Computers Need Service and Maintenance Too

Computers Need Service and Maintenance Too

Computers Need Service and Maintenance Too

How is that so many people think about their computer/laptop the same way that they think about their car? They install apps on their system. Without thinking they keep going to the same web sites all the time automatically. also, they open emails without thought as well.

Just like putting gas and oil in their car without any thought of cleaning other parts of the engine and vehicle out. After a while the car gets sluggish and poor gas mileage. It might even start to smoke and cough.

This is the way it is with your computer/laptop. After a lot of use things just start to run slower. You start to get pop-ups. Then, you open your browser and you find that your home page is no longer the one that you set it to be originally.

You say to yourself, what has happened? Well, what has happened is with time your system has collected unwanted items and links. These things need to be regularly cleaned out. For some people it is not important, or they are too busy with the business of life around them.

System Service Concerns

You might say, so what! Well, if you rely on your computer/laptop as much as most people do today, then it is a big deal. People do not want or can afford to have a sluggish, uncooperative. They do not want their apps working slowly, or not at all. They definitely do not want pop-ups or unwanted home pages changing. And they do not want to be directed to web sites they did not want to go to when accessing important web sites.

So, what can you as a computer user do. You can regularly clean out your cache and internet history. You can when downloading apps read carefully and make sure that all unwanted check marks are unchecked. Be aware of the links that you are clicking on when finding information for that important work project. Always take a few extra moments to be sure that what your next step is will be the correct step, no matter if it is a search link, an email link, or a work link.

Now, if you are having more intense issues, then you might consider having a more experienced person look at your system to determine what might be the issue(s) causing your system not to work at its efficient ability. I understand that maybe you do not want to have the loss of your system for several days. Is it not better for you to be able to work efficiently all the time? Is it not better to have apps open as they should without any number of pop-ups slowing down your progress?

Conclusion for Computer service

The above questions you will have to answer for yourself. Click this link to get more information that will give you more understanding on what it is that can be done to correct any number of issues. There is cleaning and maintenance support, virus and malware removal support, hardware support and many more ways that can be looked at to improve working efficiency on your system.

Thank you for reading this information. Remember to click this link for more computer and laptop support.

Spring Clutter To Summer Success

Spring Clutter Summer Success

Spring is the Time for Renewal and Cleanup

Well, how time flies! Up here in the Great White North we are now planting and getting our flower and vegetable gardens ready. The growing season is now upon us. What about you?

When you turn from your outdoor work and come into your electronic world are you seeing changes in your electronic units. Are you finding that your flower and vegetable gardens are producing better than your electronics? Are you finding that there are more electronic weeds in your system(s) than there are in your gardens?

Has your smart phone become cluttered with apps? Has your smart phone become sluggish when opening those apps? Is it just sluggish in general? Believe it or not it can happen to your smart phone just like your computer or laptop.

Has your computer gotten sluggish? Do you find new browser pages you did not want or many pop-ups that make it troublesome to work and get on the internet?

Well, just like our gardens outside, our smart phones, computers, and laptops need to be looked after and cleaned up from time to time. It is something that just needs to be addressed. It is like keeping our flowers and vegetable gardens cleaned up so that what is supposed to be in the garden will grow better and more efficiently. To be able to work efficiently on our electronics or even play on our electronics we need to look after them just like we would our gardens.

Don’t Like Your Summer be Sluggish

If you are finding that you need your smart phone, computer or laptop working more efficiently for the summer. We would like to help you. We will clean and update your system. You will a system that will be able to give you a summer worry free.
This computer support link will provide the information you need for the services we will be able to provide for you.

Overcoming Windows 10 Sluggishness

Overcoming Windows 10 Sluggishness

Old Machine New Operating System – Overcoming Windows 10 Sluggishness

In a world of always needing the most recent computer or laptop I am still running an older hardware system. Yes, it has Windows 10 on it, but I have upgraded the Operating System on it multiple times. I am sure that there are many computer users out there that have done the same thing to save money. The question is how many people have been able to Overcoming Windows 10 Sluggishness?

What has made this a reality for many people. Microsoft allowed people to download Windows 10 onto their existing computer. Then they could install a working version of the newest Operating System free. This was a helpful move on the part of Microsoft. I am sure that this move allowed many computer and laptop users to stay with Microsoft. They continued to use Microsoft’s Operating System.

The Sluggishness of a new Operating System on an Old Computer

The thing that a lot of people have encountered with this upgrade is sluggishness. Their working computer or laptop does not respond well anymore. I have been such an operator. Also, I have spent many hours waiting for my computer to work on some project or operation. This is true as I know that others have to. Wondering if the computer would move on or was completely frozen to the point of needing a restart.

Well in the past twelve months or so I have done a fair amount of research on these issues. I have looked into sluggishness, CPU usage, memory usage and more. I have tested my RAM, hard drive several times to see if any one of these hardware items had failed. As well, I am working with some very old hardware at this point and failure could happen. All hardware is still working well currently.

I considered what parts of the Operating System takes up the most system resources. Also, I looked at Cortana, network resources, and any application that started up at startup. If they were running in the background, were they slowing the computer down? Such research can be time consuming and may even up confusing to say the least.

Stopping Applications From Running in the Background

I shut off Cortana, I removed it from the system which helped somewhat. The big drawback with removing Cortana was that windows would not update. Yes, it would download and start the install. When the system found that Cortana was missing it would stop the install. The system then reverted back to the previous system setting. This I found out to be very annoying and dishearten.

