Two Way Street for Network Security

Security on a network is a two way streetSecurity on a network is a two way street

Security on a network is a two way street. It does not matter if it is your personal or business network. There needs to be as much thought about things coming into the system and things going out of the system.

When was the last time you considered what was going out on your network. Things going out can compromise your network? You receive emails and then send them onto others. You access websites and interact with these websites. As well you might be one that does online gaming.

Even if there is a firewall in place. Once you access the internet you are vulnerable to what is roaming out there on the internet.

I remember reading an article. It stated that stated that religious and regular sites are more vulnerable. That is to have viruses and malware on them than paid XXX sites.

I remember a few years ago my brother-in-law came to me with a question. The question pertained to the fact that he wanted more control over certain computer. He wanted to be able to control the web sites on that computer. It had nothing to do with accessibility to unwanted sites. This had to do with the ability to prohibit access to websites at certain times during the day.

How to Restrict Internet Access

Now there are two ways to prohibit access to websites through one’s network. One is through the home router. The other is through each individual computer on one’s network. Now this needs understanding through the technology. That is how devices able to access the internet. This could be a smartphone, iPad, tablet, laptop, or computer.

You are also limited the access times of day to the internet. The times of day will depend on who it is. You might have young children, school age children or even high school. There might also be college age young people in your home.

How much control that you what to have will depend on the above mentioned situations.

Why You would Restrict Internet Access

Getting back to my brother-in-law. They had a daughter that was home schooling at home. When she would use the internet for school work it was too easy to access other sites. These sites included sites like Facebook, twitter and YouTube. What was happening was that she was getting lost in these sites and not completing her school work.

They did not want these sites band from everyone else their daughter. They needed her to access the internet for school purposes but not to waste time on.

Here is an example that one computer needed restricted accessibility in the home. The rest of the computers and Internet of Things (IoT) did not need this control.

Now I have had an issue in the past that is different. In our home we needed to prohibit all xRated sites so that our son would not access them. Thus we needed to band such sites from the whole network.

How to Restrict Internet Access

Whether you need to restrict one computer or need to restrict a whole network you are able to do that. You are able to restrict one computer with the file called hosts. You can access this file in c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts. If you need to restrict a network you can do it through the parental controls of your router.

This information might seem very technical to you the reader. I have to agree. You do need to know some information on how to get around your computer. Also you need to know how to get around your router. Once you understand. Then this information and knowledge will help you control any computer and router. Then you should be fine.

Steps to Restrict one Computer to The Internet

To restrict one computer you need to do the following steps:

  1. Press the Windows key.
  2. Type Notepad in the search field.
  3. In the search results, right-click Notepad and select Run as administrator.
  4. From Notepad, open the following file: c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts.
  5. Make the necessary changes to the file.
  6. Go to the bottom of the file.
  7. At the bottom you will find
  8. Add the next line – .
  9. Click File > Save to save your changes.

These steps will restrict this computer or any computer to accessing the website. All other computer and IoT will still be able to this website or any number of websites in the list in the hosts file.

Steps to Restrict a Whole Network to The Internet

To restrict a whole network you need to do the following step:

  1. Open your favorite browser.
  2. Type in your router’s ip address.
  3. It is usually
  4. Type in the username and password to access your router’s web interface.
  5. Access the parental controls.
  6. You can filter a device, a keyword, a day and or time of day.
  7. Save your changes in the router’s web interface.
  8. Log out of your router’s web interface.

The above steps will aid you in restricting your network for any reason. This includes restricts for any device with keywords and day and time for one or all devices on the network.

Reason Why Security is Important

Now you can see that security is as important from the personal side as it is from the internet side. There are many web sites that will threaten your personal security.

These sites can mine your personal and business information without you knowing it. These sites can release malware and spyware to do this without you know that the mining is going on. Being aware of how much personal and business information you give out is important. When asked you need to know that there are websites out there that will do the same.

