Available Computer Services

Customer Computer Service Pricing

There are a number of computer services that are always in demand. As a computer and laptop user regular maintenance is important. When you get a new desktop or laptop there are a number of things that need to take place. First there is the setup of the new system. Then there is the transfer of your data files. Also you need those apps to be able to read your documents. After that is all done then there might be the need of virus and spyware removal. All these are real possibilities from time to time with computer users. This Customer Computer Service Pricing table will assist.

In the table you will find the prices charged to do these services. If you are in need of any of these services. Please contact us at any one of the links below.

Computer Service Price
Virus Removal $89.95
Data Backup $89.95
Computer Maintenance $39.95
Computer Setup $99.95
Hardware Installation $29.95
Software Install $29.95
Data Transfer $59.95
Computer Basic Training $100.00/hr
Web Site Design 1 – 10 pages $1000.00
Customer Computer Service Pricing

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