I shut off different network resources and stopped many applications. Even without them running in the background I still ended up with the same situation. My CPU was always running at 95% or greater. My system was too old and not efficient enough to run windows 10. I would have to find another way to work on the internet and resolve my online working issues.

Relying on Another Operating System

So, I brought out an even older computer with less resources than the computer I was working on. My understanding was. If I can find a version of Linux that will work on this system then things would be even better. After all Linux is the Operating System that would resolve all the headaches of Windows.

Not so with Linux. This will work on anything almost I thought. It took some time to find a version that was lean enough and would function well on this older computer. Once I found that version which was Linux Mint it worked OK but that was it.

Now What?

Now what? Now I had two computers with different Operating Systems on each working OK but that was it. I was having trouble with audio and video on both computers. This was because of lack of hardware resources in each computer. I did not want to give up but what was I supposed to do.

Well, back to the drawing board as they say. It was back to the internet for more research. How I could be improving one of these computer systems. With their over-sized Operating System and their under-sized hardware! I choose my Windows machine.

I did not do research first. What I did was to start to look at my machine’s actual hardware resources. I remembered that Windows 10 needed 20 GBs or more of free space to function let alone function well. What I found was that my Windows System was working under 20 GBs of free space.

So, I started to find ways to increase that free space. I moved files to an external hard drive. I then started thinking about all the backup Operating System files I had. Was I going to go back to Windows 8.1? I had been working with Windows 10 for about two years now. As well, I liked it much better than Windows 8.1. So, no I was not going to go back to the previous version of Windows Operating System.

At this point I still was less that 20 GBs free. With the removal of these old backup Operating System files I would gain over 23 GBs of space. I made the decision and gained over 23 extra GBs of hard drive space.

The Completed Outcome

Now with over 40 GBs of free space my computer is running much better. I have experienced little to no audio and video sluggishness and freezing. My applications open with greater ease. Using my Windows computer has become more hassle free these days. What about my Linux machine? Well, it is still hear in my office. It does get used from time to time but much less now that Windows 10 usability has improved.

So maybe Microsoft was safe in saying that Windows 10 will work on a system with 4 Gbs of RAM. That is the amount that I have on my motherboard. The things that I have come to conclusion about are the following. You need to make sure that you have 20 GBs of free space on your hard drive. More is better. You need to store all your data no matter what it is on an external drive or in the cloud. You do not want to fill up your C Drive. Yes, I am using Cortana but I have set it to be only searching on my system only. It does not search the internet for anything.

These simple concepts have made a world of different in my computer world. It is easier to do the work I need to do. It is easier to enjoy my personal computer time as well.

Thank you for reading this post. If you have any tips or trick for Windows 10 on an older machine I would love to hear how they worked for you.

Technological Support for Disabled and Senior Groups

Technological Support for Disabled and Senior Groups

Technological Support for Disabled and Senior GroupsThere are many people out there that are in a technical age of despair. There people are the disabled and senior people. Technology bombarded these seniors on all sides. For the most of them they need the different technological items that they use. For some they have to deal with a changing world that confuses them. We need to provide Technological Support for Disabled and Senior Groups.

Seniors and Technology

For seniors it is an age that has changed around them. They might have been in a business position. It was then transformed from mechanical to technical. Or it might have been an office position. Again, technology changed this position to a computer position. Either way they have had to learn new work situations on the job. This might have been challenging to them. Now they retired they see no need to pursue this tech/computer way of life anymore. Unfortunately, the world around them has grown with the age of computers. Thus, they still need to be able to understand technology to be able to do every day things. Remembering my in-laws. One is good at using the computer while the other fears the computer. With Technological Support for Disabled and Senior Groups will lessen their technological fears.

This is the way it is in the people group of seniors. Some are able to grasp the age of technology while others are not.

Seniors Who Make a Difference

Remembering the retired 82-year-old Masako Wakamiya who has created an app for the iPhone. There is no reason for her to create this app, except that she can and did do it. This is one way that she has keep her mind active and healthy. She could have stopped working with her mind when she retired but she chose to continue to keep her mind active. Her app is for seniors 60 and over to be able to play an old traditional Japanese game. Masako hopes that the creation of the app will help to pass this tradition on to the next generation in Japan.

This creates purpose for Masako. I see from this example that computers can create purpose for seniors. There are many ways to use the computer technology that would be of great benefit to the aged in the world.

So many people retire and then don’t do that much. Many of them watch TV. Yes, there are many other ways to engage your mind after retirement. There are books to read, puzzles to create, people to take to, games to play. These all have to have the seniors engage. The user has to engage with their computer. Without engagement the person will sooner or later, deteriorates into nothing.

Seniors who use computers after retirement should also help other seniors. They can help in the use computers. There could be senior gaming groups, programming groups and even app programming groups. With so much of the computer technology aimed at the younger generations. It would be a great asset to have a seniors’ group that would take it on themselves. Thus, to aim a section of today’s technology towards the seniors 60 and over.

Disabled and Technology

Now that I have touched on seniors let us look at the disabled community. Before there was all this technology. Many disabled people were much more reliant on others. To help them with not everyday life but also help them with being a productive asset in society.

Now with the involvement and growth of technology the disable people sector is able to do more. They able to be a greater asset to the society that they live in. This is a great plus for the community they live in. Disabled people can now have purpose. The economic sector has a great group of employable persons to choose from.

I know many disabled people who with the help of technology are able to now engage in the community around them. They are able to hold work positions and get out more to be with their co-workers, friends and family members.

This technology is vast. From prosthetics to voice and hearing recognition software. There is even sight recognition software. You now have implants that help with both sight and hearing impairment.

