trust

Gerald Chipeur Lobbies for the AGCAT

Gerald ChipeurLobbying has had its purpose for years. Many of the known countries of today have lobbying as a common activity. Organizations and companies get their ideas and expectations before government. The better the lobbying on any subject the better the outcome. That is getting the idea to accepted the government of the day. Thus Gerald Chipeur Lobbied for the Alberta Grain & Oil Seed Crisis Advocacy Trust(AGCAT).

There are laws put in place today to prevent political corruption. Lobbying is a great way to influence legislators and officials. So that they are in favor of your idea or product or public stand on a concept. Many Human interest needs have been addressed through lobbying.

Lobbying Concept

The concept and idea of lobbying has been in print as far back as the 1820’s.

Lobbyists many times will work together to put more weight to their lobbying ideas. Their intention is to have a stronger force. That way they will be able to influence the decisions of governmental individuals. The influence would be towards laws. Also,the passing of products allowed and even influencing the outcome of court cases.

To influence a court case the lobbyist(s) will use a legal device known as an amicus curiae briefs. The English translation is “ friend of the court”. It is through these briefs that the lobbyist(s) work to influence the court during any court case.

Gerald Chipeur worked as a lobbyist for the Alberta Grain and Oil Seeds Crisis Advocacy Trust. The lobbying was at the Federal Government level. The communications use were grass-roots and informal communication. Also there were meeting, presentations, telephone calls. As well there was hard copy and electronic written communications.

Gerald Chipeur lobbied because of the following areas of concern. There were concerns with agriculture, consumer issues, employment and training,energy and environment. Also there were financial institutions, forestry, industry and infrastructure issues. Then was internal trade, international relations, international trade, labour, mining and regional development. There was also science and technology, small business, taxation and finance and transportation issues.

As you can see there can be a lot of diverse areas of concerns. They all made known with just one lobbying appeal.


Final Thoughts

If you do see the need for idea or a concern for lobbying, you should contact someone who knows how to lobby. As you can see from this post the Alberta Grain and Oil Seed Crisis Advocacy Trust did just that. They contacted Gerald Chipeur who became their representative lobbyist. What is came down to what funding for the grain and oil seed sector of the agriculture industry.

As you can see lobbying is a needed avenue to get concerns before government and its officials. Do you have concerns that you would like heard. Find a good lobby group and ask them for their help.


Thankful Internet Security Thanksgiving 2016

Giving Thanks for Internet Security

Internet SecurityThis is Thanksgiving weekend for the United States. Everyone is talking about things to be thankful about. Giving thanks for Internet security is one. I just finished reading two articles from Wired magazine. One was on security and how it pertains to national security. The other was on Margaret Hamilton and what she did to promote the computer age.

It is interesting how the Snowden issue has put on edge the whole nation of United Stated. This includes many other countries too. As I have mentioned before the security of your information is your responsibility. Security does start at home. Just like we need to be aware of the physical security we also need to be aware of Internet Security. we can be thankful that there are many things that we can do as individuals.

Personal Security is Everyone’s Concern

We can be careful what data we give our on the Internet. The use of proper security software like antivirus programs and malware programs. The two that I use all the time are Superantivirus and Malwarebytes. I find them both reliable and they are both free for home use. Another thing to be thankful for.

Also,using double access security when available is the best practice. This will make it more difficult to get into your important secure data. Everything from google accounts to bank accounts offer this double security feature for better Internet Security.

We can also limit the use of the cloud and cloud like options. Also the vulnerability of even the Apple’s iCloud which came under threat by hackers. If you need to be portable then buy an external drive and carry it with you. It will be more secure. You are able to get a 1 TB at a reasonable price now a day. Yes you need to be aware of its presence all the time. I guess if you have a tendency of misplacing items then you need to way while would be more secure in your situation. Either way you will have a certain level of security.


The Birth of the Computer Age

The other thing that I am thankful for today is the research and work done by people like Margaret Hamilton. When equality is such an important concept today. It is great to see how women have added to software engineering. Margaret Hamilton helped put the Apollo space mission in the air. She contributed with enormous knowledge to computer systems. Those that controlled both the eagle and the lunar module of Apollo 11. It was her knowledge and understanding allowed the mission control to give the Go/Go. The lunar module then landed on the moon. There was concern because of the computer errors from the lunar module. The mission was a success due to the knowledge of the computer system by Margaret Hamilton.

