Have you checked your computer and cyber security lately

Computer Internet Cyber Security

Where is Computer Internet Cyber Security Now

It is the mid of the year now. Have you thought of how well your Computer Internet Cyber Security is right now. Compared to your Computer Internet Cyber Security at the beginning of the year? Have you seen anything unusual in your emails, website directs? Have you experienced any website page redirects while you have been on the Internet?

This year so far has been a year of more cyber crime activity that in previous years. We have been witness to the largest radsomware experience the world has seen. Not to mention all the viruses, spyware, and malware which is out there.

Recent Experiences

I have had a couple of experience with a couple of my clients recently. You know it does not matter your age or your gender. When you are on the Internet you are vulnerable to every cyber crime that is out there. You might even end up with a situation which looks like a cyber attack but isn’t.

First Client’s Experience

Now getting back to my clients. I had a client who received a false cyber attack. The web page screen wanted them to call Microsoft. Thus, to have their computer scanned for viruses and computer issues. First of all, Microsoft contacts no one on their computer or viruses issues. This has never been the way of doing things. Microsoft, Apple, and any other big corporation has never contact people. These companies are not concerned about their computer issues.

I was able to correct this attack of false computer issues. One thing that people can do for themselves. On a regular time frame clean out their browsers history, cache and cookies. What this does is delete any connective web Internet information. Thus cyber criminal app links are not attracted. People do not realise that there are links roaming the Internet all the time looking for open ports. It is through these cookies that bigger viruses can come in. For this client they were aware enough to stop what they were doing and get off the Internet. They were also wise to have an trained computer person look at their system. Thus, to make sure there was no lasting cyber attack issues on their system.

Second Client’s Experience

The second client that I want to talk about I have not seen for a very long time. This client receives a lot of communication through email. Over time they build up. For this client they had built up until their email deleted folder was very large. Also over time your temp, computer deleted folder and Internet history and cache build up. Well this client was in a panic. They could not delete anything, move anything or install anything. Panic was what turned them to me. I came over to their place of business, looked their computer system. I realised what the situation was. I then processed to complete the needed task at hand.

Their computer system needed a real good cleaning. I had to start cleaning the system out without any added software. That was because I could not install any of my cleaning applications. Once I have the browsing history and cache removed I was then able to install my cleaning software. I was then able to do a thorough clean of my client’s computer. The end result amazed me. I cleaned out of the computer system 101 Gbs of temp, deleted, history and cache files. On top of that there were close to 2000 deleted emails removed. My Client’s computer is back to working as it should.

What to Pick up From These Experiences

This last experience shows that it is important to maintain your computer systems. That is on a regular time frame. This scenario could have ended in disaster. The client could have lost all their important apps, data and files. This could have been disastrous for their business and clientele base.

This also brings up a great point. When you are dealing with personal and business data and information. Please be very careful. Before I helped these clients with their computer and Internet issues. I read an article on data and information security.

What We Can Learn From Other Experience Situations

One of the largest security companies in North America did some hardware upgrades. That is on they system. The article stated that their SSD drives were not as well data cleaned as they should have been. Client information got out. Oh my, this was not good for the security company. The security situation reveals the importance of making sure. Thus, that all data and information both personal and business is secure.

There is no use to touch wood these days. In an era when everything is at our fingertips we need to continue to educate ourselves. It is important to know how to keep your data and information safe and secure. There is so much on the Internet now. So many people are storing their data online. Also, companies and organisations are now storing their business online. People are even storing their security passwords online. It is important to have knowledge of the cloud companies. Read and have knowledge of their security history record.

Experts Also Need to be Safe

Even I store data online. It is important to have the correct knowledge about all you do online. I use a program called LastPass for password security. With a system like this you only need to remember one password to be able to access all your other passwords. There are other companies with password apps out there. All you need to do is your research on each security company. Then you will understand if they have a great, good or average track record. That is for keeping their clients’ data safe and secure.

Conclusion of The Matter

I can not stress enough the importance of personal knowledge. This is on data, information and Internet security. The more we use the Internet and exchange information with others the more we need to understand. There are important boundaries of data exchange. Do not give out more that you need too! Do not go to places on the Internet that appear or have a reputation of being insecure. Be knowledgeable of your family’s Internet use. This way you can instruct and teach about the importance of safety and security on the Internet. Set times for the Internet to be available and when it is not available for use in your home. Understanding Internet usage and safety is important. The security of all who use the Internet is also important. This is important for both home and business.