These websites are very well engineered. They will take you to another website without you know it. The website will look the same but are different.

You need to know about these websites. They are phishing websites. You need to be aware of how these websites work. They are subtle. Clicking on a link and then going to a similar website is all it takes. Many malicious websites will do the above mentioned action. So as a reader of this post you can now be aware of this situation.

Along with phishing now users of devices have to deal with ransomware viruses. If you do not already know from the name and news reports. Ransomware holds the computer or IoT device from ransom. There is always a dollar figure attached to the ransom. Because the thief that is able to ransom more thank one device at a time the ransom amount is or can be low.

Security Breaches Have Already Happened

Many organizations and companies already have had this experience. Ransomware threats are real. They are happening more and more all the time. This is one more way that cyberspace thieves are able to access people’s funds. The locked device becomes inaccessible until the thief receives the ransomed amount. These devices can be anything from your computer to your car.

It is true that ransomware is different from phishing or any other type of malware or virus. Controlling your network activity will definitely lessen unwanted issues. This is true for any of the above scenarios. This is as important as controlling access to personal or business data information. How important your data is will determine if it will be a target of any theft by any thief. Protecting your data should be a priority at all times.

Closing Thoughts

It is so important to remember data security is the priority of the owner of the data. Therefore, stop, think, and then connect. It is through this process that the security of your data and information will be at the highest level. Do your part to control and protect your data and information at all times.

Plans of Mice and Us

Plans of Mice and Men

Plans of Mice and MenHave you ever had one of those days. A day when Plans of Mice and Men do not add up. You get up with plans in your head that you have been planning from early morning. Then you have trouble getting the first plan off the floor or in this case started on the computer. Then you have to go and shovel snow after eating breakfast. That is how my day started.

Well I am not complaining. I am just stating a fact.

I have been reading a book by Matthew Turner. The title of the book is ‘The Successful Mistake’. It has been a good read thus far. But what can I say I have not finished the book. The title itself give you a strange mental concept just reading it. Thus far the read has been about the downside of any mistake. You might be saying how can that be a good book. Well the book was written on the experiences of 163 different individuals. Matthew Turner interviewed them all. It shows that other people have to move and work through many different obstacles too. The book lets you know that you are not alone when it comes to issues that need solving or corrected.

Life Creates Changes

There are lots of people out there who have needed to change their way of life because of work or economy. Many have lost their jobs because of economic change. Many have quit their jobs because they see something better for them. If you are one of those people I want you to know that you are not alone.

I am one who lost their job. So here I am finding a different direction to go. Here I am expanding my skills in writing. I have skills in the computer field so I have been putting them to use. Therefore I am creating websites through WordPress. Also I am fixing computers for people. Also I have started to blog about different computer network aspects. I am also helping a client with their CEO google position.

You might be saying so. Well what I am showing here is that I am using the skills I have to continue to keep moving forward. What skills do you process? What skills have you acquired? See what you can do and move forward.

New Insights into The World of Computing

I have read a couple of newsletters lately. It is amazing how the computer world is changing these days. It is amazing what I thought was necessary to do computer work then and now. I read about the editor of WServer Newsletter. He was addressing a group of young people on the aspects of computing. Then he wanted share some information with them. He asked for their email so that he could send the information to them. More that the majority did not have an email. Also the majority of these young people did not even have a computer. They all used their smartphone to communicate and share information.

Here I am still using a computer. I have In-Laws who think that I have advanced technology. The reality is that I am out of date and my technology is out of date. I started my computer career thinking that I needed to know how to fix computers, and networks. I am realizing today that I need to know how to fix smartphone and their apps.

My question is in today’s day and age of throw away how much fixing is there going to be? Should I worry about it? I do not know.