She helped started the space age long before computers were much of a word in the business world. Definitely long before computers were a word for household use.


Early Computer Age

Computers during the beginning were punch card and hard wired entities. Margaret Hamilton started the use of the term software engineering. Back then it would sometimes take all night to compile and execute a program. We can be thankful for the ability to compile and execute new programs today in a fraction of that time. Enormous coders today spend a lot of time coding, compiling and executing programs. This is true for new and revised programs every day.


Being Thankful for What We Have

When a web page goes down in a major website like Amazon people get uptight. When this happens we need to be thankful. With unlimited amount of equipment and software that is available fixing issues is quick. It might seem like it takes a lot of time to repair such errors. If we were still in the infancy of the computer era we would not be able to access the downed website for much longer.


Security Reflections

So in this time of thankful reflection let us remember the following. We can be thankful for the security that we have. Especially for the Internet security that we can access. We need to be thankful for the skills that we can learn. You should then use them to make your data and personal information more secure. Also be sure to limit your personal data entries through the Internet. Creating the strongest passwords that you are able to do.

If you are having difficulty with doing this I suggest an application like LastPass. You only need to remember one password with LastPass. This application is web based. You are able to access it from anywhere on the web. The great thing about such an application is that it will create encrypted passwords for you. Also, the application will remember both username and password. This is for each entry that you provide it to keep safe for better Internet Security.


Final Thoughts

Finally be aware of where you are going on the Internet. If you have strange pop-ups happening get out of that site. If you have a redirect (where you think you are going and then another website pop-up in its place) get out of there to. Be aware of where your children are going on the Internet. They need your protection in cyberspace just like the do in the physical world. Often cyberspace can be a child’s real world in today’s society.

You will be thankful in the because you have taken this effort for cyber security today.

With this being one of the busiest shopping weekends. Taking these security measures are important. Especially if you are one who does a lot of online shopping.

Here is to having a cyber safe and happy long Thanksgiving weekend.


Gerald Chipeur Provides Updates on The Criminal Code

Gerald Chipeur Provides Updates on The Criminal Code

Gerald Chipeur provides updates on the criminal codeAt the beginning of 2016 Gerald Chipeur provides updates on the criminal code to the public. These changes pertained to assisted suicide and medical marihuana.

The issues that surround assisted suicide have not gone away. There was a 5 to 4 majority by the Supreme Court to extend the stay. This shows that assisted suicide understanding is not anything else than what it is. It is a form of murder still in the eyes of the law. The stay has made allowances for physician assisted suicide. The approval was by a superior court judge. The results of the Carter case still weighs heavy in the matter of assisted suicide.

The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Canada is dragging their feet on this. Maybe for a good reason. The under aged, mentally challenged, and those who have lost reason due to illness have a lot to lose. The criminal code needs correct wording so as to protect all the people of Canada.

Yes, there are those people who are in great discomfort due to pain and illness. There are those who are dying already. They are at a stage in their death process where dying would make all things better. Still we need to allow the courts to work out the details. By doing so everyone mentioned here will be accommodated.


Issues With Medical Marihuana

The issue of medical marihuana is even more complicated. The use of medical marihuana has complicated things. This is because everyone can make a choice to use marihuana in general. The legal system has not been able to provide a easy and reliable determination. This is on the legal use of medical marihuana. This makes it difficult for those who use it for medical reasons. This include all its forms for medical purposes.

If the consideration of use of the medical marihuana is illegal when found then charges will made. The severity of the charges could even result in the lose of the real estate by the owner of the real estate. I think that something should changed to drop the grey area on this matter.

The update of the criminal code increased in the protection to employees. As Gerald Chipeur’s web blog states. That any employee can deny participation of an activity he or she believes is criminal. The employer can not force them into the activity either. The employee does not have worry about sanctions that might be place on them by employer.


Final Thoughts

It is great to see that employee safety is still a high priority for Canadian living. A high priority in Canadian living is the safety and true understanding of all Canadians. This includes those in asking for assisted suicide. Gerald Chipeur and all the lawyers from Miller Thomson believe that this is true. If they did not then it would not be on their website blog.

This shows that the legal rights of all Canadians matters. I am sure glad I am a Canadian. What about you?


Gerald Chipeur Past General Counsel to The Tories

Gerald Chipeur and the Conservative Party

Gerald ChipeurLawyer Gerald Chipeur was general counsel for the Conservative party. This was when their headquarters was in Alberta. Gerald has always believed that the policies and thought of the Conservative Party. He thought them best for Canadians.

