Evecase 11.6-Inch Neoprene Padded Slim Sleeve Case

Evecase 11.6-Inch Neoprene Padded Slim Sleeve Case Introduction

The Evecase 11.6-Inch Neoprene Padded Slim Sleeve Case is a lightweight, portable sleeve. It is great for protecting your Chromebook from scratches and minor impacts. The exterior of the case is splash-resistant against spills or light rain. Great for offering all weather protection. Its smooth material is easy to wipe clean when needed. You will find that the interior provides great bump, drop, and impact protection. The Interior does this by distributing and absorbing shock. With smooth bubble padding you will experience extra gentle protection for your Chromebook. protecting the Chromebook from accidental scratches. You will experience ease of access to the Chromebook with the dual zipper. The case comes with a front pocket which you can carry the charger, your cables and other accessories.

Key Features of the Evecase 11.6-Inch Neoprene Padded Slim Sleeve Case:

  • A thin and protective neoprene laptop sleeve case for 11″ to 12.5″ inch laptops
  • Interior neoprene shock absorbing foam bubbles add extra protection against impacts. Thus protecting your Chromebook
  • External front zippered pocket for carrying extra essential accessories. These could include the laptop charger, mini compact mouse, data & charging cables. Also, memory cards, & other smaller portable items
  • The dual zipper and wide top mouth create easy access to and from the case for your Chromebook
  • Design dimensions are 12.25 x 8.75 x 0.75 inch interior

Purchaser Pros:

There some things that people are finding great about this case:

  1. Chromebook 11 inch fits into the case with lots of room
  2. Side pocket great for charger and accessories
  3. Liked the bubble inside protection
  4. Zipper sturdy and has a nice feel to it
  5. Fits in some backpacks well
  6. Convenient for travel purposes, lightweight
  7. Great product for the price, considered to be make well and sturdy
  8. Some thought that the case looked professional

Purchasers’ Cons

Some people were not as happy with the Chromebook. This is what was found.

  1. After some time the color of the case shed to the unit that was being carried inside it
  2. Laptops over 14 inches are hard to put in and take out.

Questions on Evecase Universal Bubble Padded Neoprene Case Answered

There are some questions posted about this Evecase Universal Bubble Padded Neoprene Case. If you would like to read these questions and answers you can go to this link. Also you can post your own question or see if there is/are answers for your existing question(s).

Evecase 11.6-Inch Neoprene Padded Slim Sleeve Case Recommended

This Evecase 11.6-Inch Neoprene Padded Slim Sleeve Case will be a great carrying case. Thus, protecting your Chromebook. If you have a 11 to 13 inch Chromebook then you will be able to insert it without any difficulty. Any Chromebook that is larger could create some challenges. This is because inserting it into the case could be difficult. The bubble protection on the interior of the case adds value. You will appreciate it in protecting your Chromebook.

The main drawback is the following. The colour from the Evecase 11.6-Inch Neoprene Padded Slim Sleeve Case might bleed. One persons experienced this on their laptop. The other thing is that this case is much better suited for a laptop under 13 inches in size. Thus, any laptop larger might be difficult to insert and remove from the case.

This case should be what you are looking for. So you can have that extra storage and protection for your Chromebook. It received a 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon. We would give it a 4.6 out of 5.

Thank you for reading this review. The hope is that you will be able to make a positive decision in your next laptop case purchase. Your comments about this case are always welcomed.

Amazon Support What’s Up With That

Amazon Support What is Up With That

Amazon Support What is Up With That

Yesterday I was working on my website and had some glitches to deal with. My links to my images for the items I am selling on my website were not there. So I checked the links on Amazon. The images were not there either. So I called Amazon support. They did not have an answer for me. They did tell me to use Firefox instead of Google Chrome browser. Amazon Support What is Up With That?

You would think that in today’s time frame that bigger corporations would have caught up. That most Corporations would use the popular web browsers on the market. This is not the case with Amazon.

The funny thing is that Firefox has been my browser of choice for years. Then they fell behind in the browser market. This was saddening for me. They have found that they need to get up to date which they are doing. It has been a long journey for Firefox and the staff.

I am writing this today because I have been enjoying my Acer Chromebook. But with the information given me by Amazon I have gone back to my Acer desktop to see if it make any difference.

Time Consuming PC Desktops

Well it has been different to say the least. I have had to do some needed and time consuming maintenance on my desktop. I had almost forgotten how time consuming it is to keep a PC desktop or laptop up to date so it runs well. There are updates. Then you have to defrag the disk drives. Even though Windows 10 has been set to do it on a routine timetable. Doing manually helps a lot. Then you need to do a disk scan every once in awhile to make sure the disk(s) in the computer are working fine. Then there is the scanning for viruses, malware and spyware. After all that you should clean out the old temp, trash and old website page files. This will keep the system will running well. Typing these needed items is a lot of work.

After that there is no guarantee that all is fine. Doing this at least once a month should keep the performance of your system and apps working well. Also, making sure which apps startup at startup is important. This will make the desktop or laptop more efficient. Then there is the need to keep your antivirus app definitions up to date. Now a day they are set to update every so many days.

There you have it. All this all the time to keep your PC desktop or laptop working and performing for you. And I did all this because Amazon support told me to use Firefox instead of my Chrome Browser on my Chromebook.

