Your Computer Security

Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber Security Awareness

What level of Cyber Security Awareness do you have? Have you ever wondered how secure your network is? It does not matter if it is your work network or your home network.  when we moved from the apartment to the house we are living in now I asked myself that question. I was having difficulty with my windows 10 machine. It was running hard and CPU usage was most of the time at 100 %. I suspicious that maybe this machine had a virus or was hacked.

There was only one cable connection in the whole house from which to connect my cable modem. I set up 2 D-Link powerline AV adapters. My system was secure but I was sure that I have a virus or hacked. I started to check out everything on the computer. I did many virus and malware scans but nothing seemed to change with my windows 10 machine. The machine was slow and the CPU continued to work at almost 100% all the time.

After a lot of work I found that it was the ‘paging file size’ in windows that was causing the sluggishness. Have you ever been in such a situation? Then you found out it was not a virus or a malware that was causing your sluggishness or lockup issue.

Be Aware of Your Cyber Security

Well, it is good to be aware of security and especially the cyber security of your network. This is good advice for both your home and work networks. Cyber criminals do not care where they enter to do their cyber crimes. They will enter wherever they can but they like places that are give them easy access.

Over time we want to look at some of the different aspects of Cyber Security. As it pertains to you, your work place, your local community and city and country. Cyber security awareness is everyone’s concern. As I like to point out especially to older person who find the internet a bit daunting. You need to do secure tasks and activities in cyber space just like you do in your physical world. This is to keep your online presence and data safe.

Everyone also needs to be things like cyber bulling as it has become just as real as physical bulling. We need to do everything in our power and ability to be aware of such activities. We also need to be knowledgeable in such areas and about such activities. This way we will be able to help when ever possible.

Questions to Ask

Here is a list of questions you need to be able to answer:

  • What level is your cyber security awareness?
  • Do you have a cyber security policy in your home or at work?
  • Is there a cyber security program in place to stop cyber attacks?
  • Do you have a list of questions and answered to go through. This is in case anything suspicious shows up anywhere in your network system?
  • Do you know where to go to get more information on how and what you should do to be more cyber secure?

These are just some of the questions you need to be able to answer about your cyber security on your network.

In the End, Cyber Security Begins with You

At the end of the day cyber security awareness is everyone’s concern. Everyone needs be aware of what is going on in their machine and network. Cyber security awareness will help everywhere. It will removing cyber crime, cyber bulling, cyber security issues, and cyber security viruses. Make sure that you have a cyber security program in place and that you know your cyber security policy. Have a cyber security program and policy for both home and work. If you are able keep up on the cyber security news so that you are knowledgeable. Also, so that you can take current measures to keep your own cyber environment secure. Remember cyber security begins with you.