He was one of the founding members of the movement to unite the two parties. The movement worked with both the Reform Party and Progressive Conservatives (PC) for unity. It was the end goal to unite them under one leader. The reform party started up in 1987. The party was a right-wing populist federal political party in Canada.

The Conservative Party has it roots back to 1867. In 1942 the party changed its name. It went from the Conservative Party of Canada to the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. Access Wikipedia to get a fuller understanding of the their platforms. It definitely took some work to unite these parties.

Progressive Conservative History

The province of Quebec has been a stumbling block for the Progressive Conservatives. The province has never looked at this party with any favor of support. This seem to be due to the Conscription Crisis of 1917 exacerbated the issue. Thus, so Quebec has not looked with favor on the Progressive Conservatives.

With all this history Gerald Chipeur has still been in favor of this party. The PC party has had its ups and downs over the years. In the eyes of Gerald Chipeur one of the party’s low moments was the lawsuit against Khadr. The whole issue of Speer’s death, which was thought an act of terrorism continues to show its face. At least it continues to show up in google all the time.

At the time of the lawsuit Gerald Chipeur was serving as general counsel. This was for the Progressive Conservatives. This lawsuit has done to the image of the party what the Conscription Crisis of 1917 did to the party back then.


Final Thoughts

There has been a lot of questions without answers. There has also been a lot of blame. This just shows that politics will never be able to clean. I think that all the political parties of Canada have black marks in their history. It does not matter which party you believe in it will not be perfect.

Everyone has political views. I guess the best thing you can do then is to align yourself to the political party which best matches your views. Gerald Chipeur has, what about you?


What You Say Might Not Taken Well

Careful Speech is Important

Careful SpeechThe way you speak today is important. We live in a country that allows free speech. That does not always mean that you should go around saying anything you want. I heard on a webinar lately the speaker say the following. It is your right to say what you want but it is your obligation to hold back what would be hurtful to the other person. I do not know if you agree with this statement. Careful speech can come handy as a good rule of thumb.

I get a newsletter from Dani Johnson every day. Today, she spoke about the type of people we will be rubbing shoulders with. Especially this American thanksgiving. You might say what does this have to do with countries outside of United States. Well, maybe you might be travelling there this holiday season for some reason. Anyway, Dani states that you need to know the type of people you might be rubbing shoulders with at anytime. Careful speech is important so you can respond in a positive way to them.

We just had a similar situation happen at our home recently. Our daughter and her family come to visit from out of Province. We invited other family members and friends to be here as well. The day came and went without incident. Everyone I asked said they had a great time. Careful speech with thoughtfulness made the different.

Reason for The Post

Now you might be saying where is he going with this. Well, I just came across an article in the Western Catholic Reporter. It was a case about hate speech that the Alberta Court of Appeal overturned. This ruling was against Stephen Boissoin. He wrote a letter to the Red Deer Advocate who stated it was hate speech against homosexuals.

Hate speech is not constituted by the unacceptable of some one’s writing, teaching and preaching.


Our Right to Freely Think and Speak

People have the right to think their own thoughts in a free country like Canada. The right to think as we would like is not a moral, religious wrong. The expression of thoughts and words might be to the person’s best interest to be careful. The expression of those thoughts and words whether spoken or written need careful consideration.

I find it reassuring that the court upheld the human rights of Stephen Boissoin. The court also criticized Canada’s hate crimes law in the area of the human rights law. The court stated that there needed to be better clarity in that part of the law. This is also important so that this type of situation does not repeat itself in the future.

Gerald Chipuer who represented The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) stated the following . “Christians and other people of faith should not be fined or jailed for expressing their political or religious beliefs”.


Final Thoughts

Political and religious beliefs always seems to be an area of much contention. How can understanding come without these belief and thoughts expressed? How can progress move forward? I am sure that politics will never go away. I am also sure that religion with never go away either. With this in mind then the freedom of speech has to stay. These issues that do arise can be overcome. There could be compromise for some thoughts and views might so freedom can continue. Acceptance of other thoughts and views will have to be just a point of view from any group. This to needs allowance for the freedom of speech to continue. Freedom must be for all peoples, groups and nationalities here in Canada.

Go ahead and read the article. The title of the article is “Court of Appeal overturns hate speech complaint”. Comment on the article and leave your views.