The Use of Current Browsers

Even if I did not have a Chromebook. Why not have your data and web browser system setup to work with the most used browser(s) in the market.

When I bought my Chromebook I did not see at that time the many issues that an addition O/S would bring to the market. There were some that thought they saw that this would disrupt the Microsoft and Apple carts. I have to be honest about it. I thought that with the way technology was going that much of the issues would overcome now. They are not all solved yet.

When I bought my Chromebook I did not see at that time the many issues that an addition O/S would bring to the market. There were some that thought they saw that this would disrupt the Microsoft and Apple carts. I have to be honest about it. I thought that with the way technology was going that much of the issues would overcome now. They are not all solved yet.

Good Things Seen in Chromebooks

There are many good things that have come from the Chromebook. They are great for surfing the web, for school taking notes. With so much on the Internet accessing subject matter for both school and work they are great. Because of their lack of heavy duty work capability the Chromebook is great for students. They do not have any games or gaming systems that might otherwise be on the laptop.

The thing that makes them so great for use is they are virus free environments. This makes them safe to connect with school and work network environments. They can even connect to other personal home networks. No worrying about giving or receiving a virus.

You still need to be aware of connecting to open networks. They might be safe from viruses but having your personal data stolen is still a very real threat. It does not matter what Internet of Things you are using. Always be safe. Every environment out there that can connected to your system does not care if your data is safe or not.

Chromebook Challenges

OK, There are things that make the Chromebook still difficult to use. The big one is printing. Many people who have a Chromebook still find it challenging to get a document printed out. The printer might be in sleep mode and not come out when sending a document to it by the Chromebook. There might not be drives for an older printer. Thus there is no communication between the Chromebook and the printer. There have been issues with the Google Print system for some people.

Some people have had Internet connectivity issues. There have been battery life issues. Unfortunately not every Chromebook manufactured will work well or at all. Then some manufacturers have issues with their Chromebook units. I have an Acer Chromebook which works well for me still after two and half years of use. There are people who have purchased the Asus Chromebooks. Some of which have had a disappointing experience with the Chromebook.

Using the Chromebook as a Linux Machine

There have been some users who have turned their Chromebook into a Linux machine. They have worked very well for them. They are happy with the performance of the Chromebook as a Linux machine. The big thing to remember is to get a Chromebook that has at least 4 GBs of RAM. Then all you need to do is find the instruction on line to install Linux. Not everyone needs to or should change their Chromebook into a Linux machine. It is an option that is available.

Finally What is Up With that

Finally, What is Up With That is a post on how I viewed the strange non-existent help from Amazon. It might be that Amazon is so big now. Thus they are not able to deal with all the issues that are inevitable to happen today. Having all the different systems connecting to their server could be burdensome. It might be that Amazon is not able to train their support staff in the issues out there. It might be that because I myself am a technician that I am expecting a higher level of help. In the end I had to deal with this issue myself. I don’t know if the issue still exists now.

I do want to say this. With the amount of people out there that need to use a computer or laptop for some personal or business reason. It is important to have the least amount of frustration doing so. This is why Chromebooks make the list. They are great for home, student use, and the office. They are even great for people who are computer challenged. The older generation are finding that the Chromebook has a small learning curve. This makes it great for them. Also for anyone else that need a system for everyday connections to email, notes and social media. Thus, I recommend the Chromebooks as a great unit for use in today’s social and Internet environment.

Seniors and Computers

How Far Have Seniors and Computers Come

Seniors and ComputersWe are in a new era. At the turn of the 19th century the world was facing an industrial revolution. When the 20th century the world had already experienced the technological revolution. Now we are needing to deal with Seniors and Computers.

The technological age has brought with it so much more to learn and understand. The information is 100 times more than the industrial revolution. It has produced so much more mental understanding than ever before.

People have had a concern with a generation gap. This made it hard for young people to communicate with older people. The technological gap has not only made it difficult to communicate between generations. It has made communication difficult between people within the same generation. Also we have a gap with Seniors and Computers.

We have people today that got along well for years by doing. Being able to read or not read was not the question of concern. Now with so much to read to be able to stay up to date with technology at times it has become an issue for some people.

The good thing with technological advancement there are now electronic readers. These help many people. This is a great thing now. It has not always been that great though.

Personal Experiences With Seniors

I finished helping a couple in their late sixties early seventies. They had two computers. On was very old and was at the point that upgrading was out of the question. The two computers were Microsoft based O/S.

They decided to go and a new computer. The new computer of choice was a MacBook Air laptop. The lady of the family already had an iPad.

They brought the new computer to me to set it up. They also wanted her data moved over to the new computer from her Acer laptop. He wanted his data moved over from his old laptop to her Acer laptop. This process of setting up the new MacBook air laptop and moving the two sets of data over was not a big deal. I completed this project without a hitch.

When the couple came to get the new computer all was well. What I can say is the wife is quite good with computers while the husband is not. Technology for him is quite challenging at times. This is OK.

I went ahead and help answer the wife’s questions that she had before they left. The husband on the hand was more reluctant to get any questions answered. Thus the gap with Seniors and Computers.

They have called since then with more question that needed answers. I am always glad to help answer any questions that anyone has.

