Technological Support for Disabled and Senior Groups

Technological Support for Disabled and Senior Groups

Technological Support for Disabled and Senior GroupsThere are many people out there that are in a technical age of despair. There people are the disabled and senior people. Technology bombarded these seniors on all sides. For the most of them they need the different technological items that they use. For some they have to deal with a changing world that confuses them. We need to provide Technological Support for Disabled and Senior Groups.

Seniors and Technology

For seniors it is an age that has changed around them. They might have been in a business position. It was then transformed from mechanical to technical. Or it might have been an office position. Again, technology changed this position to a computer position. Either way they have had to learn new work situations on the job. This might have been challenging to them. Now they retired they see no need to pursue this tech/computer way of life anymore. Unfortunately, the world around them has grown with the age of computers. Thus, they still need to be able to understand technology to be able to do every day things. Remembering my in-laws. One is good at using the computer while the other fears the computer. With Technological Support for Disabled and Senior Groups will lessen their technological fears.

This is the way it is in the people group of seniors. Some are able to grasp the age of technology while others are not.

Seniors Who Make a Difference

Remembering the retired 82-year-old Masako Wakamiya who has created an app for the iPhone. There is no reason for her to create this app, except that she can and did do it. This is one way that she has keep her mind active and healthy. She could have stopped working with her mind when she retired but she chose to continue to keep her mind active. Her app is for seniors 60 and over to be able to play an old traditional Japanese game. Masako hopes that the creation of the app will help to pass this tradition on to the next generation in Japan.

This creates purpose for Masako. I see from this example that computers can create purpose for seniors. There are many ways to use the computer technology that would be of great benefit to the aged in the world.

So many people retire and then don’t do that much. Many of them watch TV. Yes, there are many other ways to engage your mind after retirement. There are books to read, puzzles to create, people to take to, games to play. These all have to have the seniors engage. The user has to engage with their computer. Without engagement the person will sooner or later, deteriorates into nothing.

Seniors who use computers after retirement should also help other seniors. They can help in the use computers. There could be senior gaming groups, programming groups and even app programming groups. With so much of the computer technology aimed at the younger generations. It would be a great asset to have a seniors’ group that would take it on themselves. Thus, to aim a section of today’s technology towards the seniors 60 and over.

Disabled and Technology

Now that I have touched on seniors let us look at the disabled community. Before there was all this technology. Many disabled people were much more reliant on others. To help them with not everyday life but also help them with being a productive asset in society.

Now with the involvement and growth of technology the disable people sector is able to do more. They able to be a greater asset to the society that they live in. This is a great plus for the community they live in. Disabled people can now have purpose. The economic sector has a great group of employable persons to choose from.

I know many disabled people who with the help of technology are able to now engage in the community around them. They are able to hold work positions and get out more to be with their co-workers, friends and family members.

This technology is vast. From prosthetics to voice and hearing recognition software. There is even sight recognition software. You now have implants that help with both sight and hearing impairment.

While all the above is well and good. There are groups in the disabled and senior sectors that find technology difficult. The technology does not or is unable to meet all their needs. There are many reasons for this, but I am not going to go into them at this this time.

Helping Seniors and the Disabled

I have put this information together because I see a need to help in these two areas of life. Working with these two groups is challenging and rewarding. There are many obstacles to overcome in these two areas. They consist of fear, uncertainty, and capability for everyone involved. Also, there is availability of the technology needed. Of course, there is the learning curve factor. Finally, there is the expense to put the technology in place for use.

Yes, these are many hurdles to get over when dealing with the need of technology. Especially for the disabled community. But, here again these can be overcome and achieved. I have seen success for many disabled people with the help of others.


I am finishing this post with the hope that people understand that I am committed to helping. That is any person has a disability and needs technology. Also, any person who is a senior who needs help with their technology. You are always able to contact me through this contact link.

Amazon Support What’s Up With That

Amazon Support What is Up With That

Amazon Support What is Up With That

Yesterday I was working on my website and had some glitches to deal with. My links to my images for the items I am selling on my website were not there. So I checked the links on Amazon. The images were not there either. So I called Amazon support. They did not have an answer for me. They did tell me to use Firefox instead of Google Chrome browser. Amazon Support What is Up With That?

You would think that in today’s time frame that bigger corporations would have caught up. That most Corporations would use the popular web browsers on the market. This is not the case with Amazon.