Children Need a Cyber Secure Environment

Cyber Security for Your Children on The Web

Cyber SecuritySecurity on the web is every parents’ responsibility. Do you remember when your children were young. They might even have become just teenagers. Oh the thoughts that might have gone through your head. What about their safety on the Internet? Would they get onto a site that would give trouble to your system? What about sites that you would not approve of? Would they end up stocked some bad person? Remember cyber security begins with you.

A personal Experience

I remember those days when my children were at that age. It was difficult to get them to do any homework. They just wanted to surf the web and talk to their friends. I remember having to finally put on some strong blocks on our home network. This helped to get the homework completed. Oh my teenage children did not like that at all. They pleaded for removal of these blocks. I just could not because it was important to have them complete their school assignments.

A few years ago my sister and brother-in-law faced similar situation. They had decided to home-school on of their children. Everything was going good until it came time for assignment research completed. When their daughter started to do her research she found things like Facebook. Because these website were so easy to access the homework research was set aside and then not done at all. There was a lot of discussion about this issue. There were a lot of promises made. The trouble was that every time she went on the Internet there were the distractions. Again the school work and research was set aside for these much more fun activities. Finally they came to me for some suggestions.

Security Suggestions for Internet Control

What I suggested was to use their router and block these sites through their router. This would have been good if the sites were unacceptable. But to block the whole family was not acceptable. Other family members wanted to get on Facebook, YouTube and other OK sites. What could they do then.

Well there is an other alternative to blocking websites. You can use the hosts file found in the System32 file folder. All you do is go into the following path. You will find the file; c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ . It is in this folder that you will find the hosts file. You need to open it up in notepad on your computer. Right click on the file and choose ‘open with’. This will give you a menu option to choose from. Find notepad which you select and then click the OK button. Once you have it opened up you then go to the bottom of the file. The file is not long. At the bottom you will find the following. localhost. What you do is the same. . What this does is sends the website you do not wanted accessed to instead of the URL of the website.

This method works great and only affects the machine that you are working on.


Those Unforeseen Family Circumstances

Well, you might say, I have smart children who will figure that something has changed. They will then go and change it back. There are other measures to take. For instance, you prevent children accessibility your network until the tasks have been completed. You can do this through a verbal agreement which is much better.

If that does not work. Then you can block the computer or device between certain hours of the day through your home router. Complete this task through the parental controls in the router. You would have to access your router through This is usually the standard URL for a personal router. Then you would log on with your admin username and password. In the parental control section you would be able to block certain websites. You would just enter their web URL address. You should be able to do the same type of blocking though a keyword section. I have a cable modem/router from my cable provider and I am able to do what I have described above.


Conclusion of The Matter

This does seem like a lot of work. It also might seem daunting to someone who is not so technical in minded. But for the security of your family it is important to be able to do if needed. Once the security has been set it will stay the way you set it until you change it. Go ahead and check out some of the security measures mentioned here. This way you will be a bit more familiar with where they are and how they work if you ever need to put such measures in place. Remember stop, think and then connect. Teach this to your family for more improved website and Internet cyber security at home.


Canadian Rights and Freedoms

Our Freedom Challenged Today

Is Our Freedom Challenged Today

You know, no matter the freedom that you want, someone will challenge it. This is the case with Trinity Western University. After they fought through the court system to get their law school. They thought that they had finally won their case and right to have a law school back on the first of November. They never thought that they would be going to the Supreme Court over their win. Does this picture our freedom challenged today.

Well, three provincial Law Societies have not accepted Trinity Western University’s win. They are BC, Ontario and Nova Scotia. At least the Law Society of BC thinks that the whole situation “is a matter of National significance”. It looks like the other two provinces (Ontario and Nova Scotia) believe the same on this matter.

Questions on Freedom

I would like to ask a question, where are the freedoms and rights of institutions and the people in this matter? Where are the interests of all human being in Canada put? Is the law removing the freedoms and rights of people?

Canada has always been a country of tolerance. Have we as a people and as a country forgotten this fact? Is the meaning of tolerance changed with time? Thus, the British Columbia Court of Appeal understood the meaning of tolerance. The Law Society of British Columbia does not understand the meaning of tolerance.

What does this do for the freedom of believe. Can a person still believe as they want to? Is the freedom that we enjoy changing each day that life goes on. Does include the nation of freedom, United States. Is freedom getting smaller. Have we not learned from our history? Will the religious rights and freedoms that our fore fathers fought for vanish some day? I hope the answer is no. At least not in our lifetime.