Personal Experiences With Family

Then there are my in-laws. My mother-in-law is quite adapt in using a computer. Mind you she is of an age that if something changes then my mother-in-law has a learning curve to deal with for a while. It takes her some time to understand new things on the computer these days. But, my father-in-law comes at the computer as if he is coming towards and angry bull. He has no patience and wants to get the job done without any issues. Well, you almost can guess the outcome with my father-in-law. There is very little progress at the best of times.

By the way my in-laws have had their computer for more years than you want to know about. It is a good computer and is still accomplishing the tasks that they need it to do. This is good as it aids to the learning curve that seems to be always there for them when using the computer.

Seniors and Handheld Devices

Oh, yes, then there is the new item on the block called cell phones. I am finding that cell phones are very confusing for people 55 to 60 and up. With the computer it was only emails. Now with cell phones it is email, messaging, texting and of course the apps. More things to learn. A smaller screen to use them on. This contributes to more mistakes and issues. All due to the fact that eye sight is not so good in the older generations. Then there is the issue of the adult fingers trying to make those tiny keys on the cell phone keyboard work. Also spelling words as they should with correctness is also difficult.

Reasons For The Stories

Why do I tell you all this. Because technology is difficult for some people. It does not matter their age. Some people can not grasp how to use the computer, cell phone. tablets etc. That is OK. Not everyone was and is able to grasp science, mechanics and those types of things either.

What can happen is the following. We as people who know how these things work can help them. That is walk them through the technological challenges. We can answer their questions. Also we can show for them how things work on their computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones.

I have been sure glad for people to help me out with the spelling of different words. This is my weakness. I do use the many bells and whistles to help me with my grammar and spelling. I also still ask others around me how to spell different words. I also have them read what I have typed to see how it sounds to them.

Understanding Technology in Time

In time that people’s misunderstanding of the technological age will lessen. There will still be people who are not technical minded and will always need help. The Internet of Things will change the view of technology. As more people use these different items and work on them the better people will become.

The technical age is teaching people how to use computer, laptop, tablets and cell phones. Many times this is like the building of homes are. One will be good with this app or set of apps for work. Another person will have a different app or set of apps they are good with. This is like having framer, plumbers, roofers, finish carpenters etc.

Why will this always be you might ask. It is because the computer world is so diverse. You are able to do so many different things through a computer system now. Computers are for much more than crunching data and data type information. You can use them for arts, science, gaming, school, work, and research.

Computers and The Handicapped

The computer can now help the handicapped. This group includes people with visual challenges, people with physical challenges. Also people with hearing challenges and more. These people have voice and movement activated aids that can do more than ever before for them. They are able to go to school, work and take in many extra functions because of the computer world we live in now. Yes, technology is not perfect. Handicapped peoples still have challenges to overcome. It is much better for them today than it was even 10 or 15 years ago.

It comes down to the make and model of computer that will fit your needs. Some like the PC. Then there are those who like the Apple. Here again there are those that like the Chomebook. What will be your device of choice.

Microsoft Technology

While the Microsoft PC, desktop or laptop, has the most going for it being the dominate system. You are able to get the most applications for it. It is the most used thus the most accepted for of file format. Sharing files is easy. The drawback is that these systems can be the most attacked by viruses, malware and spyware.

Apple Technology

Then there is the Apple. Many have stated for many years the Apple O/S is the safest system to be using. They come in both desktop and the laptop. After the hacking of the iCloud there have been many questions about the safety of an Apple product. The use of Apple laptops is large in the graphic arts fields. They have the best graphics for such application work. The big drawback with the Apple is they do not have the greater system use base. Thus, conversion of communications to the PC is a reality. This is so their documents are readable. With the new application versions this is a thing of the past.

Chromebook Technology

Then there is the Chromebook. These laptops are new on the computer scene. Here again they have an O/S that is separate from the other two major O/S systems. The thing that makes the Chromebook system popular is the following. They work well with the social network and cloud base computing. Everything is through the Internet these days. You work, do schooling, communicate and send messages all over the Internet. How things have changed. The big thing that is catching peoples attention is that they are not gaming computers. Because of this they fit in well for school and work projects.

No you are not able to do heavy computer work on them. This includes heavy application coding and CAD work projects. The handling of regular school and work projects you will find works with ease. The Chromebooks are also light and very portable. These attributes make it simple to take them from one point to another point easy. They are virus free environments. Thus making connectivity with other networks a much safer process.

Yes the Chromebook has some drawbacks. They need a network connect for full functionality. They have very small on-board hard drives, usually 16 to 32 GBs in size. You need to store your data and documents either in a cloud storage or on a thumb drive. They are no good for gaming. Accessibility of everything is though the Internet. This means apps and stored files. They are available at a fraction of the price of most other laptops.

I am able to access both my Google account and my Microsoft account without any issues. I have read from some people. Their model of Chromebooks has difficulty accessing a Microsoft account.

Users’ Reviews

From what I have read in other people’s reviews. The Chromebook is very good for people who are technology challenged. There have been many people who have purchased a Chromebook. These Chromebooks have been for their ageing relatives. Each of the ageing relatives seemed to be able to access their email and social accounts with ease. They do not have much of a learning curve. They were also able to do the other tasks they needed to do with a computer without much trouble at all.

