Human Interest Stories

human interest stories

Human Interest Stories That Appeal to Us

Do you like stories? Do you like human interest stories? I remember when I was growing up that I loved to hear the stories that my Grandfather told. He had a great memory and he could keep you entertained and interested for hours. Of course, his stories were from the 1800’s. There was lots of fun in his stories. Sometimes there was even a bit of interesting history that he told. He told stories about his childhood, his school days, his family and friends. He told stories of life and about his interests. I remember those days like they were yesterday. It is certain that you might have similar experiences in your memory of yesteryear.

One of the things that we want to do here is tell you stories. No, they will not be stories from yesteryear. They will be our perspective of current events and happenings today. What we get to do is give you our view on different stories.  We will cover stories with a point of view, with a moral, with a twist, that everyone knows about. Also, stories that you can read for yourself.

Stories and Media

There is a lot happening today. Everything from human interest stories, science stories, news stories and more. We will not be able to give you our perspective on them all. Also, we will do our best to provide a wide range of different story subject areas. As a result, we will do our best to give a fresh view to our readers. Even though our interest lies in the computer field we will create new views on other subject matter. We will do this to the best of our ability.

You will be more than welcome to share your views on the different stories that we look at. A new and different perspective will always be welcomed at with open eyes.

How Stories Affect Us

It is through stories and knowledge that interest us that we pass on what is good and important to us. This is one way that we pass on our history too.

Story telling is sure an art. Some people are better at it than others. Showing interest in the every day happenings around us I think will give us things to talk about. Reading will also give us things to talk about. It is good that even in today’s life books are still a important part of everyday living. Mind you some people read more than others. It is also interesting in the electronic age we live in still has physical books. The amount of physical books purchased out weights eBooks. It is true that if you are on the move a lot because of work and family eBooks are way easier to transport with you. It is either bulk or electronic issues that those who read the books must contend with. Maybe in the future there will be more electronic books but for now we still have physical.

Changes to Telling Stories

Thanks to the electronic book and the Internet, we can read even the news everywhere we are now. We can access it through our laptops, tablets, iPads, and even the smart phone we have. Now we even have Facebook which in some cases has become another avenue of news. Yes, Facebook has made a statement that they are not a news avenue. But this has not stopped people from using it to convey news items to others.

It is possible that this electronic age and all the apps and gadgets we have will become the new way of story telling. Look at how blogging has become a popular way of conveying your thoughts and messages. Everyone seems to have something to say now that there is Facebook, blogging, email etc.

Final Thoughts

The question is, is this a good way to convey all your thoughts? Should you convey all your thoughts on a public avenue like blogging which is always on the Internet? You know, getting back to my Grandfather. He did not tell me everything. There were some personal things that he kept to himself. This is how we feel thus we will not expose everything that comes our way. We will respect and keep some things out of the readers’ eye.  Human interest stories is a good place to start.

Great stories are what help to make the world go around. This will be what we hope to achieve thought the stories that we pass on to our readers. It is our hope that you will be able to relate and reflect on these stories. Also, please pass them on to others that you think will enjoy these stories too.