While all the above is well and good. There are groups in the disabled and senior sectors that find technology difficult. The technology does not or is unable to meet all their needs. There are many reasons for this, but I am not going to go into them at this this time.

Helping Seniors and the Disabled

I have put this information together because I see a need to help in these two areas of life. Working with these two groups is challenging and rewarding. There are many obstacles to overcome in these two areas. They consist of fear, uncertainty, and capability for everyone involved. Also, there is availability of the technology needed. Of course, there is the learning curve factor. Finally, there is the expense to put the technology in place for use.

Yes, these are many hurdles to get over when dealing with the need of technology. Especially for the disabled community. But, here again these can be overcome and achieved. I have seen success for many disabled people with the help of others.


I am finishing this post with the hope that people understand that I am committed to helping. That is any person has a disability and needs technology. Also, any person who is a senior who needs help with their technology. You are always able to contact me through this contact link.

Seniors and Computers

How Far Have Seniors and Computers Come

Seniors and ComputersWe are in a new era. At the turn of the 19th century the world was facing an industrial revolution. When the 20th century the world had already experienced the technological revolution. Now we are needing to deal with Seniors and Computers.

The technological age has brought with it so much more to learn and understand. The information is 100 times more than the industrial revolution. It has produced so much more mental understanding than ever before.

People have had a concern with a generation gap. This made it hard for young people to communicate with older people. The technological gap has not only made it difficult to communicate between generations. It has made communication difficult between people within the same generation. Also we have a gap with Seniors and Computers.

We have people today that got along well for years by doing. Being able to read or not read was not the question of concern. Now with so much to read to be able to stay up to date with technology at times it has become an issue for some people.

The good thing with technological advancement there are now electronic readers. These help many people. This is a great thing now. It has not always been that great though.

Personal Experiences With Seniors

I finished helping a couple in their late sixties early seventies. They had two computers. On was very old and was at the point that upgrading was out of the question. The two computers were Microsoft based O/S.

They decided to go and a new computer. The new computer of choice was a MacBook Air laptop. The lady of the family already had an iPad.

They brought the new computer to me to set it up. They also wanted her data moved over to the new computer from her Acer laptop. He wanted his data moved over from his old laptop to her Acer laptop. This process of setting up the new MacBook air laptop and moving the two sets of data over was not a big deal. I completed this project without a hitch.

When the couple came to get the new computer all was well. What I can say is the wife is quite good with computers while the husband is not. Technology for him is quite challenging at times. This is OK.

I went ahead and help answer the wife’s questions that she had before they left. The husband on the hand was more reluctant to get any questions answered. Thus the gap with Seniors and Computers.

They have called since then with more question that needed answers. I am always glad to help answer any questions that anyone has.

Personal Experiences With Family

Then there are my in-laws. My mother-in-law is quite adapt in using a computer. Mind you she is of an age that if something changes then my mother-in-law has a learning curve to deal with for a while. It takes her some time to understand new things on the computer these days. But, my father-in-law comes at the computer as if he is coming towards and angry bull. He has no patience and wants to get the job done without any issues. Well, you almost can guess the outcome with my father-in-law. There is very little progress at the best of times.

By the way my in-laws have had their computer for more years than you want to know about. It is a good computer and is still accomplishing the tasks that they need it to do. This is good as it aids to the learning curve that seems to be always there for them when using the computer.

Seniors and Handheld Devices

Oh, yes, then there is the new item on the block called cell phones. I am finding that cell phones are very confusing for people 55 to 60 and up. With the computer it was only emails. Now with cell phones it is email, messaging, texting and of course the apps. More things to learn. A smaller screen to use them on. This contributes to more mistakes and issues. All due to the fact that eye sight is not so good in the older generations. Then there is the issue of the adult fingers trying to make those tiny keys on the cell phone keyboard work. Also spelling words as they should with correctness is also difficult.

Reasons For The Stories

Why do I tell you all this. Because technology is difficult for some people. It does not matter their age. Some people can not grasp how to use the computer, cell phone. tablets etc. That is OK. Not everyone was and is able to grasp science, mechanics and those types of things either.

What can happen is the following. We as people who know how these things work can help them. That is walk them through the technological challenges. We can answer their questions. Also we can show for them how things work on their computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones.

I have been sure glad for people to help me out with the spelling of different words. This is my weakness. I do use the many bells and whistles to help me with my grammar and spelling. I also still ask others around me how to spell different words. I also have them read what I have typed to see how it sounds to them.

Understanding Technology in Time

In time that people’s misunderstanding of the technological age will lessen. There will still be people who are not technical minded and will always need help. The Internet of Things will change the view of technology. As more people use these different items and work on them the better people will become.

The technical age is teaching people how to use computer, laptop, tablets and cell phones. Many times this is like the building of homes are. One will be good with this app or set of apps for work. Another person will have a different app or set of apps they are good with. This is like having framer, plumbers, roofers, finish carpenters etc.

Why will this always be you might ask. It is because the computer world is so diverse. You are able to do so many different things through a computer system now. Computers are for much more than crunching data and data type information. You can use them for arts, science, gaming, school, work, and research.

Computers and The Handicapped

The computer can now help the handicapped. This group includes people with visual challenges, people with physical challenges. Also people with hearing challenges and more. These people have voice and movement activated aids that can do more than ever before for them. They are able to go to school, work and take in many extra functions because of the computer world we live in now. Yes, technology is not perfect. Handicapped peoples still have challenges to overcome. It is much better for them today than it was even 10 or 15 years ago.