Conclusion, Know Your Computer Needs

It is important that you know what you need in a computer. A large majority of people are now purchasing laptops. This is because of the great informational Internet highway. Not all laptops are for everyone. Like the couple I setup their new Apple MacBook air they choose an Apple laptop. As my in-laws still use their ageing desktop. I have purchased an Acer Chromebook laptop. There are people who need to buy Microsoft PC laptops. We each have chosen our product. Also we continue to use our exist product. This is because our current system meets our current computing needs.

Thus, I would like to say that purchasing a Chromebook is for you. I am unable to make that statement. I enjoy my Chromebook. It meets my existing computing needs. The Chromebook laptop might not meet all your needs. You need to understand your computing needs. When you do then you will be able to choose the correct laptop system for you. Remember knowledge is power. With that knowledge you will be able to buy within your budget.

Thank you for reading this post. Please leave your comments. On how well your needs of a computer matched up with your final computer/laptop sale.

Comparing the Chromebook to the PC Laptop

Comparing the Chromebook to the PC Laptop

When someone is Comparing the Chromebook to the PC Laptop there are many questions. What size of screen? Should it have a DVD player? How big a hard drive does it come with? How good is the Wi-Fi connection. Should the number of USB connections matter? Will it connect to a printer? Does it come with a HDMI connection? What kind of mouse pad will it have? Will the keyboard be US standard or English/French Bilingual keyboard? Should the laptop have a webcam? How big is the laptop screen? Will the laptop be compatible with the other system units on our network? And of course, should I get a PC, Apple or Chromebook for my next laptop? There are many more questions which I will not take the time to write out here.

There are a lot of different bells, whistles and more items that could be compared when Comparing the Chromebook to the PC Laptop. There are three different manufactures competing for your money. In this post we will look at the major differences between the PC and the Chromebook. This will give the read a better understanding of where the PC and Chromebook stand. Even though there are those out there trading in their ageing Apple system for a Chromebook. There are more people trading in their PC laptop for a Chromebook. We will look at the comparison of Chromebook to Apple at a later date.

Comparison Table

There are a number of difference between the Chromebooks laptops and the PC laptop that should be addressed by the purchaser of a new laptop system. It is good to get these out of the way before the laptop is purchased. Therefore we help here with this Comparing the Chromebook to the PC Laptop table.

Chromebook PC Laptop
The Chromebook can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a PC You will need to put aside upwards as much as 2/3 more for the PC
The Chromebook light weight and very portable PC laptops can weight much more and can be not as portable
O/S runs through the Internet O/S run on an internal hard drive
Files are saved in the cloud Files are saved on the internal hard drive
Can be used for home, school, note taking or work Can be used for home,school, note taking or work
Chromebooks’ battery life can be from 9 to 12 hours on most laptops PC laptops’ battery life can be 10 to 12 hours on most laptops
Great for first time users, easy to setup and learn navigation around the system Need more assistance setting up, not as straight forward in navigating around the system
Great for email, YouTube, and social media Great for gaming, heavy computer program applications
System is free from obtaining viruses, spyware and malware System can be susceptible to viruses, spyware and malware
Chrome O/S starts up within moments to a working desktop System might take as long as few minutes to get to the desktop
Chrome O/S and app updates happen in a quick restarting of the system Windows O/S and app updates can take much longer that expected
Most work can be accomplished through apps that run on the Chrome O/S Work can be done on the apps that have been installed on the Windows O/S
Printing files is accomplished through the use of Cloud Print. You have to have a printer that has this option on it Printing files is accomplished through direct USB access or through the local home network

Items to Ponder or Consider

As you can see there are many items to consider before purchasing a new laptop. Please realise that Chromebooks are not gaming or heavy use laptops. Because a large percentage of users use their systems for light to medium use. The Chromebook will be more than adequate for their needs.

The Chromebook web store does provide some gaming apps that can be played on the Chromebook. There are also a lot of working apps that you can find in the web store. They include Open Office, Libre Office,and even Microsoft Office. These apps make convenient to on any office work anywhere and at anytime.

The Final Decision is Yours

When it come down to the buy of a laptop there is much to take into consideration. If you are a gamer or programmer. Even a heavy computer user then you might consider a more transitional laptop. If you are part of the mild to medium users group. They include home, student, or Office workers. Then a Chromebook will more than likely provide all the computing needs you need.

In the end it is you personal choice of laptop. It might be hard to get over the stigma of a regular PC laptop. Then again it might come down to the sale price of your next laptop. Whatever your choice is, Chromebook or PC laptop. We hope that this comparison of the Chromebook and PC laptop has been beneficial to you the read.

Thank you for reading this post. Please leave your comments. If you know of any different features between the Chromebooks laptops and the PC laptop. Please go ahead and mention them here let us know.

My Chromebook Experience is Great

Acer Chromebook Experience Great

When it comes to Chromebooks there are many Chromebooks laptops to choose from. For me I went with the Acer Chromebook. I purchased the Acer Chromebook 11, model CB3-111. I was looking for one that would be easy to carry from one destination to another. For sure this model ended up being very portable.

After purchasing it and using it for a while I was not so sure that I have bought the right Chromebook. Yes, you read right. The Chromebook is smaller than expected. It did take some time to get used to the 11 inch screen. Overall I can say “Acer Chromebook Experience Great”.

