Cyber Criminals are Like Busy Bees

    Cyber Criminals are Like Busy Bees

    Cyber Criminals are Like Busy Bees

    Can virtual reality be related to physical reality? You might be asking what is being asked here? What I mean is can there be things in the world around us that might make the understanding of what happens on the internet more understandable. I think is it possible. Especially for more senior or upper aged generations. Be aware, Cyber Criminals are Like Busy Bees.

    Why I say this is because younger generations seem to spend much more time in a world of virtual reality than their parents and even grandparents. The reality is that there is every way possible to communicate today without even leaving your home. You could almost do everything online if you wanted to. There are becoming larger and larger amounts of people who do as much as they can on the internet without even leaving the comforts of their own home.

    The Concept

    This concept came to me today as I was taking a break from my computer work and went outside to see my flower beds. I went around and was observing and enjoying the many different flowers.

    I came to the peonies on the front yard. They have started to really come out in bloom now. I was looking at the individual flowers. I notice that the bees are very busy collecting pollen from each flower. As I watched I notice that some flowers had more bees on them than others. That was because their pollen was more ready to be harvested that the other flowers in the flower bed.

    Computer Systems on The Internet

    Then I got thinking about the many computer systems on the internet. Some are attacked more by viruses and malware than others. Someone will be asking why is that? Then others will be saying what do bees and flowers have to do with computers connected to the internet?

    Well, this scenario in nature has a great visual effect for the virtual internet reality I think. Just like some flowers were had more bees on them than others is because they were more ready for bees pollination. Some computer systems are more vulnerable than other computer systems just because of what each users knows or users to make their system more visible and vulnerable to the internet. Like the flower are out there stating here I am I am ready for pollination, so there are computers on the internet that are stating the same thing. They have no real protection or below the protection that they should have. Maybe the user(s) go to sites that they should not go to. They receive a virus or malware apps because they were in a web site that made their system accessible to them.

    Public Wi-Fi

    Then there is the availability of public Wi-Fi hot-spots. These are internet connections where criminals like to connect with. When they do they go and access non-protected systems for data harvesting and identity theft. Here again these are very busy areas where unsuspecting internet users become vulnerable to have their data and/or identity stolen.

    What can you do if you feel that you need to use these hot-spots? Well, you should have a VPN or a proxy app on your system to help protect you while on the public network.

    The next question is what is a VPN? What is a proxy? First a VPN is a virtual private network that is created so that their is secure communication between the user and office. All companies that have employees that work off site do this so that data exchange is secure. It i important to use these when out of the office. There are both consumer and corporate VPNs. If you work outside a secure environment at all you should be using one. In contrast a proxy is what a corporation will use to filter the traffic from the internet and to the internet. It is through a proxy that a corporation will let their employees access or not access specific websites on the internet. It is through a proxy that employees that are working out in the field will go through to access those needs files or apps for work. So both the VPN and the proxy are important for protection and security of all data.

    Keeping Your Information Safe

    Therefore, as a user you do not want to give access to those busy bee criminals anymore availability to your data and personal information. It is best to be accessing the internet through a secure access point. This is like a corporate server system or a Small Office/Home Office SOHO network. If you are working outside such an environment. Then, make sure that you are using a VPN that goes through a proxy if at all possible.

    If you do not have a VPN on your laptop or tablet, you can google Virtual Private Network. There are a number of free and purchasable systems. Find the one that fits your needs the best. That way you will be keeping your data and personal information better secured. I would suggest that you make it a personal policy to always use a secure connection. That is like a corporate server connection or a SOHO server connection. Do this as much as possible. You have much better opportunity to have your whole system and data safe from criminals.