It comes down to the make and model of computer that will fit your needs. Some like the PC. Then there are those who like the Apple. Here again there are those that like the Chomebook. What will be your device of choice.

Microsoft Technology

While the Microsoft PC, desktop or laptop, has the most going for it being the dominate system. You are able to get the most applications for it. It is the most used thus the most accepted for of file format. Sharing files is easy. The drawback is that these systems can be the most attacked by viruses, malware and spyware.

Apple Technology

Then there is the Apple. Many have stated for many years the Apple O/S is the safest system to be using. They come in both desktop and the laptop. After the hacking of the iCloud there have been many questions about the safety of an Apple product. The use of Apple laptops is large in the graphic arts fields. They have the best graphics for such application work. The big drawback with the Apple is they do not have the greater system use base. Thus, conversion of communications to the PC is a reality. This is so their documents are readable. With the new application versions this is a thing of the past.

Chromebook Technology

Then there is the Chromebook. These laptops are new on the computer scene. Here again they have an O/S that is separate from the other two major O/S systems. The thing that makes the Chromebook system popular is the following. They work well with the social network and cloud base computing. Everything is through the Internet these days. You work, do schooling, communicate and send messages all over the Internet. How things have changed. The big thing that is catching peoples attention is that they are not gaming computers. Because of this they fit in well for school and work projects.

No you are not able to do heavy computer work on them. This includes heavy application coding and CAD work projects. The handling of regular school and work projects you will find works with ease. The Chromebooks are also light and very portable. These attributes make it simple to take them from one point to another point easy. They are virus free environments. Thus making connectivity with other networks a much safer process.

Yes the Chromebook has some drawbacks. They need a network connect for full functionality. They have very small on-board hard drives, usually 16 to 32 GBs in size. You need to store your data and documents either in a cloud storage or on a thumb drive. They are no good for gaming. Accessibility of everything is though the Internet. This means apps and stored files. They are available at a fraction of the price of most other laptops.

I am able to access both my Google account and my Microsoft account without any issues. I have read from some people. Their model of Chromebooks has difficulty accessing a Microsoft account.

Users’ Reviews

From what I have read in other people’s reviews. The Chromebook is very good for people who are technology challenged. There have been many people who have purchased a Chromebook. These Chromebooks have been for their ageing relatives. Each of the ageing relatives seemed to be able to access their email and social accounts with ease. They do not have much of a learning curve. They were also able to do the other tasks they needed to do with a computer without much trouble at all.

Conclusion, Know Your Computer Needs

It is important that you know what you need in a computer. A large majority of people are now purchasing laptops. This is because of the great informational Internet highway. Not all laptops are for everyone. Like the couple I setup their new Apple MacBook air they choose an Apple laptop. As my in-laws still use their ageing desktop. I have purchased an Acer Chromebook laptop. There are people who need to buy Microsoft PC laptops. We each have chosen our product. Also we continue to use our exist product. This is because our current system meets our current computing needs.

Thus, I would like to say that purchasing a Chromebook is for you. I am unable to make that statement. I enjoy my Chromebook. It meets my existing computing needs. The Chromebook laptop might not meet all your needs. You need to understand your computing needs. When you do then you will be able to choose the correct laptop system for you. Remember knowledge is power. With that knowledge you will be able to buy within your budget.

Thank you for reading this post. Please leave your comments. On how well your needs of a computer matched up with your final computer/laptop sale.

The Future of Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality Today

net neutralityNet neutrality is big in the news these days. I have read a fair amount about it and it seems that it is a bigger deal in United States than Canada. What is it? How will the Internet respond if net neutrality is not in place? These are two big questions. The people and government in the United States are doing their best to answer right now.

People, organisations and the government are up in the air about it. Net neutrality has a lot to do with free speech. The belief of more that some that if net neutrality disappears. Then the freedom of the Internet will be gone. Others believe that it is impeding in the forwardness of business. This includes corporate growth. Then there are those who want to regulate the freedom on the Internet. This will give them access to information at anytime from anyone.

People’s Belief of Net Neutrality

People believe the following. If net neutrality disappears then the ability to surf the Internet will disappear. without paying high prices to do so. The belief is with the lost of speed to surf the Internet there will come a higher payment price.

I can not speak for the United States population. But here in Canada even though they say we have net neutrality there is a Internet access tiered system. It is already in place by the big cable and Internet providers. People and organisations in the United States do not want the tiered system. The fear is this will bring higher costs to the internet service.

Net Neutrality Abroad

There are some countries around the world that already regulate the Internet. Both coming into and through their country’s boarders. From what I have seen and read. There are organisations in the United States that fear this would happen. That is to say if net neutrality disappeared.

Freedom of speech, freedom of the people. Having the Internet now a day is like having electricity. If people were to loose the Internet, they would not know what to do with themselves. It would be like someone turning off the electricity, people do not know what to do with themselves. All this freedom is in the hands of the person with electrical switch.

Like a couple of weeks ago we had a horrible storm go though our city. It shut down our electricity because a transformer station went down. We had no TV,radio, Internet,and at one point the storm was so bad we had no cell service. We had to find new ways to communicate, entertain and busy ourselves for the rest of the night. For most people this was an inconvenience. What is be portrayed is a much more painful situation that would last longer than one night.

The Painful Loss of Net Neutrality

The belief is that the lost of net neutrality will make everything painful on the Internet. This is hard to say. What I do know is that the corporations in the United States are larger than the corporations in Canada. I am sure they have much to gain without net neutrality in place.