Characteristics of My Chromebook

Even with the compactness of this laptop I kept using it. The one thing that I like was the ease to type with one hand. The keyboard the prefect size to type with my left hand. I do find that at times the bilingual keyboard does get in the way. I have gotten used to the bilingual keyboard now thus I am OK with it now.

The small 11 inch screen has become acceptable now. If the print is too small I am able to make it larger. The accomplishment of this is through the web browser zoom option.

This great little Chromebook is getting used more and more as time goes by. This Chromebook starts up and is ready to use in moments. I have a Windows 10 computer. It takes about 3 to 5 times as long to get into the desktop. I use both Google Docs and Microsoft Office. Access to both office structures is through the internet. I have an Microsoft Office 365 account.

While going through some research I found I am also able to access OpenOffice and LibreOffice through this Chromebook. This is outstanding. Now about everything is at my fingertips through my Chromebook.

Performance of My Chromebook Through Personal and Business Use

As a majority of my work is online the Chromebook works well for me. I access my website, Amazon, pictures, picture editing, files and file saving with ease. Anything type of document that I want to save offline I am able to do with the use of an USB stick. Technology has come with leaps and bounds from the old days of sneaker net.

I have had a few viruses over time on my Windows machines. I have been able to remove all the viruses, spyware and malware without much trouble. It was unpleasant having to take the time to remove them. The time I lost in downtime was not acceptable either.

There is another reason why I like the Chromebook. They have built-in virus protection so that they are virus protected. The reason for this has to do with each laptop accessing the O/S though the Internet found on the Google Server. This fact makes it comfortable for anyone using a Chromebook not having downtime. Which is due to viruses, spyware, malware or even ransomware roaming the Internet.

Long battery life is another aspect that the majority of the users enjoy. This includes my appreciation for the Chromebook. Depending on what the Chromebook is being used for the battery can last up to 12 hours on some models.

The downside if you want to call it that is that you have to connect to a Wi-Fi. Before you are able to use the Chromebook. This fact shows that there are no perfect systems.

How Others Viewed Their Chromebook

Reading Amazon review have made me aware of people’s buying hesitations. There are many other people who have purchased a Chromebook with hesitation. Over time there have been many people who have decided on a Chromebook over a PC or Apple system. Their systems have become out dated or quite working. These people made their decision to buy a less expensive system not knowing what to expect. There was misunderstanding about the Chromebook. It was amazing to read their review about the Chromebook model they purchased. Some people were surprised while others were upset. From reading the review had to do a lot with the Chromebook’s physical condition. Especially upon arrival or shortly thereafter.

It is not a perfect world. When some of the Chromebooks arrived at their destination damaged. This ended up being very unpleasant for the customer. There were even some customer service issues. These should not have happened but made the whole experience uncomfortable also. There were also those who did not do their homework. They thought that they were getting a laptop that would match their old system or be better. Unfortunately the Chromebook line are not gaming or heavy programming computers. They are for regular use and Internet social media applications.

No Chromebook Issues Here

Thus far i have not any issues with my laptop. I do use it quite a lot. I find that my battery lasts most of a day’s work use. It will recharge in a short time. I can even use it and get a quick charge time frame. I save most of my work to the cloud so disk space is no real issue. If I need it somewhere that I do not have access to the cloud then I can copy my work onto a external drive . Yet I have not used an external hard drive or a SD drive. I could use both if I needed to.

What else can I say. I am able to access my emails, Google drive, OneDrive, Youtube, and all my social media. I have used the HDMI connection and watched streaming video on my TV.

I agree now that printing documents from this Chromebook is challenging. I do not have a printer that is compatible with the Google print option. For me though this is a slight issue. I am able to access the needed documents through other systems that I have. It is due to the fact that I have an outdated laser printer and an older ink jet printer that are not compatible.

Conclusion Regarding The Chromebook Laptop

It does not matter if you like Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo etc. You should be able to get a Chromebook that will fit your needs. Satisfaction should always be yours. You have to remember that a lemon product can come from any manufacture. Customer service will suck from time to time. Do your best to overlook these issues and move on. Also if the Chromebook does not meet your personal and businesses then that is OK too. The Chromebook is not for everyone. From what I have experienced and read. The Chromebook will be the right fit for a larger majority of computer, laptop users. This will be surprising to the majority of people.

Thank you for reading this post. If you have a Chromebook we would like to know your thoughts on the Chromebook.

ASUS Chromebook C201

ASUS Chromebook C201 Introduction

This great lightweight ASUS Chromebook C201 will be a great buy. You will find it will fit your personal, school or work needs. It starts up in moments. There is no waiting for the system to get to the desktop because it will be there before you know it. If comes with the following features:

  1. Up to 13 Hours Incredible Battery Life.
  2. Gigabit Dual-Band 802.11A/C Ultra-fast Wi-Fi.
  3. 11.6-Inch HD LED Display. HD Webcam.
  4. 2 x USB 2.0, Micro HDMI, MicroSD Card Reader & Bluetooth 4.1.
  5. Trusted Platform Module (TPM) security for protection of sensitive information. Also the Operating System:Chrome OS. Rockchip 3288-C Quad-Core 1.8 GHz processor with 4 GB RAM

This ASUS Chromebook C201 will be easy to use, starts up fast, and accesses the Internet well. The user does not have to be great or knowledgeable about computers to be able to use it. All ages will be able to use the Chromebook without too much difficulty. It is great for school and researching over the Internet. It can bog down in heavy use.This needs full consideration when thinking about this sale. If you need a gaming or programming laptop this is not the laptop for you.

