Technological Support for Disabled and Senior Groups

Technological Support for Disabled and Senior Groups

Technological Support for Disabled and Senior GroupsThere are many people out there that are in a technical age of despair. There people are the disabled and senior people. Technology bombarded these seniors on all sides. For the most of them they need the different technological items that they use. For some they have to deal with a changing world that confuses them. We need to provide Technological Support for Disabled and Senior Groups.

Seniors and Technology

For seniors it is an age that has changed around them. They might have been in a business position. It was then transformed from mechanical to technical. Or it might have been an office position. Again, technology changed this position to a computer position. Either way they have had to learn new work situations on the job. This might have been challenging to them. Now they retired they see no need to pursue this tech/computer way of life anymore. Unfortunately, the world around them has grown with the age of computers. Thus, they still need to be able to understand technology to be able to do every day things. Remembering my in-laws. One is good at using the computer while the other fears the computer. With Technological Support for Disabled and Senior Groups will lessen their technological fears.

This is the way it is in the people group of seniors. Some are able to grasp the age of technology while others are not.


Seniors Who Make a Difference

Remembering the retired 82-year-old Masako Wakamiya who has created an app for the iPhone. There is no reason for her to create this app, except that she can and did do it. This is one way that she has keep her mind active and healthy. She could have stopped working with her mind when she retired but she chose to continue to keep her mind active. Her app is for seniors 60 and over to be able to play an old traditional Japanese game. Masako hopes that the creation of the app will help to pass this tradition on to the next generation in Japan.

This creates purpose for Masako. I see from this example that computers can create purpose for seniors. There are many ways to use the computer technology that would be of great benefit to the aged in the world.

So many people retire and then don’t do that much. Many of them watch TV. Yes, there are many other ways to engage your mind after retirement. There are books to read, puzzles to create, people to take to, games to play. These all have to have the seniors engage. The user has to engage with their computer. Without engagement the person will sooner or later, deteriorates into nothing.

Seniors who use computers after retirement should also help other seniors. They can help in the use computers. There could be senior gaming groups, programming groups and even app programming groups. With so much of the computer technology aimed at the younger generations. It would be a great asset to have a seniors’ group that would take it on themselves. Thus, to aim a section of today’s technology towards the seniors 60 and over.


Disabled and Technology

Now that I have touched on seniors let us look at the disabled community. Before there was all this technology. Many disabled people were much more reliant on others. To help them with not everyday life but also help them with being a productive asset in society.

Now with the involvement and growth of technology the disable people sector is able to do more. They able to be a greater asset to the society that they live in. This is a great plus for the community they live in. Disabled people can now have purpose. The economic sector has a great group of employable persons to choose from.

I know many disabled people who with the help of technology are able to now engage in the community around them. They are able to hold work positions and get out more to be with their co-workers, friends and family members.

This technology is vast. From prosthetics to voice and hearing recognition software. There is even sight recognition software. You now have implants that help with both sight and hearing impairment.

While all the above is well and good. There are groups in the disabled and senior sectors that find technology difficult. The technology does not or is unable to meet all their needs. There are many reasons for this, but I am not going to go into them at this this time.


Helping Seniors and the Disabled

I have put this information together because I see a need to help in these two areas of life. Working with these two groups is challenging and rewarding. There are many obstacles to overcome in these two areas. They consist of fear, uncertainty, and capability for everyone involved. Also, there is availability of the technology needed. Of course, there is the learning curve factor. Finally, there is the expense to put the technology in place for use.

Yes, these are many hurdles to get over when dealing with the need of technology. Especially for the disabled community. But, here again these can be overcome and achieved. I have seen success for many disabled people with the help of others.



I am finishing this post with the hope that people understand that I am committed to helping. That is any person has a disability and needs technology. Also, any person who is a senior who needs help with their technology. You are always able to contact me through this contact link.


Amazon Support What’s Up With That

Amazon Support What is Up With That

Amazon Support What is Up With That

Yesterday I was working on my website and had some glitches to deal with. My links to my images for the items I am selling on my website were not there. So I checked the links on Amazon. The images were not there either. So I called Amazon support. They did not have an answer for me. They did tell me to use Firefox instead of Google Chrome browser. Amazon Support What is Up With That?

You would think that in today’s time frame that bigger corporations would have caught up. That most Corporations would use the popular web browsers on the market. This is not the case with Amazon.

The funny thing is that Firefox has been my browser of choice for years. Then they fell behind in the browser market. This was saddening for me. They have found that they need to get up to date which they are doing. It has been a long journey for Firefox and the staff.