The funny thing is that Firefox has been my browser of choice for years. Then they fell behind in the browser market. This was saddening for me. They have found that they need to get up to date which they are doing. It has been a long journey for Firefox and the staff.

I am writing this today because I have been enjoying my Acer Chromebook. But with the information given me by Amazon I have gone back to my Acer desktop to see if it make any difference.

Time Consuming PC Desktops

Well it has been different to say the least. I have had to do some needed and time consuming maintenance on my desktop. I had almost forgotten how time consuming it is to keep a PC desktop or laptop up to date so it runs well. There are updates. Then you have to defrag the disk drives. Even though Windows 10 has been set to do it on a routine timetable. Doing manually helps a lot. Then you need to do a disk scan every once in awhile to make sure the disk(s) in the computer are working fine. Then there is the scanning for viruses, malware and spyware. After all that you should clean out the old temp, trash and old website page files. This will keep the system will running well. Typing these needed items is a lot of work.

After that there is no guarantee that all is fine. Doing this at least once a month should keep the performance of your system and apps working well. Also, making sure which apps startup at startup is important. This will make the desktop or laptop more efficient. Then there is the need to keep your antivirus app definitions up to date. Now a day they are set to update every so many days.

There you have it. All this all the time to keep your PC desktop or laptop working and performing for you. And I did all this because Amazon support told me to use Firefox instead of my Chrome Browser on my Chromebook.

The Use of Current Browsers

Even if I did not have a Chromebook. Why not have your data and web browser system setup to work with the most used browser(s) in the market.

When I bought my Chromebook I did not see at that time the many issues that an addition O/S would bring to the market. There were some that thought they saw that this would disrupt the Microsoft and Apple carts. I have to be honest about it. I thought that with the way technology was going that much of the issues would overcome now. They are not all solved yet.

When I bought my Chromebook I did not see at that time the many issues that an addition O/S would bring to the market. There were some that thought they saw that this would disrupt the Microsoft and Apple carts. I have to be honest about it. I thought that with the way technology was going that much of the issues would overcome now. They are not all solved yet.

Good Things Seen in Chromebooks

There are many good things that have come from the Chromebook. They are great for surfing the web, for school taking notes. With so much on the Internet accessing subject matter for both school and work they are great. Because of their lack of heavy duty work capability the Chromebook is great for students. They do not have any games or gaming systems that might otherwise be on the laptop.

The thing that makes them so great for use is they are virus free environments. This makes them safe to connect with school and work network environments. They can even connect to other personal home networks. No worrying about giving or receiving a virus.

You still need to be aware of connecting to open networks. They might be safe from viruses but having your personal data stolen is still a very real threat. It does not matter what Internet of Things you are using. Always be safe. Every environment out there that can connected to your system does not care if your data is safe or not.

Chromebook Challenges

OK, There are things that make the Chromebook still difficult to use. The big one is printing. Many people who have a Chromebook still find it challenging to get a document printed out. The printer might be in sleep mode and not come out when sending a document to it by the Chromebook. There might not be drives for an older printer. Thus there is no communication between the Chromebook and the printer. There have been issues with the Google Print system for some people.

Some people have had Internet connectivity issues. There have been battery life issues. Unfortunately not every Chromebook manufactured will work well or at all. Then some manufacturers have issues with their Chromebook units. I have an Acer Chromebook which works well for me still after two and half years of use. There are people who have purchased the Asus Chromebooks. Some of which have had a disappointing experience with the Chromebook.

Using the Chromebook as a Linux Machine

There have been some users who have turned their Chromebook into a Linux machine. They have worked very well for them. They are happy with the performance of the Chromebook as a Linux machine. The big thing to remember is to get a Chromebook that has at least 4 GBs of RAM. Then all you need to do is find the instruction on line to install Linux. Not everyone needs to or should change their Chromebook into a Linux machine. It is an option that is available.

Finally What is Up With that

Finally, What is Up With That is a post on how I viewed the strange non-existent help from Amazon. It might be that Amazon is so big now. Thus they are not able to deal with all the issues that are inevitable to happen today. Having all the different systems connecting to their server could be burdensome. It might be that Amazon is not able to train their support staff in the issues out there. It might be that because I myself am a technician that I am expecting a higher level of help. In the end I had to deal with this issue myself. I don’t know if the issue still exists now.