I know from reading. At times the main cable and Internet providers have stepped in. They have prevented information from reaching the public eye through the Internet. That is here in Canada. Is this wrong? Well I guess that the individual user has to decide. The Internet is not regulated. Also the belief is that Internet should be self regulated. This means the each user much set up their own guards and fences while on the Internet.

Corporate Use of the Internet

There are many sites. The Internet has many users. You can find many abusers on the Internet. Each person who enters onto the Internet has to position themselves as a user or an abuser. It has been the abusers that have caused so much concern by government. With the mass amount of information travelling through the Internet. People and organisations now have more concern. This has made the corporations want to create freedom restrictions laws.

I am sure that corporations and Internet providers are receiving enough revenues. They are able to cover the costs of serving the Internet to the public. If they did not then they would not be in business today. These corporations want more money. They also want new ways to get revenues from information sources.

Personal Use of the Internet

I remember the time when I went from snail mail to paperless to cut down on the garbage mail. I am sure that this one is for sure. The general public will see an increase of junk email if net neutrality disappears. These businesses and corporations will have more access to people’s information. This will allowing for more junk email.

I am not sure if it will be the junk mail that people will mind so much. It could be the extra minimal costs for this web service or that web service. There are so many web sites now that charge an extra charge to use their web site services. To have your own Internet provider to do the same. Many users would be up in arms about that. If this becomes the end result with the lost of net neutrality then the general public will have a lot to say.

Government and the Internet

Everything in time will have some government ruling attached to it. The government what to have a piece of every pie. Will this be true of the Internet as we see it today. I do not know. There will be always change. Many times not for the better of the common person or small to medium business.

All we can do is voice of views and options. In doing so we can then hope that the right people grows hear what we are saying. Then we can hope that they will take our concerns to the correct government officials. From there we can only hope they hear and do the best thing for all who concerned.

Final Words on Net Neutrality

In conclusion, we have enjoyed the benefits of net neutrality for a great season. There have been a lot of good and a lot of not so good because of net neutrality. It would be our desire as it is for others to be able to enjoy the benefits of net neutrality moving forward. There has been a lot of concern put forward about the loss of net neutrality. Also, the negative effects of the remove of net neutrality.

I hope that the consequences of the removal of net neutrality is not that great. Keep expressing the importance of net neutrality. To your congress person and your world so that everyone who will hear. And as always, remember, If we have net neutrality or not, Internet security begins with you. continue to do all in your power to make and keep the Internet a safe place to be. Especially for our young people and children.

Have you checked your computer and cyber security lately

Where is Computer Internet Cyber Security Now

Computer Internet Cyber SecurityIt is the mid of the year now. Have you thought of how well your Computer Internet Cyber Security is right now. Compared to your Computer Internet Cyber Security at the beginning of the year? Have you seen anything unusual in your emails, website directs? Have you experienced any website page redirects while you have been on the Internet?

This year so far has been a year of more cyber crime activity that in previous years. We have been witness to the largest radsomware experience the world has seen. Not to mention all the viruses, spyware, and malware which is out there.

Recent Experiences

I have had a couple of experience with a couple of my clients recently. You know it does not matter your age or your gender. When you are on the Internet you are vulnerable to every cyber crime that is out there. You might even end up with a situation which looks like a cyber attack but isn’t.

First Client’s Experience

Now getting back to my clients. I had a client who received a false cyber attack. The web page screen wanted them to call Microsoft. Thus, to have their computer scanned for viruses and computer issues. First of all, Microsoft contacts no one on their computer or viruses issues. This has never been the way of doing things. Microsoft, Apple, and any other big corporation has never contact people. These companies are not concerned about their computer issues.

I was able to correct this attack of false computer issues. One thing that people can do for themselves. On a regular time frame clean out their browsers history, cache and cookies. What this does is delete any connective web Internet information. Thus cyber criminal app links are not attracted. People do not realize that there are links roaming the Internet all the time looking for open ports. It is through these cookies that bigger viruses can come in. For this client they were aware enough to stop what they were doing and get off the Internet. They were also wise to have an trained computer person look at their system. Thus, to make sure there was no lasting cyber attack issues on their system.

Second Client’s Experience

The second client that I want to talk about I have not seen for a very long time. This client receives a lot of communication through email. Over time they build up. For this client they had built up until their email deleted folder was very large. Also over time your temp, computer deleted folder and Internet history and cache build up. Well this client was in a panic. They could not delete anything, move anything or install anything. Panic was what turned them to me. I came over to their place of business, looked their computer system. I realized what the situation was. I then processed to complete the needed task at hand.

Their computer system needed a real good cleaning. I had to start cleaning the system out without any added software. That was because I could not install any of my cleaning applications. Once I have the browsing history and cache removed I was then able to install my cleaning software. I was then able to do a thorough clean of my client’s computer. The end result amazed me. I cleaned out of the computer system 101 Gbs of temp, deleted, history and cache files. On top of that there were close to 2000 deleted emails removed. My Client’s computer is back to working as it should.

What to Pick up From These Experiences

This last experience shows that it is important to maintain your computer systems. That is on a regular time frame. This scenario could have ended in disaster. The client could have lost all their important apps, data and files. This could have been disastrous for their business and clientele base.

This also brings up a great point. When you are dealing with personal and business data and information. Please be very careful. Before I helped these clients with their computer and Internet issues. I read an article on data and information security.

What We Can Learn From Other Experience Situations

One of the largest security companies in North America did some hardware upgrades. That is on they system. The article stated that their SSD drives were not as well data cleaned as they should have been. Client information got out. Oh my, this was not good for the security company. The security situation reveals the importance of making sure. Thus, that all data and information both personal and business is secure.

