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Roots For Enthusiastic Unknown Creatures

To my fellow Americans and Canadians. For all Sasquatch enthusiasts, Trackers, and Searchers. To all you buyers thank you for buying this book. Producing this book and putting it in front of you, it took me eight years of writing. Here are the most incredible stories that you will ever read. Stories of Sasquatches over 20 feet tall and incredible 6 ft Bigfoot footprints found.

I have seen many different documentary movies from history about the Sasquatch. I have seen many different books from many prominent authors.

They include:

Christopher Murphy, John Green – Meet The Sasquatch
David Paulids – The Hoopa Project
Roger Patterson, Christopher Murphy – The Bigfoot Film Controversy
Thomas N. Steenburg – Sasquatch Bigfoot; The Continuing Mystery
John Green – The Best of Sasquatch Bigfoot
J and Robert Alley – Raincoast Sasquatch

I have also read the stories of Clayton Mack – Grizzlies and White Guys. The Sasquatch and Clayton Mack’s Bella Coola Man – The Sninik. I enjoyed reading all these books. Each of these books have around 5 – 34 Sasquatch stories. Prices of these books was from 15 – 45 dollars and that was over twelve years ago.

Why Sasquatch Man No Fear – Part One

Part one of my book has over 120 Sasquatch stories and over 140 colour pictures. My Sasquatch stories are stories that the general public have never heard of or read before.

The Native Nuxalk people have told me I am the first man to ever come to Bella Coola asking them about the Sasquatch. Also about target=”_blank” other unknown animals. Native Nuxalk are friendly people and lots of them are my good friends.

Anyone of my fellow Americans and Canadians are welcome to come to Bella Coola Valley. There you can investigate yourself about Sasquatches. Especially skeptics are more than welcome. You will be able to connect all my stories with the exact places where sightings happened. You should always have your camcorders ready in your hands and good luck. Maybe you will be the one to be in the right place at the right time to catch and get footage of the elusive Sasquatch. Maybe even other unknown animals.

The price of my book is a bargain. You can comparing what knowledge and intelligence you will gain for yourself. Plus I am giving you bonus – free DVD with a running time of 2 hours and 46 minutes. You can see lots of different places where I was with my dogs and with my best Nuxalk friends.

Souvenir Limited Edition Available

I have numbered my books. There will be lots of surprising winners. I, Sasquatch Man, will personally give rewards to you readers. I will announce number of winning books on Twitter, Satisfaction guaranteed. Book and DVD will be in limited quantities, just 50,000 copies for all Canada. I didn’t make this book without making a big statement, yes, history is made! No other book has ever been printed with so many stories. There are over 120 and around ten unknown creatures detected. Also the bombshell – King Kong Bigfoot footprint found. You just can’t get better that that! Readers will enjoy and be proud to read and own this book. Also to find out what is roaming through the mountains of Bella Coola Valley. This book is a trophy.

Book Sales Are Final. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Order your copy online here or send money order to Renee Anderson: Box 695 Bella Coola, B.C. V0T 1C0 Canada. You can confirm by Phone: 1-250-799-5261. Books are high quality, custom made, and costly to make. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Maybe one day I will meet some of you, somewhere in Bella Coola Valley.

Good Luck

Yours Truly

Sasquatch Man

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