I do want to say this. With the amount of people out there that need to use a computer or laptop for some personal or business reason. It is important to have the least amount of frustration doing so. This is why Chromebooks make the list. They are great for home, student use, and the office. They are even great for people who are computer challenged. The older generation are finding that the Chromebook has a small learning curve. This makes it great for them. Also for anyone else that need a system for everyday connections to email, notes and social media. Thus, I recommend the Chromebooks as a great unit for use in today’s social and Internet environment.

Lawyer Gerald Chipeur and Beryl P. Wasjman Making a Difference

Would You Make a Difference

Lawyer Gerald Chipeur and Beryl P. Wasjman Made a DifferenceI would to start this post with a couple of questions. Can you make a difference today? Should you make a difference today? How can you make a difference today. Yes these questions are about what you can do to make a difference. The difference you choose will be one for the better good of all mankind.  Lawyer Gerald Chipeur and Beryl P. Wasjman Made a Difference.

Over the decades and centuries people and groups have stepped out to make a difference. Some for the better and some not so good.

I guess you need to also ask yourself if the world around you is worth it. Do you want to create something for the future that will last?

A gentleman by the name of Beryl p. Wasjman thinks so. He believes that you influence the world around you. I think that he is just one of many who think this way. I also think that he is one of many who is willing to step out and speak out. By stepping out you will definitely make a difference.

Changes Through The Years

Over the years we have seen a lot of change take place. Through the expressed thoughts and ideas that others this has taken place. There have been civil wars, world wars, and just wars over many thoughts and ideas. Countries have risen and then disappears and even dissolved because of thoughts and ideas. How about your thoughts and ideas? Can they and will they make a difference or even an impact on the world around you?

There has always been the physical and mental worlds to make major changes and be of some type of influence. I am not a great history buff but there have been so might people over time who have influenced history. People like Alexander the great, Stalin, Hitler, Churchhill, and others. There have been many presidents and prime ministers who have made many changes. They have had great impacts on countries and nations.

Does the above paragraph mean you have to have great power to influence the world. Will that influential impression last. Maybe! It could be that you just need to be in a position where you are able to influence people of great power. Stepping out for what you believe in means that you will have to go outside your personal box of comfort. I am sure that this fact alone scares many people. A lot of people who feel the fear of stepping outside their box of comfort never do step outside that box.


The Influence of People Like Beryl P. Wasjman

Beryl P Wasjman has stepped outside his box of comfort. He has spoken out through such avenues as radio and newspapers. Also he has spoken out for such things as the rights of both English and French Quebec’s. As well he spoke out about how Bill 14 if passed will not be of benefit to either groups of people in Quebec. This is just one of many things that he has addressed.

The Internet is becoming quite an avenue of influence now. You are able to read anything on it. You can watch just about anything you want to today. Radio uses the Internet also. You have Facebook, Twitter, Istagram, blogs and many different cyberspace communications today. Because technology has advanced so much you do not even need to be by a computer or laptop. You are able to communicate your thoughts and ideas with ease.

There are a lot of people today that are influencing the world. My question is it for the better. The Internet or cyberspace is just another tool to use. It is like radio, TV, and newspapers. They are not evil and never is the Internet. The material on the radio, TV, newspapers and Internet influences the masses today. It is what people say and print through these different mediums that will make our world a better place.


The Influence of Communication

It is amazing to see how far things have come in the way of communication over the last 5 to 10 years. Back in 2009 physical conferences were still the standard. Now many also use streaming video. People still had to go to the conference to get anything out of the conference. In 2009 Gerald Chipeur went to one of these conferences in which Beryl P Wasjman was apart of. It was the third Institute Policy Conference.

This was the third Institute Policy Conference. It was on the Security and Trade in the post-Iraq Era. Gerald Chipeur was in conversation with Jim Woolsey and Dale Watson. These gentlemen stated they were impressed and honored. all due to the professionalism and treatment received at this conference. They also said they were also talking on how soon they would be able to return to Canada. Gerald Chipeur conveyed that this conference had a positive impression on these two men. This just shows what can take place for the betterment of humanity. Though such ideas and conferences and how just one person can start to make the difference.

That was the third on a major issue with a positive outcome. Beryl P Wasjman has continued to contribute to important cause since then. He is giving an example to the world around him of the importance of speaking out for what is good for mankind.


The Avenues of Influence

People like Beryl P Wasjman and Gerald Chipeur use the law, policies, and the media. These are ways to influence others for the better of mankind. You might not be able to use the law or policies. You have the media and social media today. People access them today for some means of communication.