The next question is, will the view of religion change? I guess in time it will. It is hard to image all the different religions becoming just one. What about the fact that there might not be religion at all? I think that fact many times over the years has come up. But religion has continued without stoppage.

Tolerance Today in Society

The fact that there are so many religions shows that there has had and still needs to be tolerance. The acceptance of all people and their views is important.

It does not matter the type of views. They could be religious, political, social academic, or world views. It is the diverse views of the many different people that keep the world turning. To believe one way does not mean that it is the only way. I think if you can not tolerant someone else’s view then you do not understand them. Maybe you even have trouble tolerating them and or their view. This is the great human factor that keeps the world turning.

The British Columbia, Ontario, and Nova Scotia law societies could be in this situation.

Are Institutions Pushing Their Beliefs

Is Trinity Western University trying to push their standards. That is the way they view the relationship of marriage. It being only between one man and one woman on the total Canadian society? I think not. I also think that having the law school there will not promote this concept either. Yes, the University has standards. The many different people groups of Canada also have standards. Every standard is not for everyone.

These law societies are trying to make the same standard for everyone I think. If this happens then what will become of tolerance for everyone. It just might completely disappear for good. Then will we end up in the dark ages again. I do not think that would be good at all.

Final Thoughts

I hope that the outcome will be positive for Trinity Western University. They have had to go to the Supreme Court in Ottawa twice now. I hope that this trip to the supreme Court will silence the outcry that TWA has had to deal with. The outcry from the Canadian legal profession. So far to date the Canadian Courts have been in favour of protecting those oppressed. I hoped that the same out come will be for TWU.  The outcome in some way will affect all private institutions. To the greater or lesser degree.

As Barry Bussey stated “Now we can only hope that the Supreme Court of Canada agrees with the BC Court of Appeal”. It is my hope that Supreme Court agrees with the British Columbia Court of Appeal. What are your views on this? How do you feel should be the outcome?

Lexpert Magazine Recognizes Eighty Miller Thomson Lawyers

Lexpert Magazine Recognizes Eighty Miller Thomson Lawyers

Lexpert Magazine Recognizes Eighty Miller Thomson Lawyers

Have you ever heard of the Lexpert Magazine? This is a Business of Law Magazine which is a Canadian leading source of news and information. This magazine is for business and law experts across Canada. Therefore, Lexpert Magazine Recognizes Eighty Miller Thomson Lawyers.

The Lexpert magazine provides directories, guides, and special editions to these experts. The experts can receive their copy either in the mail or digital copy.  Each expert can receive a copy of the E-Newswire. The email keeps them up-to-date on deals and trends that are timely happening. Also, any expert which chooses to can take continuing education course through the Lexpert Magazine. These courses focus on course material directed to senior executives, corporate counsel and lawyers.

Business and law experts are recognized by Lexpert Magazine through their Award Show. There are two distinct award shows. The first on is the Rising Stars which recognize leading lawyers under the age of 40. Also, Dealmakers, which recognizes those who have had a ground breaking deal(s).

Also, the Lexpert Magazine provides several directories to their subscribers. They are as follows:

  • Canadian Legal Talent,
  • Canadian Legal Experts,
  • American Lawyer Guide and a Corporate Counsel Directory and Yearbook.
  • There are also guides and special editions on firm and journalist written article.
  • There is also a guide on information on leading ranked lawyers and global mining lawyers. Lexpert ranks these lawyers.

The Reason for The Article

You may ask what is this all about. How do this relate to a Human Interest Story? Well, we wanted to introduce you to Lexpert magazine. Lexpert Magazine just recognized 80 Miller Thomson lawyers across Canada. There were five lawyers from the Miller Thomson law offices this year 2016. Gerald Chipeur a Miller Thomson lawyer was one of the five that Lexpert Magazine recognized this year. Gerald Chipeur is a Litigation (public Law) lawyer. The other four lawyers were Gail Black, Veronica Choy, William Fowlis, and James Swanson.


We want to congratulate all the Miller Thomson lawyers across Canada. The recognition of these experts for their outstanding contributions to our country is great. As a result, Canadians would not have the help they deserve without these experts.