    Back To The Original Concept

    So, does the physical world show you situations that can be taken over into the virtual world. Well. you be the judge? Anyway, it is important to be more and more aware of how we communicate on the internet. Following how information seems to be so easily stolen and influenced today, it is important to be aware. The greatest thing to remember is the following. Just like we can be stolen from in our physical world, we can also be stolen from in our virtual world. Security is everyone’s business. Both physically and virtually. Our security starts with us. Don’t give out more information than you have too. Be thoughtful about where you are going when on the internet. Be aware of what you are getting or seeing and reading when you are on the internet. Then if you seem to be somewhere where you should not be, leave that website immediately. Your safety and security is always in your hands. Use it wisely.


    Thank you for reading this post. It was my intent to make the reader aware that criminals on the internet are like bees in a flowerbed. Forever busy getting what information and data they can. If you have any computer concerns contact us here. Our computer services are listed here.

What To Do With Your Electronic System

What To Do With Your Electronic System

A Story to Start it Off

I would like to start by telling you a story. We have this car that is starting to show its age. When we got it the vehicle had low mileage. We were told it was good shape. Over time we have found out that it has aged quickly. Our purchase was not in the great shape as we expected. What now, do we deal with the things that are happening to the car because of age. Do we purchase another car. You will always be in a place that you will have to do some maintenance on your vehicle. Just like the vehicle before it. So, we have decided to keep this vehicle a while longer. Going forward and dealing with the maintenance issues that pop up for time to time.

Now why did I tell this story. It is because when I thought of it this story reminded me of how people many times look at their existing computer system. For many to continue using their existing computer system no matter if it is a laptop or a desktop is more monetarily efficient. Many people have gotten used to the issues that they have found a way. They are able to still get around. They have accepted the speed that their system works. Therefore, they plug along producing their work projects one at a time. Working on each project without a blink of an eye. For some it is because the system is the company’s system. They therefore use what has been provided for them until their company upgrades the system for a more current laptop/desktop. This is even true for tablets.

What To Do With Your Electronic System

Now if the system is a company system then the company’s IT Dept. will look after the upkeep of the laptop/desktop for their employees. What happens if it is your personal system, What then?

Getting back to my car story. You do what you are able to do to keep your system in top running order. Thus, you can accomplish whatever the project is that needs to be finished. What do you do if your system is showing signs of distress? That is, there are many pop ups, the system runs slow, and your apps and programs are running slow too. What To Do With Your Electronic System?

When these things start to happen many people just close the pop ups and wait a few more seconds for your system to start each app or program. People will wait a few more seconds for their documents to be saved or to work. But, there comes a time when you as a user are not willing to have this take place. You want your work to be accomplished so that you can move onto the next project. In other words, when these slow downs and pop ups start to take more time than they should so that you can accomplish your project then you become frustrated with the time factor. You come to the point where there needs to have something done to create a better working environment to complete your projects no matter what they are. What To Do With Your Electronic System?

Needed tools to improve efficiency

This is when you need tools or support to help rectify these problematic issues. Sometimes you need both. No matter what it is that is troubling your system and preventing you from accomplishing your work then you need to get your system corrected and back on the right path again.

This might mean using such programs as Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware and CCleaner to get your system back to its performance best. There are other good apps out there to be used to do the same things as the above mentioned. Then again you might not want to tackle the process of cleaning and clearing your system’s cache and temp file. You might feel that this is more that you are capable of accomplishing. There might be others issues like a corrupt file in one of your apps. There might be an outdated file in one of your drivers. There might be updates that need to be taken care of. In today’s age of system upkeep this is rare because of the automatic updates systems apps put in place.

Getting Some Expert Help

If the above paragraph is troubling to you then there are many IT Techs out there that are more than willing to help get your system back to the point where it is running efficiently. We are here to help correct such issues so you are able to back to the work that is more important. You do not have to worry about your system as we can take the worry out for you. We are able to get your desktop/laptop back to running efficiently again.

Oh, by the way if your system is needing to be retired for a new and improved system we will also let you know. Remember, just like a car when your system starts costing you more money in time and parts then it is time for a new system. There are many out there. Maybe your total work environment has changed in the passed few years. Maybe you were stationary but now it would be a great benefit to be more mobile.