There is no use to touch wood these days. In an era when everything is at our fingertips we need to continue to educate ourselves. It is important to know how to keep your data and information safe and secure. There is so much on the Internet now. So many people are storing their data online. Also, companies and organizations are now storing their business online. People are even storing their security passwords online. It is important to have knowledge of the cloud companies. Read and have knowledge of their security history record.

Experts Also Need to be Safe

Even I store data online. It is important to have the correct knowledge about all you do online. I use a program called LastPass for password security. With a system like this you only need to remember one password to be able to access all your other passwords. There are other companies with password apps out there. All you need to do is your research on each security company. Then you will understand if they have a great, good or average track record. That is for keeping their clients’ data safe and secure.

Conclusion of The Matter

I can not stress enough the importance of personal knowledge. This is on data, information and Internet security. The more we use the Internet and exchange information with others the more we need to understand. There are important boundaries of data exchange. Do not give out more that you need too! Do not go to places on the Internet that appear or have a reputation of being insecure. Be knowledgeable of your family’s Internet use. This way you can instruct and teach about the importance of safety and security on the Internet. Set times for the Internet to be available and when it is not available for use in your home. Understanding Internet usage and safety is important. The security of all who use the Internet is also important. This is important for both home and business.

Because you are able to go about anywhere on the Internet, everyone needs to remember. Security and Safety of you data and information begins with you. Thus, it is important to remember. Stop, Think, and Connect should always be everyone’s thought pattern. When going on a computer and connecting to the Internet today you should be always careful. This is important because so much is now done through the Internet. Thank you for reading this post. Remember that security both computer and Cyber Internet begins with each person. This is for whoever uses a computer and accesses the Internet.

Two Way Street for Network Security

Security on a network is a two way streetSecurity on a network is a two way street

Security on a network is a two way street. It does not matter if it is your personal or business network. There needs to be as much thought about things coming into the system and things going out of the system.

When was the last time you considered what was going out on your network. Things going out can compromise your network? You receive emails and then send them onto others. You access websites and interact with these websites. As well you might be one that does online gaming.

Even if there is a firewall in place. Once you access the internet you are vulnerable to what is roaming out there on the internet.

I remember reading an article. It stated that stated that religious and regular sites are more vulnerable. That is to have viruses and malware on them than paid XXX sites.

I remember a few years ago my brother-in-law came to me with a question. The question pertained to the fact that he wanted more control over certain computer. He wanted to be able to control the web sites on that computer. It had nothing to do with accessibility to unwanted sites. This had to do with the ability to prohibit access to websites at certain times during the day.

How to Restrict Internet Access

Now there are two ways to prohibit access to websites through one’s network. One is through the home router. The other is through each individual computer on one’s network. Now this needs understanding through the technology. That is how devices able to access the internet. This could be a smartphone, iPad, tablet, laptop, or computer.

You are also limited the access times of day to the internet. The times of day will depend on who it is. You might have young children, school age children or even high school. There might also be college age young people in your home.

How much control that you what to have will depend on the above mentioned situations.

Why You would Restrict Internet Access

Getting back to my brother-in-law. They had a daughter that was home schooling at home. When she would use the internet for school work it was too easy to access other sites. These sites included sites like Facebook, twitter and YouTube. What was happening was that she was getting lost in these sites and not completing her school work.

They did not want these sites band from everyone else their daughter. They needed her to access the internet for school purposes but not to waste time on.

Here is an example that one computer needed restricted accessibility in the home. The rest of the computers and Internet of Things (IoT) did not need this control.

Now I have had an issue in the past that is different. In our home we needed to prohibit all xRated sites so that our son would not access them. Thus we needed to band such sites from the whole network.

How to Restrict Internet Access

Whether you need to restrict one computer or need to restrict a whole network you are able to do that. You are able to restrict one computer with the file called hosts. You can access this file in c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts. If you need to restrict a network you can do it through the parental controls of your router.

This information might seem very technical to you the reader. I have to agree. You do need to know some information on how to get around your computer. Also you need to know how to get around your router. Once you understand. Then this information and knowledge will help you control any computer and router. Then you should be fine.

Steps to Restrict one Computer to The Internet

To restrict one computer you need to do the following steps:

  1. Press the Windows key.
  2. Type Notepad in the search field.
  3. In the search results, right-click Notepad and select Run as administrator.
  4. From Notepad, open the following file: c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts.
  5. Make the necessary changes to the file.
  6. Go to the bottom of the file.
  7. At the bottom you will find
  8. Add the next line – .
  9. Click File > Save to save your changes.

These steps will restrict this computer or any computer to accessing the website. All other computer and IoT will still be able to this website or any number of websites in the list in the hosts file.

Steps to Restrict a Whole Network to The Internet

To restrict a whole network you need to do the following step:

  1. Open your favorite browser.
  2. Type in your router’s ip address.
  3. It is usually
  4. Type in the username and password to access your router’s web interface.
  5. Access the parental controls.
  6. You can filter a device, a keyword, a day and or time of day.
  7. Save your changes in the router’s web interface.
  8. Log out of your router’s web interface.

The above steps will aid you in restricting your network for any reason. This includes restricts for any device with keywords and day and time for one or all devices on the network.

Reason Why Security is Important

Now you can see that security is as important from the personal side as it is from the internet side. There are many web sites that will threaten your personal security.