I am finding more and more people think there is freedom on cyberspace. But so little is used much for the betterment of mankind. Cyberspace today is the most influential place on the planet it seems now a day. Anyone can find you. You can converse on any subject. You can reach anyone these days, thanks to cell phones.

Beryl P Wasjman stated in one of his addresses. Disinformation seems to be the way people control things today. Because of disinformation people are not informed. The next generation has already forgotten what happened just a generation ago. From the rest of his comments this is not a beneficial thing for future generations.


The Need of Influence

To get information and to inform is what needs to be taking place. To influence and to be influenced needs to continue. How will the future generations be able to make positive and constructive influential decisions. Without the knowledge of their history they will at a loss. How can the future world benefit without good and decisive decisions from us and our children?

Where is it all headed today. Computers are great but the use of them is in the direction of play and destruction. At least for the most part. Do we want to have our world end up as gigantic nation of couch potatoes. We need more people who will stand up and act on things they believe in.


Final Thoughts

Maybe you need to decide what is it that motivates you. Then you need to decide on how that would be of benefit to mankind. Then you need to find a way to put in place that idea. After that you need to find others who will help you put in place your idea. Then you might think about stepping outside your own box. Then you will be able to take your idea to the world around you. Allow the world around you to reap the benefits of you good and important idea(s) today.

It is easy to be an introvert. It takes conviction and ideas to be an extrovert. Will your creativity benefit mankind? Will your convictions benefit mankind? It has for people like Beryl P. Wasjman. Will you also be able to say that when your future becomes your history? Will anyone else be able to say that you did great things to improve the future of mankind?

I leave you with the challenge to think. What goals and aspirations do you have? What skills do you have in your possession? How can you use them for the benefit of mankind? Are you willing to use them for the benefit of mankind? Maybe again to many questions. It has taken me many years to understand the importance of thinking. Also of answering the important question(s). Think now when you are able to think. Help mankind now when you are able.


Lawyer Gerald Chipeur Provides Information on Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments

The Future of Business Across the Border

Lawyer Gerald Chipeur Reciprocal Enforcement of JudgmentsTo be able to do business easy south of the border is a great idea for some business people. I know myself as a business person this is a great concept to be able to leverage. For some this would give a greater customer base. It is true in today age of computers and the Internet this is more of a reality. But there are still cross border rules and regulations to have to deal with. There is still a lot of red tape to get through too.

I know for me one of my major product supplier is in the United States. For my US customers that is great. For my Canadian customers this fact causes issues. This is because of cross border issues and the exchange rate between United States and Canada.

Maybe not everything will change for the benefit of cross border business. We are sure that some things will benefit cross border business.

Cooperation Between Alberta and Arizona

This is what Alberta and Arizona have done earlier this year. Phoenix and Calgary are sister cities. Thus, things between Arizona and Alberta are moving in a more efficient business venture. Back in April 2015 the governor of Arizona Douglas Ducey signed into the law Senate Bill 1447. This has been a forward step. So Arizona and Alberta can have better business dealing.  All that Alberta had to do at that time was to declared Arizona to be a reciprocating jurisdiction. This takes place under the Alberta Statute.

What does that mean for business owners both big and small. Alberta Businesses and Arizona Businesses can do business transactions between province and state. It will effect loans, employment etc. for the positive between the two.

This means for a business owner like me can do business in the states will be more efficient with less red tape. I think that all business people all would like that to be in place. This is a win win for both sides of the border.


Details From Miller Thomson

Miller Thomson provided the following details.

Some of the common judgments to enjoy this reciprocal Statutes are the following:

  1. Residential or commercial mortgages and other loan agreements
  2. Employment, agency or partnership agreements
  3. Real estate or commodity buy and sale or lease agreements

There are two important considerations that must be investigated. A creditor for debt enforcement needs to do these:

  1. The limitation period under which any action taken in the reciprocating jurisdiction. This is usually two years or less.
  2. The existence of any other statutory and common law means of enforcement that needs to be commenced on a timely basis.  This  is so the creditor’s rights can be preserved.

Finally, all cross border business transactions need to ensure that they include the following provisions. Thus to assist in the enforcement of the business agreement:

  1. First the Submission to the jurisdiction of the reciprocating jurisdictions
  2. Second the Acknowledgment that the parties are doing business in the reciprocating jurisdictions throughout the term of the contracts.