What Has Made The Difference

The thing that has made so much difference is social media. Social media has promoted the idea for everything available at your fingertips. Even as I write this blog I am writing in Google Docs and saving it to Google Drive. It does not seem that long ago that this concept was foreign to us. Now I can access this document from anywhere including my smartphone. So the creation of instant access.

So as you can see things change fast. It is hard to keep up with everything. What was the usable norm today will not be the usable norm for tomorrow.

With all this change one wonders how safe is our data.

More Changes in Networking

Today I read two articles which are sure to change the way we do things over the Internet. One was about serverless cloud computing and the other was about software-defined networking.

The article on serverless cloud computing was about not having to manage the server. The way that it is set up is for the convenience of developers so they can spend more time developing.

The article on software-defined networking was also about convenience. This concept is about the ability of IT Techs being able to manage and maintain the system. The system would include all gateways, routers and switches from a central point. In other words being able to work on these items and change these items without being their location.

What a change today. Even working on devices that just a few years ago required you to be there physically. You can now do the same task  remotely. Yes remote access has been around for awhile now. You are just able to do more remotely than ever before.

I can not say for sure but I am sure that every step will create less security on each system.

Getting back to ‘The Successful Mistake’. I am sure that there will be more mistakes because of the above mention new concepts.

Increased use of The Cloud

Here we are using more cloud based platforms. We are in need of accessing our data more often. We need to access our data from anywhere today. Social media and the workplace has made sure of that. We live in a global market and a global based economy. There are Amazon, eBay, music and movies. We have to separate work from personal. Doing this all at once it seems over the Internet. If we do not then either work or personal life will suffer.

Always in The Public Eye Now

No longer is just the people who are in the public eye who need to be careful. We are all in the public eye. Everything that we do goes through the Internet at one time. Our lives are recorded all the time and stored on the cloud somewhere. It is impossible to hide the lives we live anymore.

All we are able to do now is control what is out there seen by the public. We need to change how we think about private information. At one time we stored private information away in a box called a filing cabinet. Then the filing cabinet moved to our computers. From there the filing cabinet moved to the local network in our home or company. Now that filing cabinet can be somewhere in the cloud that we access on the Internet.

Technology Change in a Short Time

What a change a few years has made on the security of personal and company data. It does not take much anymore to have a mistake release private information into the public for all to see. See what happened to 1 Billion users on Yahoo. One moment their data was secure. The next moment their data became stolen.

From what I read this hack of Yahoo happened because they made the mistake. The mistake was not keeping their data security system up to date. What I mean is their security was not current security. Yahoo was using a security protocol that was old technology. Because it was an old technology it was easier for the hacker.

If you are going to store your important data on the cloud. You need to make sure that the cloud system you are using has current security. Also make sure that cloud system is up to date. This means both the cloud software and the security software.

Also the security of your stuff does not pertain to your data. It also pertains to your security access to any website that required a login. Banks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are all included in the list.

Login Security

If you have many logins, then you should think about an application like LastPass. With such an application you can store all your different passwords in one place. You then access these websites and logins with just one password. It is much easier for you to remember. It is also more secure as this site is a secure site.

You do not have to use LastPass. There are others out there. This one is has a great reputation. Having a great reputation in the cyberspace security world is important. Especially in today’s Internet market.

Closing Thoughts

In closing I can not emphasize enough that the security of your data has to start with you. Be careful where your data goes. Never give out more personal or company data than needed. Be as sure as you can about the authenticity of those receiving your data. Have your passwords secure. Make sure your passwords are strong enough. That means make sure your passwords are long enough. Make sure that you use numbers, upper and lower case letters, and when allowed symbols. Finally use a system like LastPass to keep your passwords all in one spot. This way you only have to remember one password to login. Their system remembers all the other passwords for you.

Also remember it is up to you to Stop, Think, and Then Connect when using the Internet or Cloud. This is because once on the Internet you are no longer alone. Others are now watching your every move.