These sites can mine your personal and business information without you knowing it. These sites can release malware and spyware to do this without you know that the mining is going on. Being aware of how much personal and business information you give out is important. When asked you need to know that there are websites out there that will do the same.

These websites are very well engineered. They will take you to another website without you know it. The website will look the same but are different.

You need to know about these websites. They are phishing websites. You need to be aware of how these websites work. They are subtle. Clicking on a link and then going to a similar website is all it takes. Many malicious websites will do the above mentioned action. So as a reader of this post you can now be aware of this situation.

Along with phishing now users of devices have to deal with ransomware viruses. If you do not already know from the name and news reports. Ransomware holds the computer or IoT device from ransom. There is always a dollar figure attached to the ransom. Because the thief that is able to ransom more thank one device at a time the ransom amount is or can be low.

Security Breaches Have Already Happened

Many organizations and companies already have had this experience. Ransomware threats are real. They are happening more and more all the time. This is one more way that cyberspace thieves are able to access people’s funds. The locked device becomes inaccessible until the thief receives the ransomed amount. These devices can be anything from your computer to your car.

It is true that ransomware is different from phishing or any other type of malware or virus. Controlling your network activity will definitely lessen unwanted issues. This is true for any of the above scenarios. This is as important as controlling access to personal or business data information. How important your data is will determine if it will be a target of any theft by any thief. Protecting your data should be a priority at all times.

Closing Thoughts

It is so important to remember data security is the priority of the owner of the data. Therefore, stop, think, and then connect. It is through this process that the security of your data and information will be at the highest level. Do your part to control and protect your data and information at all times.

Plans of Mice and Us

Plans of Mice and Men

Plans of Mice and MenHave you ever had one of those days. A day when Plans of Mice and Men do not add up. You get up with plans in your head that you have been planning from early morning. Then you have trouble getting the first plan off the floor or in this case started on the computer. Then you have to go and shovel snow after eating breakfast. That is how my day started.

Well I am not complaining. I am just stating a fact.

I have been reading a book by Matthew Turner. The title of the book is ‘The Successful Mistake’. It has been a good read thus far. But what can I say I have not finished the book. The title itself give you a strange mental concept just reading it. Thus far the read has been about the downside of any mistake. You might be saying how can that be a good book. Well the book was written on the experiences of 163 different individuals. Matthew Turner interviewed them all. It shows that other people have to move and work through many different obstacles too. The book lets you know that you are not alone when it comes to issues that need solving or corrected.

Life Creates Changes

There are lots of people out there who have needed to change their way of life because of work or economy. Many have lost their jobs because of economic change. Many have quit their jobs because they see something better for them. If you are one of those people I want you to know that you are not alone.

I am one who lost their job. So here I am finding a different direction to go. Here I am expanding my skills in writing. I have skills in the computer field so I have been putting them to use. Therefore I am creating websites through WordPress. Also I am fixing computers for people. Also I have started to blog about different computer network aspects. I am also helping a client with their CEO google position.

You might be saying so. Well what I am showing here is that I am using the skills I have to continue to keep moving forward. What skills do you process? What skills have you acquired? See what you can do and move forward.

New Insights into The World of Computing

I have read a couple of newsletters lately. It is amazing how the computer world is changing these days. It is amazing what I thought was necessary to do computer work then and now. I read about the editor of WServer Newsletter. He was addressing a group of young people on the aspects of computing. Then he wanted share some information with them. He asked for their email so that he could send the information to them. More that the majority did not have an email. Also the majority of these young people did not even have a computer. They all used their smartphone to communicate and share information.

Here I am still using a computer. I have In-Laws who think that I have advanced technology. The reality is that I am out of date and my technology is out of date. I started my computer career thinking that I needed to know how to fix computers, and networks. I am realizing today that I need to know how to fix smartphone and their apps.

My question is in today’s day and age of throw away how much fixing is there going to be? Should I worry about it? I do not know.

What Has Made The Difference

The thing that has made so much difference is social media. Social media has promoted the idea for everything available at your fingertips. Even as I write this blog I am writing in Google Docs and saving it to Google Drive. It does not seem that long ago that this concept was foreign to us. Now I can access this document from anywhere including my smartphone. So the creation of instant access.

So as you can see things change fast. It is hard to keep up with everything. What was the usable norm today will not be the usable norm for tomorrow.

With all this change one wonders how safe is our data.

More Changes in Networking

Today I read two articles which are sure to change the way we do things over the Internet. One was about serverless cloud computing and the other was about software-defined networking.

The article on serverless cloud computing was about not having to manage the server. The way that it is set up is for the convenience of developers so they can spend more time developing.

The article on software-defined networking was also about convenience. This concept is about the ability of IT Techs being able to manage and maintain the system. The system would include all gateways, routers and switches from a central point. In other words being able to work on these items and change these items without being their location.

What a change today. Even working on devices that just a few years ago required you to be there physically. You can now do the same task  remotely. Yes remote access has been around for awhile now. You are just able to do more remotely than ever before.

I can not say for sure but I am sure that every step will create less security on each system.

Getting back to ‘The Successful Mistake’. I am sure that there will be more mistakes because of the above mention new concepts.

Increased use of The Cloud

Here we are using more cloud based platforms. We are in need of accessing our data more often. We need to access our data from anywhere today. Social media and the workplace has made sure of that. We live in a global market and a global based economy. There are Amazon, eBay, music and movies. We have to separate work from personal. Doing this all at once it seems over the Internet. If we do not then either work or personal life will suffer.