The lawyers of Miller Thomson have spent many hours making sure that everything is in order. So that this business concept will go forward.


Great Ideas Because of Sister Cities

To think that this great idea came from the visit of Phoenix mayor to Calgary last year. This shows the good things that can take place because of sister cities. This has been one giant step for business, one small step in better business relations. It can only get better from here.

With the expanse of the Internet. Also the great accumulation of the Internet of Things (IoT). We do not knows what will be the next bridge in business. You might think that this writer is might be reading into things. It could be. There has been many great things that have happen over a short time lately with communication. There are more and more items that can communicate with you through your cell phone Apps. I think that these facts will effect and will improve such business relations.

From the beginning of the influence of the Internet, business has improved. There has been better communication. Greater business working base created. More efficient ways of service have come about because of the Internet. I am sure the Internet  will aid in cross border business reciprocal enforcement. The Internet will also provide great benefits in other ways.

I want to thank Miller Thomson and lawyers like Gerald Chipeur. For all the work that they have put into this great project between Alberta and Arizona. Without their knowledge of the law and their willingness to make this happen it might still just be a memory. I hope that such actions will aid in the development of new business. Also the enrichment of businesses everywhere in Alberta. I also hope that the same will be true for businesses in Arizona.


Final Thoughts

Now because of economic recession a step forward will only mean progress. The question is. How many Alberta businesses will take advantage of this cross border progress? The hoped is that the recession that we are seeing in Alberta has not put a damper on those businesses. That they are still able to take advantage of the opportunities created by this idea.

How about you. Do you have a business that might benefit by this agreement? Have been looking for a new Avenue from which to expand your own business. Do you think that this is a good Avenue for Alberta businesses to look at for expansion? Is it the correct time for Alberta businesses to take advantage of cross border business? I leave you with some questions here for you to ponder. We would like to know your views on this idea. Tell us how this would benefit or not benefit the future of Alberta business.

Thank you for your comments and views.


Lawyer Gerald Chipeur Provides Understanding of the Law

Understanding the Language of Law

Lawyer Gerald Chipeur Provides UnderstandingLanguages are important in today’s multicultural life. There are all the written languages. Then there are all the spoken languages. Let us not forget the technical languages both written and machine spoken. Wow, so many and we in one way or another need to keep up with them all. As a result Lawyer Gerald Chipeur Provides Understanding with the language of law.

As a computer IT Tech person I use a lot of different languages over many years. To the common user the ability to use these different languages does not mean a lot. The common user wants a functional computer machine. This includes the Internet. People are on the computer and cyberspace a lot today.  They want everything working in  tip top shape at all times. To people today it is like getting into their car. They expect that when they turn the key the engine will start. When they apply the brakes they expect their car to stop.

Constitutionality of the Extra-Provincial Application of Securities Law

There are so many things in the world today that people use but do not know the inner workings of the system or unit. One such it the inner workings of the law system. Not everyone knows how the law works or even understand the law language.  I found this out this week. when I read the article, “Constitutionality of the Extra-Provincial Application of Securities Law“. This article is about security law. Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society used it in the “Trinity Western University v. Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society, 2015 NSSC 25″ case. To me a lay person in law and law understanding it was confusing. This does not mean that the article written is confusing. It means that I did not understand the law language in the article. Without great research I would not know the full understanding.

I know from the conclusion of the article that the Nova Scotia Barristers Society did not win their case. This is the way it is with many people who use the computer. They know how to turn it on and do what they want to on the computer but that is about it.

For Trinity Western University it was good for them to have a lawyer who understood the law. This lawyer know the language and understood how to use the law language so that they were able to win. The knowledge of how the securities laws work was also crucial. Because of this fact Trinity Western University won the case.

The lawyer did know how the securities laws worked. That is to say how it worked between provinces. He also knew how it worked with the federal government. Thus there was no confusion for Trinity Western University.


Language of Lawyers

It is people like Lawyer Gerald Chipeur who are able to help. People and organizations can rely on such people with such matters. If there were not lawyer to help then there would be chaotic situations.  Lawyers understand the law. The usage of the language of law by the law profession continued for many years now. This is how organizations, groups, villages, towns and cities are set in order. The provinces and states are set in order with the same law understanding. Countries work with their law. All this due to people who are lawyers who put together order for the greater good of the situation.