Sasquatch Man No Fear - Part One From Ivan Resetar

Sasquatch Man No Fear – Part One From Ivan Resetar

There are a lot of great books out there on the Sasquatch and other unknown creatures. This book Sasquatch Man No Fear – Part One From Ivan Resetar is no exception. This book comes with 120 stories and experiences about at least 10 unknown creature. The pictures in the book are well done. This book has a lot of personal Sasquatch experiences. They come from the Bella Coola Region of British Columbia Canada.

Ivan resetar has spent the last eight years collecting these all inspiring stories. He has spent a lot of time in this region of North American. Here in the Bella Coola Region Ivan has made friends with the many people of the Nuxalk Nation. They have made their home here for years. Their collection of stories and experiences have intrigued Ivan from the time he met the Nuxalk people.

The Nuxalk people and the Sasquatch go back over a hundred years. The people of the Nuxalk nation have seen and heard the Sasquatch within this wilderness. It surrounds the town of Bella Coola and Four Mile Subdivision. Sightings of the Sasquatch have also been experiences in the town of Bella Coola itself.

The Search For The Sasquatch

For years people have been searching for the Sasquatch. Throughout these years and even today there are people who believe. There are also those people who do not believe in such creatures. There is a lot of evidence. People can come to their own conclusion. Whether there is some kind of unknown creature out there or not.

Ivan Resetar’s Belief in Mysterious Creatures

Long before Ivan was an adult he believed in the Sasquatch. As a young person he read every book he could fine on the Sasquatch. He also watched many documentaries as they became available. He enjoyed the research of such people as Christopher Murphy. Also John Green, Thomas N. Steenburg, and Roger Patterson’s research. He read ‘Meet the Sasquatch’, ‘The Hoopa Sasquatch Bigfoot; The Continuing Mystery’. Also The Best of Sasquatch Bigfoot’, and ‘Ally-Raincoast Sasquatch’. Ivan’s favorite author was Clayton Mack. He read his book Grizzlies and White Guys; The Sasquatch and Bella Coola Man.

So you can see that Ivan’s interest in the Sasquatch and unknown creatures has been a part of him for a long time.

The Belief in The Sasquatch

What is it that makes the Sasquatch so fascinating and believable to Ivan and all these other people. It is the fact that there still is enough evidence to show that there is some type of creature out there. Also these people have seen a lot of evidence. They know that what is there is much different from any type of bear or other large creature out there.

Evidence like large footprints and scratch marks on trees. These are much higher than most large bears could leave behind.

So with all this Ivan believed enough to publish his book ‘Sasquatch Man No Fear – Part One’. The 120 stories and experiences and 10 unknown creature come from the Bella Coola Region. This is in the North West part of British Columbia Canada. This area of North America is one of many that have had many great Sasquatch sighting over the years.

The Nuxalk Nation Friendship

Ivan became friends with many of the Nuxalk Nation people. Because of their friendship the people of the Nuxalk Nation at Bella Coola were will to share. Ivan enjoyed their many Sasquatch stories. Ivan heard all the stories they would tell him. So Ivan collected as many of these stories as possible. He has also spent many days going to the many different areas that these sightings have taken place. It has been the hope of Ivan to see for himself the Sasquatch. He continues to search for the Sasquatch to this day.

Has Ivan Resetar Seen the Sasquatch

You might be saying if the Sasquatch is there in the Bella Coola Region why has Ivan Resetar not seen it yet. You have to realize on thing. These creatures are not comfortable being part of any civilization. So they stay in the deep parts of the wilderness. The sightings that were recorded have happened when least expected. The people of Bella Coola and Four Mile Subdivision have seen. Also they have experienced the Sasquatch when they were out doing some other activity. They were not out searching for the Sasquatch.

I think that it is also a fact that as civilization has grown. The wilderness as we know it has decreased. As a result the Sasquatch has moved farther into the depths of the wilderness. Just like there are less wild animals around us there will be less sightings of the Sasquatch. Civilization is changing the wilderness in which wild creatures live. This is also affecting the homes of all Sasquatch and mysterious creatures out there in the wild.

