Our Story

Northern Lights Consultant Our Story
Tiger camouflage Single Engine Prop Plane

Northern Lights Consultant Our Story

This is Northern Lights Consultant Our Story. When I was young My dad always had a number of plastic model planes on the go. It was fun to see how each model would turn out with paint job and decals. Some did not make it to the finished product. The ones that did were very impressive to look at.

When I was five or Six my dad started to work for McDonnell Douglas at the Toronto International Airport. This job position allowed for more than just give my father work. This new work position opened the doors so I could see many of the prominent airplanes of the time. They included the DC 8, DC 9, Dc 10, Boeing 474 and many more.

As I grew I still enjoyed watching planes in the sky and collected different models. When my father past away there were boxes and boxes of models that he had never touched just waiting to be done. To complete these models before I pass on continues to be my aspiration.

My Life’s Interests

Then life started to happen. I found myself interested in computers still there. Apple computers interested me the most. Even though I worked on PC computers then however now I still have an interest and love for the Apple world. I find it so interesting that Steve Job’s outlook was to create a product that was straight forward for the common user to use. I worked with computer for many years before getting my BA in computers. A BCIS has now been accomplished. Networking and security interest me the most in the computer world. 

As a whole  the computer field has become vast and fast. We have gone from the world of PC with no interactive connection to a world so full of inter-connectivity between computers and the IoT (Internet of Things). Who would have thought that this would have happened in such a short time. Keeping up the pace with all the information on hardware, software, websites, and more. This is what really makes my head spin in pain sometimes.

I have done a lot of work on the hardware end but as I get older I am finding that there is more work on the software end. In today’s age of computing we now need to know about apps instead of applications and how to use a cell phone instead of a computer. We communicate through texting now instead of phone or letter. What is with that anyway. Do we really know how to communicate as our parents and their parents before them.

New Horizons

I now find myself turning from physical situations to virtual situations. Selling online and specifically on Amazon appears to be more of the way life asks for these days. Blogging about many different things, ideas and categories contributes to others out there finding you. I am also helping others set up websites and helping them sell their products online. What a change from when I got into the computer world.

My question with this is will the virtual world really take over our lives? Will the time come when a generation or two down the line will not know how to distinguish the difference from real and non-real?

Well for me I will stay with the model planes and the enjoyment of creating them to keep myself in this real world. There is enough online work to do to realize that there are changes but not all changes are strange or not for the better. To this I say from the dawn of age, to the industrial age, to the computer age, to the virtual age. Ours is to see what will be the next great age.