The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society was not successful. This was because of the knowledge and understanding of the law the judge . The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society tried to use the provincial level to win their case. That is the law as it pertains to the securities law to win their case. This case being that all Canadian Universities follow Nova Scotia law. Even if it conflicted with their own provincial law. The case was in favour of Trinity Western University.

This shows that one province has no jurisdiction or authority in any other province of Canada. The article posted by Gerald Chipeur provides written proof of that. This also shows the great strength of the law within its own province. The law has no authority outside the provincial boundaries.


Final Thoughts

The lesson learned here I think is the following. If you are doing any type of business outside your province make sure you know the law. If you do not understand the law then go to someone like lawyer Gerald Chipeur for understanding. This is what lawyers are there for. You sure want a proper understanding and a good lawyer on your side if there is any misunderstanding. It might be much harder to turn the situation around. That is when difficulties arise without a good lawyer. When was the last time you understood the legalities of the law?

If you have any question about the law or a legal situation contact Miller Thomson. You are also able to contact Gerald Chipeur. Also for further understanding of the Constitutionality of the Extra-Provincial Application of Securities Law.


Lawyer Gerald Chipeur Provides Understanding With E-mail Fraud

Lawyer Gerald Chipeur Provides Understanding With E-mail Fraud

Lawyer Gerald Chipeur Provides UnderstandingSecurity today plays a big part in everything that we do. The Calgary News article “Former Alberta justice minister’s ex-wife denies retracting allegations of wrongdoing” testifies to this. As a result Lawyer Gerald Chipeur Provides Understanding in this case.

A person claiming to be the ex-wife ‘Breanne Palmer’ denies that she withdrew any allegations. The allegations stated that Denis was aggressive and verbally abusive. But in emails the information is that she did.

Lawyer Gerald Chipeur Stated the following. “Sworn court documents indicate the e-mail address used to send the messages withdrawing the allegations belongs to Palmer”. Gerald Chipeur was a lawyer for Denis. Also the article stated that the court did not deal with the authentication of the emails. But postmedia did receive a response stating that the emails in this case were not authentic.

What Could Have Happen

There are a couple of things to look at. Dropping of the charges towards Denis happened. This is because the proceedings did not go any farther with the emails authentication. At least from the article in the Calgary Sun it looks this way. The other thing is bouncing the email through the email IP of Palmer could have taken place. This is how spam travels to different people and organizations. The original sender is not seen. Also someone could have hacked into Palmer’s email without her knowing it. Thus the hacker would have used Palmer’s email address to send the messages.

I had to read the article more than once to understand what took place. It sure looks like a case of email fraud that changed the outcome in the favor of Denis. The case revolved around a publication ban on the dispute between Denis and Palmer. A judge lifted this publication ban.

The whole electronic situation could be talked about more. But I think that it would be best to leave it alone at the present time. The case was not about electronic misgivings. It was about their dispute and the publication ban on it.

This proves the importance of cyber security on the web. Remembering your password is not always the best. Using a application like LastPass is the better way to keep your password safe. Do not rely on your web browser to save your password(s).

Getting back your cyber accounts is time consuming. Sometimes you never get your cyber accounts back.


Cyber Security Close to Home

It is interesting that just I was writing this post a friend of mine called me to look at his site. The site looked OK. When I went to go into his back office for the site a warning that a phishing attack most likely has occurred. This was according to google. This was not a good result especially because this was a business site. Situations like my friend’s could end up with serious negative results.


Final Thoughts

Thus if you are dealing with email or websites remember to Stop, think, and then connect. Remember to use both website and password security measures all the time. Finally know where you are going on the web and who the emails are from you are opening. Even then you are vulnerable to outside attacks. It is because you have connected to the internet. Cyber security is everyone’s business.


Lawyer Gerald Chipeur Addresses the Federal Government Funding for Charter Litigation

Disadvantaged Group Issues Addressed

Lawyer Gerald Chipeur Addresses FundingThis is a lengthy debate by the Justice Committee. Gerald Chipeur participated in this debate on April 19th, 2016. The Justice Committee has a question placed in front of them during the meeting. It pertains to the Court Challenges and the program that is in place to deal with them.

This program when established to deal with human right issues of disadvantaged groups in Canada. Also it works with official language minorities in Canada. It ensured their equality and language rights. All this under the Constitution through the courts of Canada.