There have been many people who have searched for the science of the realism of the Sasquatch. This is important to have a scientific understanding of such creatures. This has not been the reason behind Ivan’s search. Ivan’s search has been to prove one thing. That the stories and experiences of the people of the Bella Coola Region are true and factorial.  Ivan also wants to experience for himself the Sasquatch experience. He want to see the Sasquatch. Seeing the Sasquatch has been a person goal for Ivan Resetar for many years now.

The Publishing of Sasquatch Man No Fear -Part One

The publishing of Sasquatch Man No Fear -Part One has also been a goal of Ivan’s. This is his way of sharing these moments, stories and experiences with others. This is also his way of preserving these stories and experiences for years to come. Many generations will be able to enjoy the thrills and Wows of the people of Bella Coola. Also the area as if they have experienced the Sasquatch for themselves.

I want to thank Ivan Resetar for my copy of ‘Sasquatch Man No Fear -Part One’. It is a hardcover bound book. The pictures and illustrations in the book a crisp and clear. The text font is a good size. It is clear and easy to read. The format of each story and experience is such as makes the reading pleasant.

Ivan has gone with a yellow page background. This makes it even more easy on the eyes when reading and enjoying the book. It is a good size being 8 ½  X 11. Inches. This makes for a great coffee table or display book. Your company and friends will see the book right away. Thus making a great conversation starter.

DVD Included

The DVD that comes with the book is 2 hours and 45 minutes long. The DVD has all the places that Ivan has traveled around Bella Coola. He has been through Four Mile Subdivision looking for the Sasquatch. Many of the areas on the DVD are where the stories and experiences of the people of Bella Coola have happened.

You are able to travel with Ivan through the DVD as he goes on his many quests for evidence of the Sasquatch. and other unknown creatures. This DVD will encourage you to think about going to Bella Coola British Columbia. There you will be able to experience the Sasquatch searching for yourself. You are able to do this through Ivan’s the Sasquatch Tour .

What the Book Reveals

This book will tell you of many unknown creatures within Bella Coola Region Wilderness. You have the Sasquatch, the small wild people. There there are the cat man, the Hau-Hau bird, the Sninik and other unknown creatures.

The stories and experiences reveal evidence of the Sasquatch. These include the many small, medium and large footprints. People have taken pictures and casts of these footprints. Throughout the book there are many sketches of what the people of Bella Coola have seen. Throughout the town of Bella Coola and Bella Coola Region. These sketches reveal details and are clear. The Sasquatch creatures that are in these sketches are seen throughout the wilderness. This wilderness around Bella Coola.

The Preservation of The Sasquatch Known

One generation to the next have passed these incredible stories on. Also other stories and experiences became part of the library of these stories. This has increased the library of Sasquatch stories over the years.

What better way to teach and safe the culture of the land we live in. We can now preserve these stories and pictures through the printed word. It is the best way to hear, know and understand what people of the pasted experienced.

My Favorite Sasquatch Story

For me I think that I like the experience of  Francis Tick the most. Yes his story is a bit on the scary side. This shows that even domesticated animals understand that there are unknown creatures out there. These creatures need respected. The story also states that it looked like a big black grizzly bear but then again maybe not. This story ends up going either way. It might have been a bear or it might have been a Sasquatch.

Final Thoughts

I know that these stories in this book ‘Sasquatch Man No Fear – Part One‘ From Ivan Resetar will be enjoyable. I also known that this book will make a great addition to anyone’s library. Anyone who with an interest in mysterious experiences of the wilderness.

This book with its stories and experiences only covers the North American Northwest. That is the Bella Coola Region. To add this book to your experiences of the North American experiences is a great idea. I know that libraries everywhere will find this book a great addition. I know that I am grateful I have it in my library.