Because you are able to go about anywhere on the Internet, everyone needs to remember. Security and Safety of you data and information begins with you. Thus, it is important to remember. Stop, Think, and Connect should always be everyone’s thought pattern. When going on a computer and connecting to the Internet today you should be always careful. This is important because so much is now done through the Internet. Thank you for reading this post. Remember that security both computer and Cyber Internet begins with each person. This is for whoever uses a computer and accesses the Internet.

Two Way Street for Network Security

Security on a network is a two way street


Security on a network is a two way street

Security on a network is a two way street. It does not matter if it is your personal or business network. There needs to be as much thought about things coming into the system and things going out of the system.

When was the last time you considered what was going out on your network. Things going out can compromise your network? You receive emails and then send them onto others. You access websites and interact with these websites. As well you might be one that does online gaming.

Even if there is a firewall in place. Once you access the internet you are vulnerable to what is roaming out there on the internet.

I remember reading an article. It stated that stated that religious and regular sites are more vulnerable. That is to have viruses and malware on them than paid XXX sites.

I remember a few years ago my brother-in-law came to me with a question. The question pertained to the fact that he wanted more control over certain computer. He wanted to be able to control the web sites on that computer. It had nothing to do with accessibility to unwanted sites. This had to do with the ability to prohibit access to websites at certain times during the day.


How to Restrict Internet Access

Now there are two ways to prohibit access to websites through one’s network. One is through the home router. The other is through each individual computer on one’s network. Now this needs understanding through the technology. That is how devices able to access the internet. This could be a smartphone, iPad, tablet, laptop, or computer.

You are also limited the access times of day to the internet. The times of day will depend on who it is. You might have young children, school age children or even high school. There might also be college age young people in your home.

How much control that you what to have will depend on the above mentioned situations.


Why You would Restrict Internet Access

Getting back to my brother-in-law. They had a daughter that was home schooling at home. When she would use the internet for school work it was too easy to access other sites. These sites included sites like Facebook, twitter and YouTube. What was happening was that she was getting lost in these sites and not completing her school work.

They did not want these sites band from everyone else their daughter. They needed her to access the internet for school purposes but not to waste time on.

Here is an example that one computer needed restricted accessibility in the home. The rest of the computers and Internet of Things (IoT) did not need this control.

Now I have had an issue in the past that is different. In our home we needed to prohibit all xRated sites so that our son would not access them. Thus we needed to band such sites from the whole network.


How to Restrict Internet Access

Whether you need to restrict one computer or need to restrict a whole network you are able to do that. You are able to restrict one computer with the file called hosts. You can access this file in c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts. If you need to restrict a network you can do it through the parental controls of your router.

This information might seem very technical to you the reader. I have to agree. You do need to know some information on how to get around your computer. Also you need to know how to get around your router. Once you understand. Then this information and knowledge will help you control any computer and router. Then you should be fine.


Steps to Restrict one Computer to The Internet

To restrict one computer you need to do the following steps:

  1. Press the Windows key.
  2. Type Notepad in the search field.
  3. In the search results, right-click Notepad and select Run as administrator.
  4. From Notepad, open the following file: c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts.
  5. Make the necessary changes to the file.
  6. Go to the bottom of the file.
  7. At the bottom you will find
  8. Add the next line – www.yoursite.com .
  9. Click File > Save to save your changes.

These steps will restrict this computer or any computer to accessing the website. All other computer and IoT will still be able to this website or any number of websites in the list in the hosts file.


Steps to Restrict a Whole Network to The Internet

To restrict a whole network you need to do the following step:

  1. Open your favorite browser.
  2. Type in your router’s ip address.
  3. It is usually
  4. Type in the username and password to access your router’s web interface.
  5. Access the parental controls.
  6. You can filter a device, a keyword, a day and or time of day.
  7. Save your changes in the router’s web interface.
  8. Log out of your router’s web interface.

The above steps will aid you in restricting your network for any reason. This includes restricts for any device with keywords and day and time for one or all devices on the network.


Reason Why Security is Important

Now you can see that security is as important from the personal side as it is from the internet side. There are many web sites that will threaten your personal security.

These sites can mine your personal and business information without you knowing it. These sites can release malware and spyware to do this without you know that the mining is going on. Being aware of how much personal and business information you give out is important. When asked you need to know that there are websites out there that will do the same.

These websites are very well engineered. They will take you to another website without you know it. The website will look the same but are different.

You need to know about these websites. They are phishing websites. You need to be aware of how these websites work. They are subtle. Clicking on a link and then going to a similar website is all it takes. Many malicious websites will do the above mentioned action. So as a reader of this post you can now be aware of this situation.