The other other important thing. This Chromebook is also virus, and spyware protected. This makes it a great choice home, school and work. You have to remember that this Chromebook is not setup for gaming or heavy computer program use.

What Purchasers liked about the ASUS Chromebook C201

  1. Very pleased with memory, performance great and keyboard responsiveness.
  2. Great for web surfing and watching YouTube, and social media.
  3. Great for people with limited technical skills, perfect lap size.
  4. Great size snappy performance and great solid keyboard.
  5. Starts quickly, beautiful screen.
  6. Great for work or personal use. Teachers and students can work over the Internet or with document accessibility.
  7. Great laptop for the price.
  8. Very portable for work and or school.
  9. You can sync your work from different systems through Google Drive.
  10. Battery life is great, up to 10 to 12 hours of use.
  11. Great for note taking and accessing files.
  12. Processing speed very fast.
  13. Great starter computer, simple to setup.
  14. Easy to use and quite affordable.
  15. Streaming videos work great.
  16. Connects well to home router and powering up from sleep mode is instantaneous.
  17. O/S Updates complete in moments.

What Purchasers disliked about the ASUS Chromebook C201

  1. Speakers are not loud speakers.
  2. No delete key.
  3. Not a gaming computer.
  4. Does not have a great selection of O/S apps.
  5. Some screen issues.
  6. Issues with the HDMI port.
  7. Some issues with the body components of the laptop staying together.
  8. File transfer rate is slow.
  9. Slow on the internet.
  10. Viewing angle is not the best.
  11. Not good for video editing or hardware intensive use.
  12. Issues with Chromebook setup, had to change dns to a public google dns setting.
  13. Laptop crashing issues after one month.
  14. Second hand laptop are available but are not recommended due to hardware issues.
  15. Have to be online for apps to work.
  16. processing that even locks up the system.
  17. No bilingual keyboard.
  18. Issues printing to a printer through USB, must use Wi-Fi.
  19. Uneven screen brightness and no backlit keyboard.
  20. Issues with file sharing from one computer to another.

Questions Answered About the ASUS Chromebook C201

  • Question 1
    • Could I download OpenOffice software onto it and is there a place to plug in a memory stick?
    • yes you can download OpenOffice from Chromebook web store. The developer company name is rollapp. On your 2nd question. yes there is a slot on the left side of the Asus Chromebook that will take microSD card. The right side has 2 USB port connections.
  • Question 2
    • If I lost the power supply plug in can I buy an “off the shelf” charger to charge the batteries?
    • Yes you can, I actually bought one from a gas station and it works.
  • Question 3
    • What is the top cover? Metal or plastic?
    • It’s plastic, albeit pretty durable plastic.
  • Question 4
    • Can I change ssd to bigger one? 16G is too small for me?
    • Only if you have professional soldering experience with motherboards.
      What you can do is buy the biggest SD card on the market. 512gb is current the biggest.
  • Question 5
    • What type of windows does it come with?
    • It do not come with windows. Chrome OS is the operating system.
  • Question 6
    • I can download games or application? Is there a play store?
    • It uses the google chrome web store. There aren’t a lot of games but there are a lot of apps.
  • Question 7
    • Do you have access to your “Mac” or “Me” account with Apple?
    • Yes. log into your iCloud mail on the web. There is also a Chrome browser extension for that. It works very well for me.
  • Question 8
    • Does it have a touch screen?
    • No, sorry, there is no touch screen.
  • Question 9
    • Can I download firefox on this?
    • No you are not able to run firefox through the Chrome O/S.
  • Question 10
    • Is this Microsoft compatible? My son uses Microsoft at school and needs this to take from school computer work to home work.
    • Yes you can run Microsoft Office through accessing Microsoft Office 365. You do this through the Internet and logging on through your account.
  • Question 11
    • Is excel available on this Chromebook?
    • You can open and edit Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. You can do this on your Chromebook in a few different ways. Use Google Docs or your Chromebook’s built-in file editor. Add the Microsoft Excel Online app from the Chrome Web Store. Add the Office Editing Chrome extension to your Chrome browser.
  • Question 12
    • Can i watch dvds on this?
    • This unit does not have a disc drive in it. Movie files on a thumb drive or external hard drive would play. The laptop runs Android and you can check with Google to see if they allow for an external drive via App.

Conclusion and Recommendations For The ASUS Chromebook C201

We recommend this ASUS Chromebook C201 as a good buy. Out of the almost 350 customers who took the time to write their recommendations. The Chromebook received at 4.3 out 5 rating. We looked at these rating and deducted that this Chromebook was a well received laptop. The people who purchased this Chromebook for personal, school and work where happy. They were happy with the service they got from the Chromebook. There were those who purchased this ASUS Chromebook C201 for family members. These family members were not technically inclined. These family members had great success using the Chromebook.

We must say that there were a few people who had issues with the physical body structure of the laptop. These were unfortunate situations. It is too bad that the manufacturing of the laptops was not always be quality work. It was also too bad that some customers experienced poor customer service.

