Hewlett Packard 11.6-Inch Chromebook


Hewlett Packard 11.6-Inch Chromebook Introduction

Are you looking for a good inexpensive laptop that will be great for home and small office use. You will find that this Hewlett Packard 11.6-Inch Chromebook will make your work online easy. No matter if you are surfing the Internet for personal, school or work. This Chromebook will work with much less effort that you thought possible. The slim size of this Chromebook makes portability a snap. You will not have to worry about down time as the battery can last up to 11 and half hours. You are safe from viruses and spyware with the Chromebook environment. You are able to access android apps to improve the amount of apps to choose from. This could be your next laptop for all those home, school or office needs.

Hewlett Packard 11.6-Inch Chromebook Features:

  • The Processor: Intel Celeron N2840 Processor (2.16GHz, up to 2.58GHz, 1MB Cache, Dual-Core)
  • Comes with the Intel Celeron Dual Core N3060 processor (1.6Ghz with turbo boost technology up to 2.48Ghz)
  • Has a 11.6-Inch diagonal HD SVA eeDP WLED anti-glare (1366 x 768) screen
  • Featured hardware – 4 GB DDR3L SDRAM (onboard) and 16Gb eMMC
  • Hardware components – 2×2 802.11Ac Wlan; Bluetooth; Micro SD card reader; 2 usb 3.1 Type-A Gen 1; HDMI
  • Chrome O/S
  • Purchasers’ Pros:

    There some things that people are finding great about this computer:

    1. Great laptop for computer challenged people – easy to use
    2. Chromebook boot up quick
    3. User find the Chromebook easy to navigate around when using it
    4. The Chromebook is more versatile than a tablet
    5. It is lightweight making portability easy
    6. Watching streaming videos through the high speed USB port is great
    7. Battery life is 7 hours or more – depending on the use of the Chromebook
    8. Responsive keyboard
    9. Great for students who work online a lot
    10. Great for small business office working online
    11. Email, surfing the Internet, streaming video and music and research all done with ease.
    12. Quality of the Chromebook is high
    13. The price of the Chromebook considered reasonable
    14. Streaming video works well with ChromeCast and HDMI connections

    Purchasers’ Cons

    Some people were not as happy with the Chromebook. This is what was found.

    1. Some users experienced lag and freezing while watch YouTube videos
    2. The keyboard was not considered constructed well
    3. Hardware issues did appear with some model units for a couple of purchasers

    Some Questions Answered

    There are many questions posted by people about this Chromebook. If you would like to read these questions and answers you can go to this link. Also you can post your own question or see if there is/are answers for your existing question(s).

    Recommendations for Hewlett Packard 11.6-Inch Chromebook

    After reviewing the comments made by other purchasers and user of this Chromebook. I would recommend this Chromebook. It is lightweight for easy travelling. It is easy to use thus great for students and older users who do not have a lot of technological knowledge. The learning curve was acceptable. It connects well to a network. It works well over the Internet making research and other work related tasks easy to do. It worked as good with Office 365 as it did with Google Docs.

    Streaming video, music etc. work well on this Chromebook. This Chromebook streams well to other systems through ChromeCast and HDMI connections.

    Because the Chromebook environment is safe from virus attacks. You do not have to deal with downtime. Connecting to other networks is OK. You do not have to deal with what is floating around on those environments either. Please remember that your data security is your responsibility. Connecting to an open network environment will put your data at risk to cyber criminals. Be aware of this fact and always Stop, Think and Connect. This way your personal and school and business data will be safe.

    A couple of users had difficulty with their systems. One had physical problems. Another had user ability issues. These do come up from time to time. Be knowledgeable about these facts. Not all units will be well built even though they are the same model. There can be user challenges with any device.

    With all this in mind the Hewlett Packard 11.6-Inch Chromebook is a good choice. The Chromebook will fit into the environment of any home, school or small office. Check it out for yourself.

    Thank you for reading this review. The hope is that you will be able to make a positive decision in your next laptop sale. Your comments about this Chromebook are always welcomed.

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