Along with phishing now users of devices have to deal with ransomware viruses. If you do not already know from the name and news reports. Ransomware holds the computer or IoT device from ransom. There is always a dollar figure attached to the ransom. Because the thief that is able to ransom more thank one device at a time the ransom amount is or can be low.


Security Breaches Have Already Happened

Many organizations and companies already have had this experience. Ransomware threats are real. They are happening more and more all the time. This is one more way that cyberspace thieves are able to access people’s funds. The locked device becomes inaccessible until the thief receives the ransomed amount. These devices can be anything from your computer to your car.

It is true that ransomware is different from phishing or any other type of malware or virus. Controlling your network activity will definitely lessen unwanted issues. This is true for any of the above scenarios. This is as important as controlling access to personal or business data information. How important your data is will determine if it will be a target of any theft by any thief. Protecting your data should be a priority at all times.

Closing Thoughts

It is so important to remember data security is the priority of the owner of the data. Therefore, stop, think, and then connect. It is through this process that the security of your data and information will be at the highest level. Do your part to control and protect your data and information at all times.


Plans of Mice and Us

Plans of Mice and Men

Plans of Mice and Men

Have you ever had one of those days. A day when Plans of Mice and Men do not add up. You get up with plans in your head that you have been planning from early morning. Then you have trouble getting the first plan off the floor or in this case started on the computer. Then you have to go and shovel snow after eating breakfast. That is how my day started.

Well I am not complaining. I am just stating a fact.

I have been reading a book by Matthew Turner. The title of the book is ‘The Successful Mistake’. It has been a good read thus far. But what can I say I have not finished the book. The title itself give you a strange mental concept just reading it. Thus far the read has been about the downside of any mistake. You might be saying how can that be a good book. Well the book was written on the experiences of 163 different individuals. Matthew Turner interviewed them all. It shows that other people have to move and work through many different obstacles too. The book lets you know that you are not alone when it comes to issues that need solving or corrected.

Life Creates Changes

There are lots of people out there who have needed to change their way of life because of work or economy. Many have lost their jobs because of economic change. Many have quit their jobs because they see something better for them. If you are one of those people I want you to know that you are not alone.

I am one who lost their job. So here I am finding a different direction to go. Here I am expanding my skills in writing. I have skills in the computer field so I have been putting them to use. Therefore I am creating websites through WordPress. Also I am fixing computers for people. Also I have started to blog about different computer network aspects. I am also helping a client with their CEO google position.

You might be saying so. Well what I am showing here is that I am using the skills I have to continue to keep moving forward. What skills do you process? What skills have you acquired? See what you can do and move forward.

New Insights into The World of Computing

I have read a couple of newsletters lately. It is amazing how the computer world is changing these days. It is amazing what I thought was necessary to do computer work then and now. I read about the editor of WServer Newsletter. He was addressing a group of young people on the aspects of computing. Then he wanted share some information with them. He asked for their email so that he could send the information to them. More that the majority did not have an email. Also the majority of these young people did not even have a computer. They all used their smartphone to communicate and share information.

Here I am still using a computer. I have In-Laws who think that I have advanced technology. The reality is that I am out of date and my technology is out of date. I started my computer career thinking that I needed to know how to fix computers, and networks. I am realizing today that I need to know how to fix smartphone and their apps.

My question is in today’s day and age of throw away how much fixing is there going to be? Should I worry about it? I do not know.

What Has Made The Difference

The thing that has made so much difference is social media. Social media has promoted the idea for everything available at your fingertips. Even as I write this blog I am writing in Google Docs and saving it to Google Drive. It does not seem that long ago that this concept was foreign to us. Now I can access this document from anywhere including my smartphone. So the creation of instant access.

So as you can see things change fast. It is hard to keep up with everything. What was the usable norm today will not be the usable norm for tomorrow.

With all this change one wonders how safe is our data.

More Changes in Networking

Today I read two articles which are sure to change the way we do things over the Internet. One was about serverless cloud computing and the other was about software-defined networking.

The article on serverless cloud computing was about not having to manage the server. The way that it is set up is for the convenience of developers so they can spend more time developing.

The article on software-defined networking was also about convenience. This concept is about the ability of IT Techs being able to manage and maintain the system. The system would include all gateways, routers and switches from a central point. In other words being able to work on these items and change these items without being their location.

What a change today. Even working on devices that just a few years ago required you to be there physically. You can now do the same task  remotely. Yes remote access has been around for awhile now. You are just able to do more remotely than ever before.

I can not say for sure but I am sure that every step will create less security on each system.