Always in The Public Eye Now

No longer is just the people who are in the public eye who need to be careful. We are all in the public eye. Everything that we do goes through the Internet at one time. Our lives are recorded all the time and stored on the cloud somewhere. It is impossible to hide the lives we live anymore.

All we are able to do now is control what is out there seen by the public. We need to change how we think about private information. At one time we stored private information away in a box called a filing cabinet. Then the filing cabinet moved to our computers. From there the filing cabinet moved to the local network in our home or company. Now that filing cabinet can be somewhere in the cloud that we access on the Internet.

Technology Change in a Short Time

What a change a few years has made on the security of personal and company data. It does not take much anymore to have a mistake release private information into the public for all to see. See what happened to 1 Billion users on Yahoo. One moment their data was secure. The next moment their data became stolen.

From what I read this hack of Yahoo happened because they made the mistake. The mistake was not keeping their data security system up to date. What I mean is their security was not current security. Yahoo was using a security protocol that was old technology. Because it was an old technology it was easier for the hacker.

If you are going to store your important data on the cloud. You need to make sure that the cloud system you are using has current security. Also make sure that cloud system is up to date. This means both the cloud software and the security software.

Also the security of your stuff does not pertain to your data. It also pertains to your security access to any website that required a login. Banks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are all included in the list.

Login Security

If you have many logins, then you should think about an application like LastPass. With such an application you can store all your different passwords in one place. You then access these websites and logins with just one password. It is much easier for you to remember. It is also more secure as this site is a secure site.

You do not have to use LastPass. There are others out there. This one is has a great reputation. Having a great reputation in the cyberspace security world is important. Especially in today’s Internet market.

Closing Thoughts

In closing I can not emphasize enough that the security of your data has to start with you. Be careful where your data goes. Never give out more personal or company data than needed. Be as sure as you can about the authenticity of those receiving your data. Have your passwords secure. Make sure your passwords are strong enough. That means make sure your passwords are long enough. Make sure that you use numbers, upper and lower case letters, and when allowed symbols. Finally use a system like LastPass to keep your passwords all in one spot. This way you only have to remember one password to login. Their system remembers all the other passwords for you.

Also remember it is up to you to Stop, Think, and Then Connect when using the Internet or Cloud. This is because once on the Internet you are no longer alone. Others are now watching your every move.

Your Life Your Cyber Live Your Security

How Secure is Your Cyber Life

How secure is your cyber lifeDoes all this connectivity give us more communication? Are you happy with the results of your own cyber security functionality? How secure is your cyber life? I would like to talk some on how security is today.

Email has been around for a long time now. It has been a threat to regular mail for years now. It is quick compared to physical mail. Can anyone remember far enough back to remember any troubles with physical mail? I mean have you ever lost physical mail or had your mail tampered with.

Yes there have been mail strikes, and even some mail bombs. There have been other tampering with the mail such as biochemical threats.

It seems today that a person has to concern themselves with the security of your email all the time. Just look at Yahoo. Two big server breaches in the last for years. Should this be normal today? I think not.

There is so much stuff or data that one has out there today. There are documents, pictures, videos, and email. Some people even have a lot more out there because of the career they are in.

Recent Cyber Breaches Revealed

Looking at what happened to Yahoo I think that this is a shame that this even happened. They are one of the oldest cyber companies out there. From what I have read they have been lax in maintaining an efficient cyber security for their servers.

It does not matter if you and new to the game or seasoned in the game. Maintaining proper and up-to-date cyber security is vital. Not only do your clients depend on that so does your reputation.

Yes I understand that Yahoo has been going through some growing pains. This does not matter. I have had a yahoo email for years. As a result I thought that because they were still around that they must be doing something right.

I also have used their Flickr account for some time now. Thus, I wonder how credible is Yahoo’s security on protecting my pictures for me. As a result I can say today that right now it is low.

The Use of The Cloud

I use many cyber iClouds. It is becoming more clear to me that nothing on any iCloud is safe. There are so many ways to lose your data today. Yes, more than a good old fire that our ancestors had to worry about.

It seems that you need a lot of security these days. Everywhere you turn you are told of the need for two-step security in cyberspace. People keep asking when will this be enough.

Peoples Cyber Security Responsibility

I find that people do not understand their responsibility for the security of their own data. Especially the older generation. Many of them think that no one can get it.

This is the way it is with my in-laws. They have lived on a farm for more years that most people reading this have been alive. Locking things up was never an issue with them. They seemed to live in a safe area with little to no theft.

It is hard to get them to understand that what they do on the computer now is not secure. They think that because it is in their home that everything is safe. No matter how much time is spent on telling them of Internet security issues. That is once they access the Internet they can have security situations that they do not want. They do not understand because they do not see the Internet.

Is that the way it is with you. What you can not see you are not worried about. If you are a Yahoo user you know that what you can not see can affect you. This could mean such things as Identity Theft for some. It could mean monetary loss for others. Do you want to take that risk today.

In The End Who is More Responsible

In the end it does not matter who is your server. They have a responsibility to keep your data secure. You have a responsibility to keep your data secure. That means using all security available. Two-step security is an added benefit. Especially now that we have cell phones.

Two-step security is most effective when you use it by having the system send you a text. Not only is it more secure for you. If someone accesses any system with two-step turned on then you get a notation. How you say! Well the system sends your cell phone a notification. If you did not access that account then you know someone is trying to tamper with that account.

I will leave you with this thought. With Yahoo’s new hack revealed don’t you think it is time to be more conscious of your cyber security? With every account that offers you two-step security access you should use it. Is not your life online your life? Why let someone else take it over on you?