This ASUS Chromebook C201 will be easy to use, starts up fast, and accesses the Internet well. The user does not have to be great or knowledgeable about computers to be able to use it. All ages will be able to use the Chromebook without too much difficulty. It is great for school and researching over the Internet. It can bog down in heavy use but this needs to be taken into consideration. If you need a gaming or programming laptop this is not the laptop for you. Thus, we would say that this ASUS Chromebook C201 will be a sale that you will enjoy for a long time.

Acer 11.6-Inch Google Chromebook with Bilingual French Keyboard

Introduction to the Acer 11.6-Inch Google Chromebook with Bilingual French Keyboard

This Acer 11.6-Inch Google Chromebook with Bilingual French Keyboard is a great laptop. You will find that it will meet about every need except gaming and heavy PC programs. Everyone from the student to the office person will find this laptop efficient. They will be able to do their work with ease and convenience. It is very lightweight for easy portability from the home to the office or meeting place of your choice. It comes with the following features:

  1. The screen is a 11.6-Inch Display with IPS (in-plane switching) technology.
  2. Features of the screen – HD 1366 x 768, high-brightness acer ComfyViewTM led-backlit TFT LCD.
  3. The laptop contains an Intel Celeron processor n2840. (1 MB l2 cache, 2.16 GHz, up to 2.58 GHz with intel burst technology, ddr3l 1333 MHz, 7.5 W)
  4. There is a 16Gb solid state drive.
  5. The chromebook comes with 2Gb DDR3 memory.
  6. It has 2 USB ports, 1 HDMI port, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and an SD card slot for expandable storage.
  7. A Bilingual French Keyboard comes standard with the laptop.

The attractive thing the Chromebook brings freedom virus attacks. What a relief to know that you do not have to worry about down time because of an virus attack.

What people are saying they liked about the Acer 11.6-Inch Google Chromebook

  1. Super cheap and affordable even for students!
  2. Very lightweight and compact. Comes with a small, 11.6 inch screen. It is portable for travel to the cafe and other places of social conveniences to do writing and work.
  3. Very User Friendly (Easy, and comfortable to use).
  4. Boots up in seconds.
  5. Super efficient with everyday tasks (E-Mail, web browsing, you tube, school work, etc.)
  6. Comes with 100 GB of free google drive cloud storage.
  7. It’s faster than any windows computer I ever used (for basic tasks only).
  8. Very quiet (No fan, I can’t hear any noises from it well it’s on).
  9. There is an aluminium top adding extra protection.
  10. It also has a front facing camera for video chats and pictures.
  11. Chrome OS is well secured (No viruses).
  12. For the price this laptop meets the daily needs of school and work.
  13. Great for writing, taking notes and surfing the Internet.
  14. Quality is good.
  15. Great screen.
  16. Easy to setup, great for users who have difficulty with electronic items.
  17. Great replacement for a PC or Apple laptop especially is most of what you do is through the Internet.
  18. Works great with go-pro unit.
  19. Google Docs works as well as Microsoft Office.
  20. Works great with Dropbox.
  21. Battery last a long time.
  22. Screen is bright and easy to see, keyboard has a nice feel, touch-pad large and responsive.
  23. Syncs well with Google drive and Amazon drive.
  24. Works well with Google Chromecast.
  25. Images on screen are crisp and brightness of the screen is excellent.
  26. Sound good, performance good enough to handle many tabs and movie streaming.
  27. Does not heat up like other laptops.
  28. Great for university school, long lasting battery, fast loading.
  29. Great computer for completing simple tasks.
  30. Great for everyday use.

What people are saying they disliked about the Acer 11.6-Inch Google Chromebook

  1. Processing power of the laptop low.
  2. Laptop is unable to handle many tabs open.
  3. Only 16 GB internal storage.
  4. Track pads cursor movement across the screen is jerky, hard to get used to.
  5. You can only download apps and extensions from the chrome OS store.
  6. No backlit Keyboard, hard to see the keys in the dark.
  7. Keyboard can be weird.
  8. No CD/DVD player.
  9. Not a gaming computer.
  10. Can not save files on the laptop.
  11. Came with unwanted websites already in system.
  12. System can be a bit laggy.
  13. Not enough ram, thus have to restart Chromebook often especially if there are a lot of tabs open,
  14. Also battery life is not more than 9 hours.
  15. The bezels are wide.
  16. The enter key and arrow keys are somewhat small.
  17. The mousepad felt “sticky” at first, but the friction went down out as I kept using it.

Here are the reasons why people purchased the Acer 11.6-Inch Google Chromebook

  1. Purchased Chromebook for scholastic purposes, note taking etc.
  2. Bought laptop for ease of transportation of the unit.
  3. Purchased laptop for basic Internet access use of email, YouTube etc.
  4. User purchased this Chromebook because it was affordable.
  5. More work accessed through the Internet was the reason of buying of the Chromebook.
  6. The Chromebook works well with DropBox.
  7. The Chromebook is easy to use, even for those who are computer challenged.