The panel discussed the ‘government funding for charter litigation challenging federal law. Gerald Chipeur provide his recommendations. He also stated three reason the funding would be ill advised.

Lawyer Gerald Chipeur Addresses Funding for Charter Litigation Challenging Federal Law

Gerald Chipeur explains why his arguments were not funded. The bureaucrats as he call them refused the funding. The reason behind the decision came from a law school dean and a law school professor. Gerald Chipeur said. “In my view, the test should not be a reasonable chance of success and law professors should not be the gatekeepers.”

Gerald Chipeur also stated that laws that are 30 years old. Because of their age the Justice Committee should disregard them as tests. The tests are too old for legal situations today. He also stated the following. That the work accomplished should be enough. The Attorney General, the cabinet, the House of Commons and the Senate should be enough. Gerald stated there should be adequate opportunity to scrutinize the law. Also to ensure that the litigation is charter compliant. Gerald Chipeur mentioned that the funding of such charter lawsuits shows the following. That the Parliament is subservient to the courts.

Gerald Chipeur stated the following. The ‘Challenges Program’ is redundant. He mentions what the Supreme Court of Canada mentioned in Carter. The detail of the response by the Supreme Court had to say was not mentioned. Gerald does give the reference to the response here in the committee meeting.

Gerald Chipeur also outlined 10 Rules. Every new program should include these rules. This Justice Committee meeting addressed these rules.


Other participants

Other people who took part in this Justice Committee meeting are as follows. Sarah Lugtig from the Canadian Bar Association. Mark Power a special advisor to former French-speaking common law members. Tamra Thomson director of legislation and law reform. Finally Cara Zwibel from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.



At the conclusion of the meeting a statement came from the right from John Rae. He is the Second Vice-Chairperson and Chairperson of Social Policy Committee. He is also Council of Canadians with Disabilities. “Yes. If the community is directly involved, we can work together with other equality seeking groups. I believe we’ve done that in the past. I have full confidence that a range of cases will be selected that do have national implications, and certainly, if the makeup of the program is nationally focused, so that all parts of the country are represented, no part of the country should feel disadvantaged. That is a possibility. Cases from all parts of Canada need to be given equal consideration, and with the community involved, I am confident that will happen”.

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Gerald Chipeur Lobbies for the Alberta Grain & Oil Seed Crisis Advocacy Trust

Gerald Chipeur Lobbies for the AGCAT

Gerald ChipeurLobbying has had its purpose for years. Many of the known countries of today have lobbying as a common activity. Organizations and companies get their ideas and expectations before government. The better the lobbying on any subject the better the outcome. That is getting the idea to accepted the government of the day. Thus Gerald Chipeur Lobbied for the Alberta Grain & Oil Seed Crisis Advocacy Trust(AGCAT).

There are laws put in place today to prevent political corruption. Lobbying is a great way to influence legislators and officials. So that they are in favor of your idea or product or public stand on a concept. Many Human interest needs have been addressed through lobbying.

Lobbying Concept

The concept and idea of lobbying has been in print as far back as the 1820’s.

Lobbyists many times will work together to put more weight to their lobbying ideas. Their intention is to have a stronger force. That way they will be able to influence the decisions of governmental individuals. The influence would be towards laws. Also,the passing of products allowed and even influencing the outcome of court cases.

To influence a court case the lobbyist(s) will use a legal device known as an amicus curiae briefs. The English translation is “ friend of the court”. It is through these briefs that the lobbyist(s) work to influence the court during any court case.

Gerald Chipeur worked as a lobbyist for the Alberta Grain and Oil Seeds Crisis Advocacy Trust. The lobbying was at the Federal Government level. The communications use were grass-roots and informal communication. Also there were meeting, presentations, telephone calls. As well there was hard copy and electronic written communications.

Gerald Chipeur lobbied because of the following areas of concern. There were concerns with agriculture, consumer issues, employment and training,energy and environment. Also there were financial institutions, forestry, industry and infrastructure issues. Then was internal trade, international relations, international trade, labour, mining and regional development. There was also science and technology, small business, taxation and finance and transportation issues.

As you can see there can be a lot of diverse areas of concerns. They all made known with just one lobbying appeal.


Final Thoughts

If you do see the need for idea or a concern for lobbying, you should contact someone who knows how to lobby. As you can see from this post the Alberta Grain and Oil Seed Crisis Advocacy Trust did just that. They contacted Gerald Chipeur who became their representative lobbyist. What is came down to what funding for the grain and oil seed sector of the agriculture industry.