Getting back to ‘The Successful Mistake’. I am sure that there will be more mistakes because of the above mention new concepts.

Increased use of The Cloud

Here we are using more cloud based platforms. We are in need of accessing our data more often. We need to access our data from anywhere today. Social media and the workplace has made sure of that. We live in a global market and a global based economy. There are Amazon, eBay, music and movies. We have to separate work from personal. Doing this all at once it seems over the Internet. If we do not then either work or personal life will suffer.

Always in The Public Eye Now

No longer is just the people who are in the public eye who need to be careful. We are all in the public eye. Everything that we do goes through the Internet at one time. Our lives are recorded all the time and stored on the cloud somewhere. It is impossible to hide the lives we live anymore.

All we are able to do now is control what is out there seen by the public. We need to change how we think about private information. At one time we stored private information away in a box called a filing cabinet. Then the filing cabinet moved to our computers. From there the filing cabinet moved to the local network in our home or company. Now that filing cabinet can be somewhere in the cloud that we access on the Internet.

Technology Change in a Short Time

What a change a few years has made on the security of personal and company data. It does not take much anymore to have a mistake release private information into the public for all to see. See what happened to 1 Billion users on Yahoo. One moment their data was secure. The next moment their data became stolen.

From what I read this hack of Yahoo happened because they made the mistake. The mistake was not keeping their data security system up to date. What I mean is their security was not current security. Yahoo was using a security protocol that was old technology. Because it was an old technology it was easier for the hacker.

If you are going to store your important data on the cloud. You need to make sure that the cloud system you are using has current security. Also make sure that cloud system is up to date. This means both the cloud software and the security software.

Also the security of your stuff does not pertain to your data. It also pertains to your security access to any website that required a login. Banks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are all included in the list.

Login Security

If you have many logins, then you should think about an application like LastPass. With such an application you can store all your different passwords in one place. You then access these websites and logins with just one password. It is much easier for you to remember. It is also more secure as this site is a secure site.

You do not have to use LastPass. There are others out there. This one is has a great reputation. Having a great reputation in the cyberspace security world is important. Especially in today’s Internet market.

Closing Thoughts

In closing I can not emphasize enough that the security of your data has to start with you. Be careful where your data goes. Never give out more personal or company data than needed. Be as sure as you can about the authenticity of those receiving your data. Have your passwords secure. Make sure your passwords are strong enough. That means make sure your passwords are long enough. Make sure that you use numbers, upper and lower case letters, and when allowed symbols. Finally use a system like LastPass to keep your passwords all in one spot. This way you only have to remember one password to login. Their system remembers all the other passwords for you.

Also remember it is up to you to Stop, Think, and Then Connect when using the Internet or Cloud. This is because once on the Internet you are no longer alone. Others are now watching your every move.

Your Life Your Cyber Live Your Security

How secure is your cyber life

How Secure is Your Cyber Life


Does all this connectivity give us more communication? Are you happy with the results of your own cyber security functionality? How secure is your cyber life? I would like to talk some on how security is today.


Email has been around for a long time now. It has been a threat to regular mail for years now. It is quick compared to physical mail. Can anyone remember far enough back to remember any troubles with physical mail? I mean have you ever lost physical mail or had your mail tampered with.


Yes there have been mail strikes, and even some mail bombs. There have been other tampering with the mail such as biochemical threats.


It seems today that a person has to concern themselves with the security of your email all the time. Just look at Yahoo. Two big server breaches in the last for years. Should this be normal today? I think not.


There is so much stuff or data that one has out there today. There are documents, pictures, videos, and email. Some people even have a lot more out there because of the career they are in.


Recent Cyber Breaches Revealed


Looking at what happened to Yahoo I think that this is a shame that this even happened. They are one of the oldest cyber companies out there. From what I have read they have been lax in maintaining an efficient cyber security for their servers.


It does not matter if you and new to the game or seasoned in the game. Maintaining proper and up-to-date cyber security is vital. Not only do your clients depend on that so does your reputation.


Yes I understand that Yahoo has been going through some growing pains. This does not matter. I have had a yahoo email for years. As a result I thought that because they were still around that they must be doing something right.


I also have used their Flickr account for some time now. Thus, I wonder how credible is Yahoo’s security on protecting my pictures for me. As a result I can say today that right now it is low.


The Use of The Cloud


I use many cyber iClouds. It is becoming more clear to me that nothing on any iCloud is safe. There are so many ways to lose your data today. Yes, more than a good old fire that our ancestors had to worry about.