Our Recommendation on the Acer 11.6-Inch Google Chromebook with Bilingual French Keyboard

This Acer 11.6-Inch Google Chromebook with Bilingual French Keyboard is a good buy. We have explained our reasons in the following paragraph. This Chromebook would be a great laptop for any student. They can take notes and access the Internet for research without worry of viruses. For the same reason this would be a great laptop for the office worker. The bilingual keyboard will work well for those who are bilingual in nature. Because it is easy to setup it would be a great laptop for someone who is not technological. It can be ready to go and accessing the Internet, email, YouTube quickly. Even though it is be no means a gaming computer anyone can use it for streaming videos. In today’s information interchange this laptop will provide the resources for everyone. That is from the student to the office working. We recommend the Acer 11.6-Inch Google Chromebook with Bilingual French Keyboard. For the above reasons.

Acer Chromebook 14-Inch Laptop CB3-431-C345

Introduction of Acer Chromebook 14-Inch Laptop

This Acer Chromebook 14-Inch Laptop come with a 14 inch, 1920 X 1080 resolution screen. The screen also has ComfyViewTM LED-backlit TFT LCD technology. The laptop has a N3160 Intel Celeron quad-core processor. The processor has quite a list of features – (2 MB L2 cache, 1.60 GHz, up to 2.24 GHz with Intel Burst Technology, DDR3L 1600 MHz, 6 W). There is a 32 GB SSD drive in the laptop. The body of the computer is chrome color. This laptop is easy to transport from home to school, work or wherever you need it to go. The battery will hold a charge all day for all day use. Its Wi-Fi is fast and smooth when on the Internet.

What people liked about the Acer Chromebook 14-Inch Laptop

There some things that people are finding great about this computer:

  1. It is an economical cost laptop that has met the daily needs of many users.
  2. Both web and student users like it.
  3. Office worker have also found that this Chromebook met their work needs.
  4. The design of the laptop was acceptable to purchasers.
  5. This laptop is durable, light and easy to handle.
  6. Its battery life has been found to be more than adequate, running between 8 and 12 hours.
  7. It was found the laptop, keyboard, sound and picture were well built.
  8. Its ability to do word processing and web browsing was excellent.
  9. Wi-Fi speed was great and works well.
  10. The value of the laptop and the price were looked on favourably on by purchasers.
  11. This laptop was lightweight.
  12. The laptop booted up fast, loaded apps fast and did not use much battery over an extended period of time.
  13. Its HD screen resolution is 1080p which was great for views youtube and streaming videos.
  14. A HDMI port for connecting to your home or office video system.
  15. The Google apps are user friendly and easy to access.
  16. The laptop does not hold heat and stays cool when on the user’s lap.

What people disliked about the Acer Chromebook 14-Inch Laptop

Some people were not as happy with the Chromebook. The purchasers had a tendency of comparing the Chromebook laptop with a PC or Apple laptop, which is ok. This is what was found.

  1. The Chromebook could be slow.
  2. The battery life was not always great.
  3. Some apps or web sites did not perform as well as expected.
  4. The Bilingual keyboard had some people puzzled at times.
  5. The system could have used 8 GB of ram instead of 4 GB.
  6. This laptop is not a gaming computer.
  7. A SD card Slot is missing.
  8. The laptop’s screen colors were not a defined as other laptops.
  9. USB connections could be difficult to use.
  10. The laptop does not have a USB-C connection.
  11. Android apps were not supported.
  12. The selling of refurbished unit was not appreciated.
  13. Acer’s customer service could be better.

Reasons for buying the Acer Chromebook 14-Inch Laptop

The reasons for buying this Chromebook did vary from customer to customer.

  1. The need to replace an aging laptop or computer.
  2. The need to purchases for high school and college students.
  3. People found that other people were enjoying their laptop. This is for work situations and purchased one for themselves for work.
  4. People purchased the laptop as lighter, more convenient laptop. To be able to use for their personal, school and work purposes.
  5. People like the Chromebook in general thus purchasing the laptop as a gift.

Some Questions Answered

Purchasers of this Acer Chromebook did have some questions. Here are the answers to those questions;

  1. Would the Chromebook will run Ubuntu? The answer is yes it will.
  2. Does the laptop have a internal DVD player? The answer is no it does not. The solution though it that the purchaser can also buy an external DVD player. They can then plug it into one of the USB connections and use the DVD player that way.
  3. Is there an earbuds audio connection on the laptop? The answer is yes there is.
  4. Is there any bloatware apps preloaded onto the system? The answer is no.
  5. Does it have a backlit feature for the keyboard? The answer is no.
  6. Does the laptop come with a touchscreen? The answer is no.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The majority of people who purchased this Acer Chromebook 14-Inch Laptop model were well pleased. That is with their purchase and use of it. This in no way is a gaming computer. The use for home, study, and work is more than acceptable. Because of the replacement aspect from an ageing laptop or computer. Also, to use it in the social and streaming aspect of the Internet were remarkable. Having a bilingual keyboard did cause some hiccups for some people. Most people were either able to overcome this aspect. Thus they were able to adapt to using the bilingual keyboard. I was one of those people as my model also has a bilingual keyboard.

I would recommend this Chromebook to purchasers. I understand what people have said about their laptop. They have found that it meets their needs. They have found that it is fast. It is light and easy to transport from place to place. The user can use both the Google docs apps and the online apps from Microsoft Office 365 if needed. Not only that it is a great starter laptop to for any student in school today. They are already in a lot of the school systems today.