Mice and Mini


Mice and Mini

Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash

Having Your Google System Working

It is all well and good to have all the electronic gadgets these days. But, what happens when you can not get them to work with your existing electronics as you had hoped. This is what happened to me as I work on setting up a friend’s LG TV with their Google Mini. But as you would know, Plans of Mice and Mini.

This person needed to be able to control their LG TV via voice commands. They had gotten a Google Mini. It was set up and working but did not recognize their TV. This as you can imagine was very upsetting for them. When you have a disability you want things to work for you to make your life a bit easier and smoother.

Well, I started out getting some information about how to make the Google Mini and the LG TV talk to each other. Through the downloading of the Google Home App and the Google Assistant Apps the Google Mini and the LG TV where to see each other. At least that was What I was told.

Returning to the Blackboard

I followed the instructions which was given me making sure that the Google Mini and the LG TV were on the same Wi-Fi network. All looked good but there was no way that the Google Mini would see the LG TV. This became very frustrating as you can imagine.

Well back to the drawing board or as it is in today’s way of looking at things, the Internet for more information resources. Do you know that there are more people in the United Kingdom that want to show off their Google products than in North America. Any way, I spent hours upon hours searching for and listening to videos about the Google mini’s. It did not give me much to work on. There were a lot about viewing and listening to many things through the different apps. There were a few about turning on and off the TV. Great information but nothing that I learned worked with their setup.

Working with Chromecast

Then I got a Chromecast Stick and thought that this would make a difference. I worked with the Chromecast. I turned on the SimpLink on the LG TV. The Google Home App found the LG TV and the Google Mini would send both audio and video to the different apps on the Chromecast. I was unsuccessful in getting anything else to work as it should. This was the same for no matter what I would do or change on the system.

It ended up that we returned the Chromecast for the person. No matter what took place nothing was going to make the system work together it would not. Again when you are handicapped and need things to work for you in a specific way but they just don’t then the technology is not what you want.

Now the Google Chromecast was only tried. The Google Chromecast Ultra was not used on this system. It is possible the Google Chromecast Ultra might have made a difference. It is also possible from what has been said about this particular LG TV that there could be something wrong with the TV. It as it has even stopped working correctly with the XBox system.


So, it just go to say that all electronic things work well but there will be exceptions to the rule. It is also an important point that not everything sets up as they should. If there are any situations or issues that pertain to the existing electronic system that you are working with then adding anything to it might not work as it should. You will need to correct the existing issues. Troubling situations first before proceeding onto adding more more electronic equipment to the existing system. This is a good rule of thumb and getting the people you are working with to comply to this rule can be a challenge from time to time.

Hope this blog has been of help to each reader. Thank you for reading it. If you have any comments or like to have more information about such a system email us on the contact page.