Safe Browsing With a Safe Browser

Secure browsers

More to Surfing the Web than Secure Browsers

Well, when you are on the internet what should you be looking for in a browser? This is a good question. So, I did some looking to find up to date information for today. What I found was both interesting and eye opening. Secure browsers are not all the same.

First, you should always remember that no browser is totally safe. Also, no matter how safe the browser claims to be it is up to the user to also use discretion. Going to web sites that are not safe will not be a good idea.

If you search with a search engine like google it is great that it will tell you what sites it considers to be safe with a green check mark beside the link. This is helpful but you in the end still make the choice.

Today’s Browsers

The information that I found are quite interesting I think. Chrome came out as the most secure. Firefox has the best privacy.   Opera was very good in the security area and good in the privacy area. Edge was good in the security area and okay in the privacy areas. Safari was good in the security area and okay in the privacy area. Apple was considered a very secure environment at this time. IE was the worst in security and okay in the privacy area. The information that was read stated that it was a good idea not to use IE at all.

Other Secure Browsers

These browsers are the most familiar to the general users. There are others that have been considered secure browsers for some time now. They include Epic Privacy Browser, Comodo Dragon/Ice Dragon, Tor, Dooble, Maxthon Cloud Browser, HTTPS Everywhere, Cocoon Browsing, iceBrowser (Cocoon), and Avira Scout. I have used Comodo Dragon and Avira Scout. The other browsers I am unfamiliar with. I found that Comodo Dragon was a great browser. Using the browser was simple and straight forward. Avira Scout did not perform well for me. I have an older computer running Windows 10. I do not know if that was the issue but Avira Scout continued to freeze up on me. It froze to the point that I would have to close it through the task manager or even completely shut down my computer.


There you have it. There is good amount of information here. You can always go to the links to get more information on web browsing.

What is a good rule of thumb is to Stop, Think, and then Connect when you are planning to go on the internet? Cyber security begins with you. By Stop, Think, Connect response you create your own level of cyber security. Also, this response adds to the rest of people who are on the internet. One creates a little cyber security and each people who responds in this way adds to the cyber security. Before you know it, there is a lot of cyber security. Let us all do our part in making the internet safe for all.

Religious Rights and Freedoms vs Constitutionality

polygamy part of religious rights and freedoms

Is Polygamy Part of Religious Rights and Freedoms

Religious freedom comes with many different values. The article in the Vancouver Sun dated April 01, 2011 is evidence of that. The article stated that religious freedom the most important guarantee in the Canadian Constitution. The country must view the seriousness of any limits on religious freedom. Therefore, is polygamy part of religious rights and freedoms? Also, how is this of interest to us?

In this article the idea of polygamy is addressed. It is the religious belief of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They believe for a man to get to the highest realm of heaven he needs to do it with more than one wife. This concept does cause conflict with the polygamy law of Canada.

Points from The Article

Does the polygamy law infringed on the religious freedom of people concerned? The article made addressed the following points;

  1. Religious freedom the most important guarantee in the Canadian Constitution
  2. The country must view the seriousness of any limits on religious freedom its first priority.
  3. Does the Canadian polygamy law limited religious freedom?
  4. Gerald Chipeur stated that the polygamy law does not infringe on religious rights
  5. The weight of the Testimony by the fundamentalist Mormon witnesses should not be considered of great value.
  6. Polygamy law is consistent with the Charter because the parliament has defined marriage as a union between two persons
  7. Christian Legal Fellowship’s views are opposite to the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
  8. FLDS core belief is that a man needs more than one wife to enter the highest realm of heaven
  9. Prohibiting polygamy infringes on their religious rights (FLDS)
  10. Gerald Chipeur stated that the “reference is not to inquire into religious beliefs” here.
  11. He also stated that “their religious practices can have no impact on the constitutionality of the Criminal Code provision of general application”.
  12. The group urged Chief Justice Robert Bauman to uphold the law.
  13. At the same time, do not close the door on the argument
  14. Gerald Chipeur stated to the court that “the court ought to leave open the possibility that if individuals are criminally charged, they could argue that the restrictions against polygamy are not justifiable in a free and democratic society”.

Conclusion of the Matter

The article addresses a gray area. Even from what the article stated and it looked like the polygamy issue and religious practices do not go together. There needs to have the possibility if there are any criminal charge to be laid on anyone that restrictions against polygamy do not affect the situation.

It is good that we live in the country of Canada where Religious freedom the most important guarantee in the Canadian Constitution. Also, the seriousness of religious freedom limits need to be considered.