The Future of Net Neutrality


Net Neutrality Today

net neutralityNet neutrality is big in the news these days. I have read a fair amount about it and it seems that it is a bigger deal in United States than Canada. What is it? How will the Internet respond if net neutrality is not in place? These are two big questions. The people and government in the United States are doing their best to answer right now.

People, organisations and the government are up in the air about it. Net neutrality has a lot to do with free speech. The belief of more that some that if net neutrality disappears. Then the freedom of the Internet will be gone. Others believe that it is impeding in the forwardness of business. This includes corporate growth. Then there are those who want to regulate the freedom on the Internet. This will give them access to information at anytime from anyone.

People’s Belief of Net Neutrality

People believe the following. If net neutrality disappears then the ability to surf the Internet will disappear. without paying high prices to do so. The belief is with the lost of speed to surf the Internet there will come a higher payment price.

I can not speak for the United States population. But here in Canada even though they say we have net neutrality there is a Internet access tiered system. It is already in place by the big cable and Internet providers. People and organisations in the United States do not want the tiered system. The fear is this will bring higher costs to the internet service.

Net Neutrality Abroad

There are some countries around the world that already regulate the Internet. Both coming into and through their country’s boarders. From what I have seen and read. There are organisations in the United States that fear this would happen. That is to say if net neutrality disappeared.

Freedom of speech, freedom of the people. Having the Internet now a day is like having electricity. If people were to loose the Internet, they would not know what to do with themselves. It would be like someone turning off the electricity, people do not know what to do with themselves. All this freedom is in the hands of the person with electrical switch.

Like a couple of weeks ago we had a horrible storm go though our city. It shut down our electricity because a transformer station went down. We had no TV,radio, Internet,and at one point the storm was so bad we had no cell service. We had to find new ways to communicate, entertain and busy ourselves for the rest of the night. For most people this was an inconvenience. What is be portrayed is a much more painful situation that would last longer than one night.

The Painful Loss of Net Neutrality

The belief is that the lost of net neutrality will make everything painful on the Internet. This is hard to say. What I do know is that the corporations in the United States are larger than the corporations in Canada. I am sure they have much to gain without net neutrality in place.

I know from reading. At times the main cable and Internet providers have stepped in. They have prevented information from reaching the public eye through the Internet. That is here in Canada. Is this wrong? Well I guess that the individual user has to decide. The Internet is not regulated. Also the belief is that Internet should be self regulated. This means the each user much set up their own guards and fences while on the Internet.

Corporate Use of the Internet

There are many sites. The Internet has many users. You can find many abusers on the Internet. Each person who enters onto the Internet has to position themselves as a user or an abuser. It has been the abusers that have caused so much concern by government. With the mass amount of information travelling through the Internet. People and organisations now have more concern. This has made the corporations want to create freedom restrictions laws.

I am sure that corporations and Internet providers are receiving enough revenues. They are able to cover the costs of serving the Internet to the public. If they did not then they would not be in business today. These corporations want more money. They also want new ways to get revenues from information sources.

Personal Use of the Internet

I remember the time when I went from snail mail to paperless to cut down on the garbage mail. I am sure that this one is for sure. The general public will see an increase of junk email if net neutrality disappears. These businesses and corporations will have more access to people’s information. This will allowing for more junk email.

I am not sure if it will be the junk mail that people will mind so much. It could be the extra minimal costs for this web service or that web service. There are so many web sites now that charge an extra charge to use their web site services. To have your own Internet provider to do the same. Many users would be up in arms about that. If this becomes the end result with the lost of net neutrality then the general public will have a lot to say.

Government and the Internet

Everything in time will have some government ruling attached to it. The government what to have a piece of every pie. Will this be true of the Internet as we see it today. I do not know. There will be always change. Many times not for the better of the common person or small to medium business.

All we can do is voice of views and options. In doing so we can then hope that the right people grows hear what we are saying. Then we can hope that they will take our concerns to the correct government officials. From there we can only hope they hear and do the best thing for all who concerned.

Final Words on Net Neutrality

In conclusion, we have enjoyed the benefits of net neutrality for a great season. There have been a lot of good and a lot of not so good because of net neutrality. It would be our desire as it is for others to be able to enjoy the benefits of net neutrality moving forward. There has been a lot of concern put forward about the loss of net neutrality. Also, the negative effects of the remove of net neutrality.

I hope that the consequences of the removal of net neutrality is not that great. Keep expressing the importance of net neutrality. To your congress person and your world so that everyone who will hear. And as always, remember, If we have net neutrality or not, Internet security begins with you. continue to do all in your power to make and keep the Internet a safe place to be. Especially for our young people and children.