It seems that you need a lot of security these days. Everywhere you turn you are told of the need for two-step security in cyberspace. People keep asking when will this be enough.


Peoples Cyber Security Responsibility


I find that people do not understand their responsibility for the security of their own data. Especially the older generation. Many of them think that no one can get it.


This is the way it is with my in-laws. They have lived on a farm for more years that most people reading this have been alive. Locking things up was never an issue with them. They seemed to live in a safe area with little to no theft.


It is hard to get them to understand that what they do on the computer now is not secure. They think that because it is in their home that everything is safe. No matter how much time is spent on telling them of Internet security issues. That is once they access the Internet they can have security situations that they do not want. They do not understand because they do not see the Internet.


Is that the way it is with you. What you can not see you are not worried about. If you are a Yahoo user you know that what you can not see can affect you. This could mean such things as Identity Theft for some. It could mean monetary loss for others. Do you want to take that risk today.


In The End Who is More Responsible


In the end it does not matter who is your server. They have a responsibility to keep your data secure. You have a responsibility to keep your data secure. That means using all security available. Two-step security is an added benefit. Especially now that we have cell phones.


Two-step security is most effective when you use it by having the system send you a text. Not only is it more secure for you. If someone accesses any system with two-step turned on then you get a notation. How you say! Well the system sends your cell phone a notification. If you did not access that account then you know someone is trying to tamper with that account.


I will leave you with this thought. With Yahoo’s new hack revealed don’t you think it is time to be more conscious of your cyber security? With every account that offers you two-step security access you should use it. Is not your life online your life? Why let someone else take it over on you?

Lawyer Gerald Chipeur Provides Understanding With E-mail Fraud

Lawyer Gerald Chipeur Provides Understanding

Lawyer Gerald Chipeur Provides Understanding With E-mail Fraud

Security today plays a big part in everything that we do. The Calgary News article “Former Alberta justice minister’s ex-wife denies retracting allegations of wrongdoing” testifies to this. As a result Lawyer Gerald Chipeur Provides Understanding in this case.

A person claiming to be the ex-wife ‘Breanne Palmer’ denies that she withdrew any allegations. The allegations stated that Denis was aggressive and verbally abusive. But in emails the information is that she did.

Lawyer Gerald Chipeur Stated the following. “Sworn court documents indicate the e-mail address used to send the messages withdrawing the allegations belongs to Palmer”. Gerald Chipeur was a lawyer for Denis. Also the article stated that the court did not deal with the authentication of the emails. But postmedia did receive a response stating that the emails in this case were not authentic.

What Could Have Happen

There are a couple of things to look at. Dropping of the charges towards Denis happened. This is because the proceedings did not go any farther with the emails authentication. At least from the article in the Calgary Sun it looks this way. The other thing is bouncing the email through the email IP of Palmer could have taken place. This is how spam travels to different people and organizations. The original sender is not seen. Also someone could have hacked into Palmer’s email without her knowing it. Thus the hacker would have used Palmer’s email address to send the messages.

I had to read the article more than once to understand what took place. It sure looks like a case of email fraud that changed the outcome in the favor of Denis. The case revolved around a publication ban on the dispute between Denis and Palmer. A judge lifted this publication ban.

The whole electronic situation could be talked about more. But I think that it would be best to leave it alone at the present time. The case was not about electronic misgivings. It was about their dispute and the publication ban on it.

This proves the importance of cyber security on the web. Remembering your password is not always the best. Using a application like LastPass is the better way to keep your password safe. Do not rely on your web browser to save your password(s).

Getting back your cyber accounts is time consuming. Sometimes you never get your cyber accounts back.

Cyber Security Close to Home

It is interesting that just I was writing this post a friend of mine called me to look at his site. The site looked OK. When I went to go into his back office for the site a warning that a phishing attack most likely has occurred. This was according to google. This was not a good result especially because this was a business site. Situations like my friend’s could end up with serious negative results.

Final Thoughts

Thus if you are dealing with email or websites remember to Stop, think, and then connect. Remember to use both website and password security measures all the time. Finally know where you are going on the web and who the emails are from you are opening. Even then you are vulnerable to outside attacks. It is because you have connected to the internet. Cyber security is everyone’s business.

Thankful Internet Security Thanksgiving 2016

Internet Security

Giving Thanks for Internet Security

This is Thanksgiving weekend for the United States. Everyone is talking about things to be thankful about. Giving thanks for Internet security is one. I just finished reading two articles from Wired magazine. One was on security and how it pertains to national security. The other was on Margaret Hamilton and what she did to promote the computer age.

