My Tribute to My Friend Ivan Resetar

Ivan Resetar

Sasquatch Man No Fear – Part One

Tribute to My Friend Ivan Resetar

Listening to a high pitch scream in a secret place in Bella Coola Valley

How Ivan’s growing interest in the Sasquatch and other mysterious creatures grew.

  • At a early age Ivan Resetar became very interested with mysterious creatures.
  • Ivan read as many books as he could find on this subject
  • The Sasquatch became Ivan’s favorite mysterious creature
  • Clayton Mack is Ivan’s favorite author.
  • Ivan read Clayton’s book ‘Grizzies and White Guys; The Sasquatch.
  • Other authors Ivan read are Christopher Murphy, John Green, David Paulids, Roger Patterson, Thomas N. Steenburg, J. Robert Alley
  • Some of their books were Meet the Sasquatch, The Hoopa Project, The Bigfoot Film Controvery, Raincoast Sasquatch.
  • Ivan became friends with the people of the Nuxalk Native Band in Bella Coola British Columbia
  • In 2008 Ivan started to collect stories and experience.
  • Ivan collected 120 stories and over 140 color pictures.
  • These many stories and pictures came from the general public of the Nuxalk Native Indian Band
  • Ivan has compiled these stories and many of the pictures in his new book ‘Sasquatch Man No Fear – Part One’.
  • Ivan is also promoting a ‘Sasquatch Tour’
  • It is Ivan’s greatest hope to experience a sighting of the Sasquatch with other people.

“Ivan Resetar has made a life goal to find out as he can about the Sasquatch and other mysterious creatures. We can thank him and the Nuxalk Native Band for all the stories and experience that can be found in Ivan’s book ‘Sasquatch Man No Fear – Part One’.”

Friend Everett Davidson

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