Have you checked your computer and cyber security lately

Where is Computer Internet Cyber Security Now

Computer Internet Cyber SecurityIt is the mid of the year now. Have you thought of how well your Computer Internet Cyber Security is right now. Compared to your Computer Internet Cyber Security at the beginning of the year? Have you seen anything unusual in your emails, website directs? Have you experienced any website page redirects while you have been on the Internet?

This year so far has been a year of more cyber crime activity that in previous years. We have been witness to the largest radsomware experience the world has seen. Not to mention all the viruses, spyware, and malware which is out there.

Recent Experiences

I have had a couple of experience with a couple of my clients recently. You know it does not matter your age or your gender. When you are on the Internet you are vulnerable to every cyber crime that is out there. You might even end up with a situation which looks like a cyber attack but isn’t.

First Client’s Experience

Now getting back to my clients. I had a client who received a false cyber attack. The web page screen wanted them to call Microsoft. Thus, to have their computer scanned for viruses and computer issues. First of all, Microsoft contacts no one on their computer or viruses issues. This has never been the way of doing things. Microsoft, Apple, and any other big corporation has never contact people. These companies are not concerned about their computer issues.

I was able to correct this attack of false computer issues. One thing that people can do for themselves. On a regular time frame clean out their browsers history, cache and cookies. What this does is delete any connective web Internet information. Thus cyber criminal app links are not attracted. People do not realize that there are links roaming the Internet all the time looking for open ports. It is through these cookies that bigger viruses can come in. For this client they were aware enough to stop what they were doing and get off the Internet. They were also wise to have an trained computer person look at their system. Thus, to make sure there was no lasting cyber attack issues on their system.

Second Client’s Experience

The second client that I want to talk about I have not seen for a very long time. This client receives a lot of communication through email. Over time they build up. For this client they had built up until their email deleted folder was very large. Also over time your temp, computer deleted folder and Internet history and cache build up. Well this client was in a panic. They could not delete anything, move anything or install anything. Panic was what turned them to me. I came over to their place of business, looked their computer system. I realized what the situation was. I then processed to complete the needed task at hand.

Their computer system needed a real good cleaning. I had to start cleaning the system out without any added software. That was because I could not install any of my cleaning applications. Once I have the browsing history and cache removed I was then able to install my cleaning software. I was then able to do a thorough clean of my client’s computer. The end result amazed me. I cleaned out of the computer system 101 Gbs of temp, deleted, history and cache files. On top of that there were close to 2000 deleted emails removed. My Client’s computer is back to working as it should.

What to Pick up From These Experiences

This last experience shows that it is important to maintain your computer systems. That is on a regular time frame. This scenario could have ended in disaster. The client could have lost all their important apps, data and files. This could have been disastrous for their business and clientele base.

This also brings up a great point. When you are dealing with personal and business data and information. Please be very careful. Before I helped these clients with their computer and Internet issues. I read an article on data and information security.

What We Can Learn From Other Experience Situations

One of the largest security companies in North America did some hardware upgrades. That is on they system. The article stated that their SSD drives were not as well data cleaned as they should have been. Client information got out. Oh my, this was not good for the security company. The security situation reveals the importance of making sure. Thus, that all data and information both personal and business is secure.

There is no use to touch wood these days. In an era when everything is at our fingertips we need to continue to educate ourselves. It is important to know how to keep your data and information safe and secure. There is so much on the Internet now. So many people are storing their data online. Also, companies and organizations are now storing their business online. People are even storing their security passwords online. It is important to have knowledge of the cloud companies. Read and have knowledge of their security history record.

Experts Also Need to be Safe

Even I store data online. It is important to have the correct knowledge about all you do online. I use a program called LastPass for password security. With a system like this you only need to remember one password to be able to access all your other passwords. There are other companies with password apps out there. All you need to do is your research on each security company. Then you will understand if they have a great, good or average track record. That is for keeping their clients’ data safe and secure.

Conclusion of The Matter

I can not stress enough the importance of personal knowledge. This is on data, information and Internet security. The more we use the Internet and exchange information with others the more we need to understand. There are important boundaries of data exchange. Do not give out more that you need too! Do not go to places on the Internet that appear or have a reputation of being insecure. Be knowledgeable of your family’s Internet use. This way you can instruct and teach about the importance of safety and security on the Internet. Set times for the Internet to be available and when it is not available for use in your home. Understanding Internet usage and safety is important. The security of all who use the Internet is also important. This is important for both home and business.

Because you are able to go about anywhere on the Internet, everyone needs to remember. Security and Safety of you data and information begins with you. Thus, it is important to remember. Stop, Think, and Connect should always be everyone’s thought pattern. When going on a computer and connecting to the Internet today you should be always careful. This is important because so much is now done through the Internet. Thank you for reading this post. Remember that security both computer and Cyber Internet begins with each person. This is for whoever uses a computer and accesses the Internet.