It is interesting how the Snowden issue has put on edge the whole nation of United Stated. This includes many other countries too. As I have mentioned before the security of your information is your responsibility. Security does start at home. Just like we need to be aware of the physical security we also need to be aware of Internet Security. we can be thankful that there are many things that we can do as individuals.

Personal Security is Everyone’s Concern

We can be careful what data we give our on the Internet. The use of proper security software like antivirus programs and malware programs. The two that I use all the time are Superantivirus and Malwarebytes. I find them both reliable and they are both free for home use. Another thing to be thankful for.

Also,using double access security when available is the best practice. This will make it more difficult to get into your important secure data. Everything from google accounts to bank accounts offer this double security feature for better Internet Security.

We can also limit the use of the cloud and cloud like options. Also the vulnerability of even the Apple’s iCloud which came under threat by hackers. If you need to be portable then buy an external drive and carry it with you. It will be more secure. You are able to get a 1 TB at a reasonable price now a day. Yes you need to be aware of its presence all the time. I guess if you have a tendency of misplacing items then you need to way while would be more secure in your situation. Either way you will have a certain level of security.

The Birth of the Computer Age

The other thing that I am thankful for today is the research and work done by people like Margaret Hamilton. When equality is such an important concept today. It is great to see how women have added to software engineering. Margaret Hamilton helped put the Apollo space mission in the air. She contributed with enormous knowledge to computer systems. Those that controlled both the eagle and the lunar module of Apollo 11. It was her knowledge and understanding allowed the mission control to give the Go/Go. The lunar module then landed on the moon. There was concern because of the computer errors from the lunar module. The mission was a success due to the knowledge of the computer system by Margaret Hamilton.

She helped started the space age long before computers were much of a word in the business world. Definitely long before computers were a word for household use.

Early Computer Age

Computers during the beginning were punch card and hard wired entities. Margaret Hamilton started the use of the term software engineering. Back then it would sometimes take all night to compile and execute a program. We can be thankful for the ability to compile and execute new programs today in a fraction of that time. Enormous coders today spend a lot of time coding, compiling and executing programs. This is true for new and revised programs every day.

Being Thankful for What We Have

When a web page goes down in a major website like Amazon people get uptight. When this happens we need to be thankful. With unlimited amount of equipment and software that is available fixing issues is quick. It might seem like it takes a lot of time to repair such errors. If we were still in the infancy of the computer era we would not be able to access the downed website for much longer.

Security Reflections

So in this time of thankful reflection let us remember the following. We can be thankful for the security that we have. Especially for the Internet security that we can access. We need to be thankful for the skills that we can learn. You should then use them to make your data and personal information more secure. Also be sure to limit your personal data entries through the Internet. Creating the strongest passwords that you are able to do.

If you are having difficulty with doing this I suggest an application like LastPass. You only need to remember one password with LastPass. This application is web based. You are able to access it from anywhere on the web. The great thing about such an application is that it will create encrypted passwords for you. Also, the application will remember both username and password. This is for each entry that you provide it to keep safe for better Internet Security.

Final Thoughts

Finally be aware of where you are going on the Internet. If you have strange pop-ups happening get out of that site. If you have a redirect (where you think you are going and then another website pop-up in its place) get out of there to. Be aware of where your children are going on the Internet. They need your protection in cyberspace just like the do in the physical world. Often cyberspace can be a child’s real world in today’s society.

You will be thankful in the because you have taken this effort for cyber security today.

With this being one of the busiest shopping weekends. Taking these security measures are important. Especially if you are one who does a lot of online shopping.

Here is to having a cyber safe and happy long Thanksgiving weekend.

Children Need a Cyber Secure Environment

Cyber Security

Cyber Security for Your Children on The Web

Security on the web is every parents’ responsibility. Do you remember when your children were young. They might even have become just teenagers. Oh the thoughts that might have gone through your head. What about their safety on the Internet? Would they get onto a site that would give trouble to your system? What about sites that you would not approve of? Would they end up stocked some bad person? Remember cyber security begins with you.

A personal Experience

I remember those days when my children were at that age. It was difficult to get them to do any homework. They just wanted to surf the web and talk to their friends. I remember having to finally put on some strong blocks on our home network. This helped to get the homework completed. Oh my teenage children did not like that at all. They pleaded for removal of these blocks. I just could not because it was important to have them complete their school assignments.