Making Additional System Choices

Therefore, moving from a desktop to something like a Windows Surface, MacBook Pro, or even a Chromebook would be ideal for you. You would need to look at each system carefully. You would need to way each one to the type of systems you interact with and the robustness of the apps needed to continue the way you do your work or conduct your business. In the end these will play into your decision of the new purchase.

So, with these things in mind the next time your laptop or desktop start to make your work time for your projects time consuming look at what your system is doing. If you are getting lots of pop ups, websites are slow in loading or even you are ending up on websites you didn’t expect then your systems needs to be looked at. If your apps/programs are running slower than normal then your system needs to be looked at. When you are spending more time than what you think should be taking place to complete a project your system should be looked at. There can be more reasons than you might imaginable why your laptop/desktop is acting the way it is. Contact someone who knows computers so they can help you.

Making That Expert Decision

Also, remember these phone calls that come from someone you don’t know and wants to look at your system are 99.9% scams. Please don’t fall into their trap and get your system hijacked. You will end up with a lot of headaches and a lot of time regaining your security of your data and identity back.

Thank you for reading this post. Hope that you don’t find yourself in such a position. This is when you would like an expert to take a look at your system. You can contact us through the contact us link.

Mice and Mini

Mice and Mini

Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash

Having Your Google System Working

It is all well and good to have all the electronic gadgets these days. But, what happens when you can not get them to work with your existing electronics as you had hoped. This is what happened to me as I work on setting up a friend’s LG TV with their Google Mini. But as you would know, Plans of Mice and Mini.

This person needed to be able to control their LG TV via voice commands. They had gotten a Google Mini. It was set up and working but did not recognize their TV. This as you can imagine was very upsetting for them. When you have a disability you want things to work for you to make your life a bit easier and smoother.

Well, I started out getting some information about how to make the Google Mini and the LG TV talk to each other. Through the downloading of the Google Home App and the Google Assistant Apps the Google Mini and the LG TV where to see each other. At least that was What I was told.

Returning to the Blackboard

I followed the instructions which was given me making sure that the Google Mini and the LG TV were on the same Wi-Fi network. All looked good but there was no way that the Google Mini would see the LG TV. This became very frustrating as you can imagine.

Well back to the drawing board or as it is in today’s way of looking at things, the Internet for more information resources. Do you know that there are more people in the United Kingdom that want to show off their Google products than in North America. Any way, I spent hours upon hours searching for and listening to videos about the Google mini’s. It did not give me much to work on. There were a lot about viewing and listening to many things through the different apps. There were a few about turning on and off the TV. Great information but nothing that I learned worked with their setup.

Working with Chromecast

Then I got a Chromecast Stick and thought that this would make a difference. I worked with the Chromecast. I turned on the SimpLink on the LG TV. The Google Home App found the LG TV and the Google Mini would send both audio and video to the different apps on the Chromecast. I was unsuccessful in getting anything else to work as it should. This was the same for no matter what I would do or change on the system.

It ended up that we returned the Chromecast for the person. No matter what took place nothing was going to make the system work together it would not. Again when you are handicapped and need things to work for you in a specific way but they just don’t then the technology is not what you want.

Now the Google Chromecast was only tried. The Google Chromecast Ultra was not used on this system. It is possible the Google Chromecast Ultra might have made a difference. It is also possible from what has been said about this particular LG TV that there could be something wrong with the TV. It as it has even stopped working correctly with the XBox system.


So, it just go to say that all electronic things work well but there will be exceptions to the rule. It is also an important point that not everything sets up as they should. If there are any situations or issues that pertain to the existing electronic system that you are working with then adding anything to it might not work as it should. You will need to correct the existing issues. Troubling situations first before proceeding onto adding more more electronic equipment to the existing system. This is a good rule of thumb and getting the people you are working with to comply to this rule can be a challenge from time to time.

Hope this blog has been of help to each reader. Thank you for reading it. If you have any comments or like to have more information about such a system email us on the contact page.