As you can see lobbying is a needed avenue to get concerns before government and its officials. Do you have concerns that you would like heard. Find a good lobby group and ask them for their help.


Gerald Chipeur Provides Updates on The Criminal Code

Gerald Chipeur Provides Updates on The Criminal Code

Gerald Chipeur provides updates on the criminal codeAt the beginning of 2016 Gerald Chipeur provides updates on the criminal code to the public. These changes pertained to assisted suicide and medical marihuana.

The issues that surround assisted suicide have not gone away. There was a 5 to 4 majority by the Supreme Court to extend the stay. This shows that assisted suicide understanding is not anything else than what it is. It is a form of murder still in the eyes of the law. The stay has made allowances for physician assisted suicide. The approval was by a superior court judge. The results of the Carter case still weighs heavy in the matter of assisted suicide.

The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Canada is dragging their feet on this. Maybe for a good reason. The under aged, mentally challenged, and those who have lost reason due to illness have a lot to lose. The criminal code needs correct wording so as to protect all the people of Canada.

Yes, there are those people who are in great discomfort due to pain and illness. There are those who are dying already. They are at a stage in their death process where dying would make all things better. Still we need to allow the courts to work out the details. By doing so everyone mentioned here will be accommodated.


Issues With Medical Marihuana

The issue of medical marihuana is even more complicated. The use of medical marihuana has complicated things. This is because everyone can make a choice to use marihuana in general. The legal system has not been able to provide a easy and reliable determination. This is on the legal use of medical marihuana. This makes it difficult for those who use it for medical reasons. This include all its forms for medical purposes.

If the consideration of use of the medical marihuana is illegal when found then charges will made. The severity of the charges could even result in the lose of the real estate by the owner of the real estate. I think that something should changed to drop the grey area on this matter.

The update of the criminal code increased in the protection to employees. As Gerald Chipeur’s web blog states. That any employee can deny participation of an activity he or she believes is criminal. The employer can not force them into the activity either. The employee does not have worry about sanctions that might be place on them by employer.


Final Thoughts

It is great to see that employee safety is still a high priority for Canadian living. A high priority in Canadian living is the safety and true understanding of all Canadians. This includes those in asking for assisted suicide. Gerald Chipeur and all the lawyers from Miller Thomson believe that this is true. If they did not then it would not be on their website blog.

This shows that the legal rights of all Canadians matters. I am sure glad I am a Canadian. What about you?


Gerald Chipeur Past General Counsel to The Tories

Gerald Chipeur and the Conservative Party

Gerald ChipeurLawyer Gerald Chipeur was general counsel for the Conservative party. This was when their headquarters was in Alberta. Gerald has always believed that the policies and thought of the Conservative Party. He thought them best for Canadians.

He was one of the founding members of the movement to unite the two parties. The movement worked with both the Reform Party and Progressive Conservatives (PC) for unity. It was the end goal to unite them under one leader. The reform party started up in 1987. The party was a right-wing populist federal political party in Canada.

The Conservative Party has it roots back to 1867. In 1942 the party changed its name. It went from the Conservative Party of Canada to the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. Access Wikipedia to get a fuller understanding of the their platforms. It definitely took some work to unite these parties.

Progressive Conservative History

The province of Quebec has been a stumbling block for the Progressive Conservatives. The province has never looked at this party with any favor of support. This seem to be due to the Conscription Crisis of 1917 exacerbated the issue. Thus, so Quebec has not looked with favor on the Progressive Conservatives.

With all this history Gerald Chipeur has still been in favor of this party. The PC party has had its ups and downs over the years. In the eyes of Gerald Chipeur one of the party’s low moments was the lawsuit against Khadr. The whole issue of Speer’s death, which was thought an act of terrorism continues to show its face. At least it continues to show up in google all the time.

At the time of the lawsuit Gerald Chipeur was serving as general counsel. This was for the Progressive Conservatives. This lawsuit has done to the image of the party what the Conscription Crisis of 1917 did to the party back then.


Final Thoughts

There has been a lot of questions without answers. There has also been a lot of blame. This just shows that politics will never be able to clean. I think that all the political parties of Canada have black marks in their history. It does not matter which party you believe in it will not be perfect.

Everyone has political views. I guess the best thing you can do then is to align yourself to the political party which best matches your views. Gerald Chipeur has, what about you?