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In the last five years technology has really changed. We have gone from computers communicating over the internet to cell phones doing the same tasks. People have become inundated with technology and streaming data. A lot of these people need these to stay up to date in their work place. Others use these technological advancements for enjoyment.

I have found that as the technology has advanced so has the need for better knowledge of technological security. There have been many people come to me who’s computers or laptops are unusable. The main reason for this is because of viruses and malware on their systems.

Everywhere you look today on the internet there are many malicious acts towards internet users. The more information out there about people the more others want to steal it.

Therefore, I see the great need to educate people about Personal, Computer, and Social Internet security. It is only through education that the users of Cyberspace will be able to keep their data and information save.

For more information on keeping your data safe and cyber security you can contact us through the links below. Remember that the security of your data and personal information begins with you.

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