A few years ago my sister and brother-in-law faced similar situation. They had decided to home-school on of their children. Everything was going good until it came time for assignment research completed. When their daughter started to do her research she found things like Facebook. Because these website were so easy to access the homework research was set aside and then not done at all. There was a lot of discussion about this issue. There were a lot of promises made. The trouble was that every time she went on the Internet there were the distractions. Again the school work and research was set aside for these much more fun activities. Finally they came to me for some suggestions.

Security Suggestions for Internet Control

What I suggested was to use their router and block these sites through their router. This would have been good if the sites were unacceptable. But to block the whole family was not acceptable. Other family members wanted to get on Facebook, YouTube and other OK sites. What could they do then.

Well there is an other alternative to blocking websites. You can use the hosts file found in the System32 file folder. All you do is go into the following path. You will find the file; c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ . It is in this folder that you will find the hosts file. You need to open it up in notepad on your computer. Right click on the file and choose ‘open with’. This will give you a menu option to choose from. Find notepad which you select and then click the OK button. Once you have it opened up you then go to the bottom of the file. The file is not long. At the bottom you will find the following. localhost. What you do is the same. www.yourwebsite.com . What this does is sends the website you do not wanted accessed to instead of the URL of the website.

This method works great and only affects the machine that you are working on.

Those Unforeseen Family Circumstances

Well, you might say, I have smart children who will figure that something has changed. They will then go and change it back. There are other measures to take. For instance, you prevent children accessibility your network until the tasks have been completed. You can do this through a verbal agreement which is much better.

If that does not work. Then you can block the computer or device between certain hours of the day through your home router. Complete this task through the parental controls in the router. You would have to access your router through This is usually the standard URL for a personal router. Then you would log on with your admin username and password. In the parental control section you would be able to block certain websites. You would just enter their web URL address. You should be able to do the same type of blocking though a keyword section. I have a cable modem/router from my cable provider and I am able to do what I have described above.

Conclusion of The Matter

This does seem like a lot of work. It also might seem daunting to someone who is not so technical in minded. But for the security of your family it is important to be able to do if needed. Once the security has been set it will stay the way you set it until you change it. Go ahead and check out some of the security measures mentioned here. This way you will be a bit more familiar with where they are and how they work if you ever need to put such measures in place. Remember stop, think and then connect. Teach this to your family for more improved website and Internet cyber security at home.

Safe Browsing With a Safe Browser

Secure browsers

More to Surfing the Web than Secure Browsers

Well, when you are on the internet what should you be looking for in a browser? This is a good question. So, I did some looking to find up to date information for today. What I found was both interesting and eye opening. Secure browsers are not all the same.

First, you should always remember that no browser is totally safe. Also, no matter how safe the browser claims to be it is up to the user to also use discretion. Going to web sites that are not safe will not be a good idea.

If you search with a search engine like google it is great that it will tell you what sites it considers to be safe with a green check mark beside the link. This is helpful but you in the end still make the choice.

Today’s Browsers

The information that I found are quite interesting I think. Chrome came out as the most secure. Firefox has the best privacy.   Opera was very good in the security area and good in the privacy area. Edge was good in the security area and okay in the privacy areas. Safari was good in the security area and okay in the privacy area. Apple was considered a very secure environment at this time. IE was the worst in security and okay in the privacy area. The information that was read stated that it was a good idea not to use IE at all.

Other Secure Browsers

These browsers are the most familiar to the general users. There are others that have been considered secure browsers for some time now. They include Epic Privacy Browser, Comodo Dragon/Ice Dragon, Tor, Dooble, Maxthon Cloud Browser, HTTPS Everywhere, Cocoon Browsing, iceBrowser (Cocoon), and Avira Scout. I have used Comodo Dragon and Avira Scout. The other browsers I am unfamiliar with. I found that Comodo Dragon was a great browser. Using the browser was simple and straight forward. Avira Scout did not perform well for me. I have an older computer running Windows 10. I do not know if that was the issue but Avira Scout continued to freeze up on me. It froze to the point that I would have to close it through the task manager or even completely shut down my computer.


There you have it. There is good amount of information here. You can always go to the links to get more information on web browsing.

What is a good rule of thumb is to Stop, Think, and then Connect when you are planning to go on the internet? Cyber security begins with you. By Stop, Think, Connect response you create your own level of cyber security. Also, this response adds to the rest of people who are on the internet. One creates a little cyber security and each people who responds in this way adds to the cyber security. Before you know it, there is a lot of cyber security. Let us all do our part in making the internet safe for all.

Cyber Security The Bigger Picture

national infrastructure cyber security

National Infrastructure Cyber Security

This month cyber security moves onto the big scene. This means that the focus is on the infrastructure of town, cities, states, and nations. It is hard to believe that what goes on in your own environment, which is home, school and work would affect more. This ends up being the case. Therefore national infrastructure cyber security is important.