I am writing this today because I have been enjoying my Acer Chromebook. But with the information given me by Amazon I have gone back to my Acer desktop to see if it make any difference.

Time Consuming PC Desktops

Well it has been different to say the least. I have had to do some needed and time consuming maintenance on my desktop. I had almost forgotten how time consuming it is to keep a PC desktop or laptop up to date so it runs well. There are updates. Then you have to defrag the disk drives. Even though Windows 10 has been set to do it on a routine timetable. Doing manually helps a lot. Then you need to do a disk scan every once in awhile to make sure the disk(s) in the computer are working fine. Then there is the scanning for viruses, malware and spyware. After all that you should clean out the old temp, trash and old website page files. This will keep the system will running well. Typing these needed items is a lot of work.

After that there is no guarantee that all is fine. Doing this at least once a month should keep the performance of your system and apps working well. Also, making sure which apps startup at startup is important. This will make the desktop or laptop more efficient. Then there is the need to keep your antivirus app definitions up to date. Now a day they are set to update every so many days.

There you have it. All this all the time to keep your PC desktop or laptop working and performing for you. And I did all this because Amazon support told me to use Firefox instead of my Chrome Browser on my Chromebook.

The Use of Current Browsers

Even if I did not have a Chromebook. Why not have your data and web browser system setup to work with the most used browser(s) in the market.

When I bought my Chromebook I did not see at that time the many issues that an addition O/S would bring to the market. There were some that thought they saw that this would disrupt the Microsoft and Apple carts. I have to be honest about it. I thought that with the way technology was going that much of the issues would overcome now. They are not all solved yet.

When I bought my Chromebook I did not see at that time the many issues that an addition O/S would bring to the market. There were some that thought they saw that this would disrupt the Microsoft and Apple carts. I have to be honest about it. I thought that with the way technology was going that much of the issues would overcome now. They are not all solved yet.

Good Things Seen in Chromebooks

There are many good things that have come from the Chromebook. They are great for surfing the web, for school taking notes. With so much on the Internet accessing subject matter for both school and work they are great. Because of their lack of heavy duty work capability the Chromebook is great for students. They do not have any games or gaming systems that might otherwise be on the laptop.

The thing that makes them so great for use is they are virus free environments. This makes them safe to connect with school and work network environments. They can even connect to other personal home networks. No worrying about giving or receiving a virus.

You still need to be aware of connecting to open networks. They might be safe from viruses but having your personal data stolen is still a very real threat. It does not matter what Internet of Things you are using. Always be safe. Every environment out there that can connected to your system does not care if your data is safe or not.

Chromebook Challenges

OK, There are things that make the Chromebook still difficult to use. The big one is printing. Many people who have a Chromebook still find it challenging to get a document printed out. The printer might be in sleep mode and not come out when sending a document to it by the Chromebook. There might not be drives for an older printer. Thus there is no communication between the Chromebook and the printer. There have been issues with the Google Print system for some people.

Some people have had Internet connectivity issues. There have been battery life issues. Unfortunately not every Chromebook manufactured will work well or at all. Then some manufacturers have issues with their Chromebook units. I have an Acer Chromebook which works well for me still after two and half years of use. There are people who have purchased the Asus Chromebooks. Some of which have had a disappointing experience with the Chromebook.

Using the Chromebook as a Linux Machine

There have been some users who have turned their Chromebook into a Linux machine. They have worked very well for them. They are happy with the performance of the Chromebook as a Linux machine. The big thing to remember is to get a Chromebook that has at least 4 GBs of RAM. Then all you need to do is find the instruction on line to install Linux. Not everyone needs to or should change their Chromebook into a Linux machine. It is an option that is available.

Finally What is Up With that

Finally, What is Up With That is a post on how I viewed the strange non-existent help from Amazon. It might be that Amazon is so big now. Thus they are not able to deal with all the issues that are inevitable to happen today. Having all the different systems connecting to their server could be burdensome. It might be that Amazon is not able to train their support staff in the issues out there. It might be that because I myself am a technician that I am expecting a higher level of help. In the end I had to deal with this issue myself. I don’t know if the issue still exists now.

I do want to say this. With the amount of people out there that need to use a computer or laptop for some personal or business reason. It is important to have the least amount of frustration doing so. This is why Chromebooks make the list. They are great for home, student use, and the office. They are even great for people who are computer challenged. The older generation are finding that the Chromebook has a small learning curve. This makes it great for them. Also for anyone else that need a system for everyday connections to email, notes and social media. Thus, I recommend the Chromebooks as a great unit for use in today’s social and Internet environment.