What happens in these different places does affect more than we think? The younger generations know and are realizing this. The older generations are not having the same understanding. It is the older generation that in many respects cannot move their physical environment into a cyber environment. They just do not seem to connect the two as influencing each other.

It is to the point that nearly everything is interconnected. Just about everything talks to something these days. Computers and computer related information transfers happen all around us without us even knowing. Everything right down to the toaster seems to have a way of sending some type of message to something else today.

National Infrastructure Cyber Security Starts at Home

We are so much of the time in our little own world. We feel that we are affecting nothing. But in so many ways that we do not comprehend we are affecting much more that we are aware of.

For instance, if we do not keep our home networks protected and monitored then if our network is affected with a virus or malware then so can some other network be affect. When we were growing up and there was some type of sickness around, people would stay away from the infected area or person. The same mentality needs to be there when in cyber space. The only thing that hinders this understanding is the fact that we cannot see the many different viruses and malware moving around in cyber space. Therefore, you need to protect yourself, your data, your passwords and your personal information.

In protecting yourself and your personal information and personal data you are helping protect the bigger picture of the world-wide web. You protect yourself by having less of your person information out there and securing the personal information out there with higher encryption on your information. Also use higher encrypted passwords. Then be careful to whom and how often you provide personal and business information.

Internet and the world-wide web security is everyone’s business. Just like it is your responsibility to be secure in the physical world, it is your responsibility to be responsible in the cyber world.


Always Stop, Think, then Connect. This way you will be much more aware of what you are connecting to. You will save yourself from connecting to a link that could infect you and send out infections of viruses and malware to your friends and neighbours. By doing this you will be stopping the spread of potential harmful apps to others. Therefore, the bigger network by protecting your small network.

Till tomorrow always, Stop, Think, and then connect.

Making a Difference by Decreasing Cyber Bullying

Cyber Security Throughout School Year

Cyber Security Throughout School Year

Now that we are back into the school year, cyber security takes on a new meaning. The social media activity will and most like has increased. There are documents to keep safe while transferring them around your school groups and peer groups. Also passwords and links to many things on the internet to be made aware and responsible about. Therefore, Cyber Security throughout school year is important.

There is facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, dropbox, and now box to have cyber awareness of. Yes there is a lot more ways to share information but this is just a small list.

What about cyber security for yourself and your friends? The days are long gone when things like bullying were in the physical realm. Gone are the days when you could get home and then feel you were in a safe environment with your family around you.

Now we seem to live more in the cyber reality than in a physical reality. Cyber space reaches to more personal areas than ever imaged. Today we have laptops, tablets, ipads, ipods, cell phones. Where has our privacy and personal space gone to? No longer are you by yourself it seems unless you turn off everything and leave the city or town you live in. Then when you return it is all there again right around you. Nothing in cyber space ever goes away. You are always able to find some link or reference to anything on the internet forever.

How About Cyber Bullying

This is how it with cyber bullying. You might be able to turn off the cell phone, the computer, the laptop and the tablet. When you turn anyone of these units back on the cyber bullying can start up again just as if it never left. And you know what it most like did not level. You were just not connected for a while.

Cyber bullying has become an academic which will be hard to control. We want to be able to use the internet through cyber space freely. This has become a given in North America. Social media has created a whole new playing field where cyber bullying has grown with time.

The enjoyment of the many things that one can do on the internet for some has been decreased greatly. Make it a conscious effort to not be part of cyber bullying. If you see this happening through your social media connections, please report it to trusted people who are knowledgeable on what to do to change such an outcome.

Doing Your Part to Stop Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying might not be able to be stopped totally. Proper education and awareness will greatly reduce cyber bullying.

Be apart of the solution by doing the following

  • Tell a trusted adult who has knowledgeable understand to help prevent it from continuing.
  • Block the person who are bullying through your social media connections.
  • Limit the amount of personal information that you reveal through your social media connections.
  • Use the best level of privacy settings to prevent your information being shared through your social media peers.

Bullying of any kind is not pleasant at all. I remember as a young person bullying was not acceptable then. Any type of bullying whether physical or cyber is not acceptable today.

Final Thoughts

Let us do our part to make the internet through cyber space a better place for tomorrow’s generation. Like anything else when it comes to cyber security. Where it begins is with you. You can make the difference. Please make is a priority in your cyber experience to make the internet a better place. Thank you for doing your part. If you want any more tips on cyber security check out this link.